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   Chapter 47 Another shed

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Daniel had called a carriage. He was a bit surprised that these things also ran at night, but he was glad about it. He was becoming sleepy now and a walk to the harbour was not what he fancied.

The journey went slow. In the dark hours, the carriages only ran at half speed. Daniel understood why; with the dark carriages in poorly lit streets it was easy to get an accident.

After a trip at almost a walking pace the carriage reached the shipyard. From there it was only a short stretch to the harbour. Daniel looked out the window, as he recalled his adventures at the shipyard. Just as he wanted to sit back for the last leg, he thought he saw some men walking towards the area of the building company where the new Pricosine was being built. And one of the men looked suspiciously like Clelem Dandra ko Galem.

"What the heck is he doing here at this time?" Daniel wondered. He made the carriage stop and jumped out. Quickly he backtracked to the shipyard. Carefully he followed along to the gate of the shipyard. It was shut but not locked. Clelem had to have a key, and also the conviction that this time of night would be a good time to leave the gate unlocked.

There were only a few lamps burning on the immense yard, but Daniel saw two swinging lamps. That had to be where Clelem and his companions were. He moved as quietly as he could and reached the three people quite fast. They were talking out loud, evidently having no fear that anyone might be around to listen in on them.

"The work is almost done. In one or two weeks the ship is afloat and can be outfitted further, " Clelem stated.

The man next to him almost stumbled over a block of wood that was in the dark, outside the reach of the lamp Clelem carried. The man cursed violently. It made Daniel frown. There was something about that voice...

"Don't. I hate it when people curse. It shows weakness and lack of control. You did not want to take a light, " Clelem dryly said. "Mr Slindris, if you'd please help."

So the third man was Gaguran Slindris, the serving man. He silently lowered the light he carried.

"This'd better be worth it, " the other man said, "I'm risking my head, walking around with you."

"It is dark. Nobody sees you and nobody hears you. And you can row a boat to your ship and sail off before the light, so nobody knows you've been here, " Clelem said, as if nothing was the matter.

Daniel almost froze. He recognised the voice. His tiredness had just delayed things a bit. Clelem was marching around over the deserted shipyard with Birkle Asciza, the pirate captain that had thrown him into the water. Who had enslaved his friends. Daniel's blood ran cold and his first reaction was to jump the man and rip his heart out. He understood that was not a good plan, though: he was tired and Birkle did not sound sleepy at all. Plus there also were Clelem and the mouse.

"You wanted to check the smuggle hatches, captain, " said Clelem. "I proposed this time and you agreed. If you want to go away because you are frightened, then please do so at once. I can spend better time in bed than

tch their breath.

"Not my kid, " said Clelem. "They both are my wife's. I wanted the money from her family, but getting rid of her husband was enough of a problem. I could not do the two children also without people becoming suspicious. But at least the nosy one is now out of the way."

Daniel closed his eyes for a moment. There was the man who had struck him as a good and gentle, concerned person, good for his people. And he was telling the pirate that he had killed a man for the money of his wife's family, and now the daughter of his wife?

And cellar... Daniel's heart stopped for a few moments. The cellar under what had been the building where he had lived! He had to go there, as quickly as he could. And he couldn't. He was too close to the deck. If he moved on the stairs, the men would almost certainly hear him.

"And the boy? No problems from him?" Birkle seemed to be quite well informed on Clelem's family situation.

"No. That's an idiot who only lives for music and books. And his stupid poems. I may find a good way to get him out of the way too when the need arises, but for now he's no problem."

Daniel willed the three to go away. Go, go, go... He was holding on to the ladder so tightly that his arms started to ache.

"If you say so..." Birkle stomped away. "I'm going. Too bad you had to kill the bastard that took my slaves away, Slindris. I would have loved to see my Bonto play with him for a while. Maybe I'll ask Dandra ko Galem if I can have you instead." The pirate laughed.

Daniel was tempted to move down the ladder, but the laughter could stop any moment... Then he heard more footsteps move away. Agonising seconds later he heard the sound of feet on the gangway. He bolted down the stairs, blindly searched his way through the corridor and found the door to the first cargo bay. The open hatch made it easy for him to find the way out.

He peeked around the ship's side. Drat... the three would see him if he would run now, and they were coming down faster than going up. No way he could get away before them.

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