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   Chapter 52 I come to help

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Somewhat earlier that morning, at the house of the Dogom ko Tzuy family, there had been a very unexpected visitor. Gaguran Slindris...

"Good morning, Seigner, " Gaguran said. "My lord, Seigner Dandra ko Galem, has ordered me to come here. He wants you to know, and so do I, that all my services are yours to use, in order to find Miss Rayko."

"Mr.Slindris, good morning. I must say that I am quite surprised about this offer. Pleasantly surprised, do not get me wrong. Please, sit down. Can I offer you something?" Huajo was in his element. The plan they had been working on was still going well.

Gaguran sat down and accepted tea and the inevitable cookies that this house seemed to have growing somewhere in abundance. "As you may be aware of, Seigner, I have a special affection for Miss Rayko, " the mouse said, "so it is very important and dear to me that she is found."

"I understand, Mr. Slindris. I have yet to deploy people to all kinds of places, but that will be done today." Huajo had indeed prepared a few search crews who would be heading out today, it all had to look as genuine as possible.

"Are there already things that have reached you, sir, that would be of benefit for the peace of mind of my Seigner and his lady?" Gaguran asked. The order that Clelem had given him was simply to find out how much Huajo already knew.

"I am sorry, sir, there is no news yet, " Huajo said. "You can rest assured that I will not delay in telling you if something arises."

Gaguran nodded. "Of course, sir. I am just asking, of course, as you are probably very well aware of the crisis my Seigner and the lady are going through."

Huajo noticed that the man seemed nervous.

Clelem had told Gaguran to offer his services, in order to get an inside take on things concerning Huajo. Gaguran at first had had his doubts and arguments against that. It had been rough on him to arrange Rayko's kidnapping. When later he had learnt that Clelem had made sure that Rayko had been taken to the cellar in the building where Gaguran himself had ordered the implosion grenade to be installed, he had started to rebel against Clelem.

Clelem however had ways to pull Gaguran over his problems. The prospect of money and influence, and later also his pick of a woman to get over Rayko, had done the trick in the end. Enough money and influence were the things that had beckoned Gaguran as his dream goal. So he had given in. With the wry certainty that, if he could not have Rayko, nobody would. It was not the first time his boss had asked to make sure someone's end was hurried.

"You seem ill at ease, Mr. Slindris, " said Huajo as he got up. He walked around his desk and patted the man on the shoulder. "I can understand that. You are in a very difficult situation now, of course, with so many contradicting things to do."

Gaguran frowned for a moment. "I am not sure what you are referring to, Seigner..." He was not going to be easy to read.

"What I mean, sir, is that you are facing the loss of someone dear, who has so far not returned your feelings. This must make for a very uncomfortable working environment, unless I am mistaken." Huajo smiled, almost as a father figure.

"It is... awkward, indeed." Gaguran was certain he could admit to that. After all, he was in a strange situation, all things considered.

"I assumed so much, " Huajo nodded. "Therefo

m not sure if you are ready to take the truth, Miss Dandra ko Galem."

"I will decide on that, Mr. Zacharias!"

She should not have spoken so forcefully. She squeezed her eyes shut and almost doubled over in pain.

Without thinking, Daniel reacted. He darted to the bed, and gently took Rayko by the shoulders. "Be careful, take it easy. Come, sit back up. You should not press down on your ribs like that, " he whispered as he slowly guided her back into the pillows. He sat on the bed, watching her face relax slowly.

As her breathing relaxed, she opened her eyes and looked at him. Very slowly she reached for one of his hands and took it in her own small hand. Without looking, she said: "It was you, wasn't it? You are the preacher."

Daniel just looked at her.

"You are. Your hands... they are the same."

"I am not a real preacher, " Daniel said. "The senator..."

"To me you are a preacher, Mr. Zacharias. A preacher always is there in time. And everyone can be a preacher." A few tears appeared in her eyes and slowly rolled down her cheek. "I'm sorry. I should not cry." She wiped the tears away.

"You should. You've been through a lot." Daniel held her hand, he could not let go. "This is not the life you should be leading."

"Nahmyo says, " Rayko started, "that life is what comes to you, and you will be strong enough to take it."

"Yes, otherwise it won't come to you, I know, " said Daniel. "She also says that there are times in which you must pull back and work on yourself. If you are not well, you have no business facing the challenges that are waiting for you."

Rayko did something remarkable. She smiled at him. "I told you. You are the preacher. You know this."

"I just read it this morning."

"That's irrelevant. You know this. 'You will know the things in time, ' Nahmyo says."

Daniel laughed without sound. She was tricking him, he knew. "At least I knew this in time. As I knew in time where to find you."

She looked at him in a serious way. "Tell me, preacher... would I have died if you had not found me?"

Daniel had to force himself to say yes.

"I see..." Rayko said, in a sigh. "He must hate me very much."

"Your father." Daniel did not make it sound like a question.


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