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   Chapter 51 Preacher

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Daniel and Sygra had taken their supper together. Rayko was not strong enough, and still in too much pain, to join them.

Sygra asked Daniel about the day, and Daniel told him what had gone on so far. He also told the senator about how he had talked to Rayko, while she had thought he was someone else.

"I see how that troubles you, Mr. Zacharias. But believe me when I say that it is good for her to talk to a preacher. Everyone can be a preacher and a follower. So why not you. From what you told me, and what she told me, you two do not get along too well. Maybe if the preacher talks to her more, that situation can be changed. If you want that, of course. Otherwise, it is good for her to speak with a preacher about what troubles her."

Daniel did not look convinced. "I still feel I am fooling her, senator. I mean, I know who she is, but she doesn't know who is under that hood. And what do I know of the Litany of Nahmyo? Other than what you told me, that is."

"That can be remedied, Mr. Zacharias..."

"Please, call me Daniel, sir."

"Very well. If you call me Sygra, when we are alone."

Sygra got up and walked to his bookshelves. Without hesitation he took one of the older volumes and gave that to Daniel. "Here. Read it as much as you can. Or skim through it and pick some passages that sound good."

Daniel looked at the book. The leather was old and beaten, and many-coloured. The letters in the leather were faint, but clear enough: 'Litany'. "Thank you, sir. Sygra."

The senator nodded with a smile. "I will lend you the book. Hand it back when you feel you are finished with it, Daniel."

They ate in silence for a while.

"I heard something interesting from my servants, " Sygra said. "Did you play with Kernak?"

"Yes. I did. She invited me. Pulling a stick. She is one strong animal, sir- Sygra."

Sygra smiled. "Yes. She is strong. Amazingly so. It is good to know that she likes you so much. When Rayko is well enough, I will introduce her to Kernak also. I am quite convinced Kernak will appreciate her as well."


"Ah. You do pay attention, Daniel. Yes. Kernak can accept many, but appreciate only few. She appreciates you. Enough to play with." That was all Sygra wanted to say about it, because whatever Daniel said, he would not divulge more.

In the small library they enjoyed a glass of wine, when Sygra said: "I really hope that the preacher has time to see Rayko before she goes to sleep, Daniel."

"Do you think that is a good idea?"

The senator just nodded. "Go. Change. Talk to her. She's had a rough time. Ask her. Let her talk. Get to know her. And do not ask her name. A preacher works in anonymity."

Daniel was not all fine with the idea, but he decided to follow the lead that Sygra gave him. Silently he moved through the corridor and changed into the preacher's outfit. Then he walked to Rayko's room and gently knocked. "Hello?"

"Who is there?" The voice was stronger.

Daniel opened the door and came in. "It is me, " he whispered. That seemed to work.

"Preacher..." She sounded really happy with the visit. "Will you sit with me for a while?"

"Naturally." Daniel sat down, to her side, so the hood would certainly cover his face. "How do you feel now?"

"I am better than this morning. It is still painful, but... better. I am grateful for good friends, preacher."

Daniel held out his hand. She put hers in it. "Do you want to speak about what happened?"

Rayko nodded. "I want to. But I don't know if I can say everything, preacher..."

"Say what you can, and hold for yourself what is too painful." Daniel wondered where the words came from. Maybe the hood and the clothes

on the bed again and looked at the pale face. She did not look like someone who would play a game of any sort, he thought.

"Preacher... tell me of Nahmyo, " she whispered as she dropped a hand on his knee. She closed her eyes.

Daniel swallowed hard. He was getting into quicksand and there was hardly a way to avoid it. Suddenly he heard a whisper behind him. He recognised the voice of the senator. After the first line he knew what he had to do: simply repeat the slowly spoken words.

"Nahmyo was on the world... she had been sent with a message... to tell the people about life... and the world around..."

Sygra and Daniel spoke for several minutes. Daniel noticed how Rayko was falling asleep, as she was relaxing. At a certain point Daniel stopped talking, Sygra holding still also.

"She sleeps, " Daniel said as he turned to the senator.

"You did well, Daniel, " the thin man smiled.

Daniel got up after placing Rayko's hand under the cover. Quietly all but one servant left the room. The servant would watch over Rayko.

"I did nothing but repeat your words, senator, " said Daniel.

"You were there. That was more important. Now we should try to get some more sleep. Interruptions like these will take their toll over the day."

Daniel nodded. Silently he went back to his room, took off the brown and grey clothes and fell into the bed again. There were no more dreams waiting for him.

The next day he woke up amazingly refreshed, despite the broken night. He dressed in what the servants of the senator had arranged for him and headed to the room where breakfast was being served. Sygra was already there and greeted him.

"You are up early, sir, " Daniel said as he sat down, ready to be surprised what would come from the kitchen.

"Old people sleep little, " Sygra said with a wink. "Once again, my gratitude for being here, Daniel."

Daniel shrugged. "I have few options. It is not easy being dead, and this house is a lot more inviting than the average coffin."

The day crawled on for a while. Rayko was asleep and Daniel was reading the book that his host had supplied him with. He jumped as the hydger rattled. He saw Huajo's call sign.

"Seigner Dogom ko Tzuy, " Daniel said, "good day."

"Good day, Mr. Zacharias." Huajo had a smile on his face, which was something that made Daniel feel good. "I think I am bringing excellent news."

"That sounds very positive, sir, you have my full attention."

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