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   Chapter 49 Guerilla

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Strange sounds and a soft bed. Those were the first things Daniel became aware of as he was reaching some preliminary state of being awake. He chanced opening his eyes. White ceiling. A small chandelier hanging from it. Slowly he recalled the previous night and where he should be now, because of that.

He hoisted himself upright and groaned. He could not recall having done something that would make his body hurt, but it did. Slowly he got up. In a corner of the room he located a pitcher with, to his surprise, warm water. He poured some in the bowl that was next to it and washed his face and body as well as he could.

His clothes were gone, but there was something like a bath robe he put on. It was not his size, but it was better than nothing. The hydger was on a small table next to the bed, something he had no use for at the moment.

Daniel was glad for the thick carpet as he was barefoot. He opened the door and stepped into the corridor. Nobody there, but there was a smell of food coming from somewhere. As he was making his mind up to actually go into that direction, another door opened and a female servant came into view.

"Oh, Mr. Zacharias, you are awake. How do you feel, sir?" she asked.

"I'm okay. How's the girl? Where is she?"

"Miss Dandra ko Galem is in this room, sir. The doctor is seeing her right now. She's been injured quite severely." The woman's face shadowed for a moment. "Would you like me to ask if you can see her, sir?"

"If you would be so kind..."

She nodded and went into the room again. A few moments later, the door opened and she beckoned. Daniel walked into the room.

Rayko was awake. She was pale, her face was so thin it scared him. There were scratches over her cheeks, both her arms were wrapped in bandages.

As Daniel came into the room, her eyes found him. For a while her face remained expressionless.

The doctor, who was sitting on a chair next to the bed, nodded at Daniel. "Are you well, sir?"

"Yes, thank you. I'll be okay."

"Do you want to speak with her? I can give you a few minutes, before the sedative will work, " the man said as he got up. "She should not move, sir, keep her still, please." The doctor nodded, took his bag and left the room. The servant lady staid with them.

Daniel sat down and looked at the face of the young woman. "How are you?"

"Alive. I think." She blinked slowly.

"Yes, you are. And I am glad about that."

"Sure." Rayko moaned as she tried to move.

The servant lady moved in quickly. "You should lie still, miss, you have cracked ribs."

"Oh, please, " the woman in the bed muttered, "I can deal- owww..." Her last attempt to move was rewarded with a shot of pain that could not be worth it.

"Lie still, " said Daniel. He put a hand on her forehead, which felt far too warm.

"You... take your hand off my..." Rayko started. Then her eyes slowly closed and she was asleep.

Daniel shook his head. He slowly got up. "Stubborn thing."

"Would you like some food, sir?" the lady asked him.

"Yes, I would. Very much." After another look at the now silent figure, he followed the lady. She guided him to a nice, bright room where she sat him down and went to hunt down food for him.

As Daniel was waiting, enjoying the warmth of sunshine on his face, he heard his name.

"Mr. Zacharias... I am pleased to see you up again." It was the senator who had come into the room. "I have heard that you'

specific way you want to orchestrate this, Mr. Zacharias?"

Actually, Daniel had a plan for that. He started outlining it to Huajo, whose eyes were gleaming. The fat man had a few great ideas himself, which told Daniel that this man was not someone to cross. The tricks this man had up his sleeves were amazing, and he was certainly not showing all his cards, Daniel was certain of that.

They agreed on a moment that Huajo would go to Clelem, to offer his help. They worked out as many details as they could think of, as well as eventual changes and improvisations. They both knew that there would be things that could not be planned, but after their talk and scheming, the two men had a good feeling about it all.

"Before you leave, Mr. Zacharias, I think I have something that would be of service to you..." Huajo walked into his house, Daniel following him. The ship owner looked for something in a drawer of a large piece of furniture. "Ah... here it is." He handed a ring to Daniel. It had a dull grey stone in it. "This is a convenient object for access to my house, sir. If you would take it, for the duration of this... operation, you would honour me. It will only open the door to the reception house, but it will give you easy access in case you are in need of a certain kind of shelter."

Daniel took the ring. "Thank you, sir. I am... perplexed." This was a level of trust he had not expected. He slipped the ring on his finger.

Huajo smiled. "So am I, but for other reasons."

They shook hands, after which Daniel left the house and started his walk back to the house of Sygra. It was a slow way to move around, but he knew it was the safest way. Sygra had told him that hardly anyone would bother a preacher of Nahmyo, not even the people who followed that philosophy. Preachers usually addressed people.

The walker was glad when he finally reached the house of the senator again. Sygra had told him he would not attract any attention. "It is common knowledge that I follow the Litany, so it would make sense that there is a preacher walking in and out, " the senator had said. Sygra also had arranged it that Daniel's ring would open the door without someone having to come.

The amounts of trust and friendship he was submerged in all of a sudden was amazing.

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