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   Chapter 43 Blood shed

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At home, Daniel showered and put on different clothes. The fight and the encounter with the knife had left more marks than he had originally thought. He frowned at the sleeve of the jacket. That probably was damaged beyond repair, but he would take it to a tailor anyway. These people here were amazing with repairs.

Then he tried to decide what his next step would be. He was trying to locate a missing woman that hated him, who was the daughter of a man who hated him, and apparently now there also was a contract out on him, put out by someone who seemed to hate him with a vengeance. But that could not be Huajo. The man had been ever so friendly to Daniel when he visited Huajo in his house.

"And you're the idiot who falls for friendly again, " Daniel commented to himself. "Don't, stupid." It was as if everyone on this planet who was even slightly important was working with hidden agendas. There was no honour in that, according to Daniel.

After going out to the tailor's with his torn sleeve ("this is no problem, sir, it will be brand new"), Daniel tried to talk to Stroro and Darigyn. Darigyn answered, Stroro was nowhere to be found.

Darigyn was quite surprised about the call. "Daniel, how are you?"

Daniel told him what had happened during the carriage ride. His sailor friend was appalled about what he heard.

"And what are you going to do? Do you need some bone and muscle to make an impression on Dogom ko Tzuy?"

"I'm not sure. Not yet anyway. I have this wild idea though..." Daniel explained what he wanted to do.

"Oh. Yeah. I like that. I can get to Stroro, he near never has the hydger with him, but I probably know where he is."

The men arranged when and where they'd meet. Daniel lay down on his bed after that, while Darigyn went out to locate Stroro.


Daniel was hardly recognisable. He wore original sailor's clothes and a wool hat was pulled over his ears. With his hands in his pockets he walked towards the entrance of the harbour, slightly bent over to mask his height. Darigyn and Stroro were already there, leaning against the wall next to the gate and looking around at the business that was never ending.

"Hey, guys, I really appreciate you coming here on such short notice, " Daniel greeted them.

"That's okay, Daniel. The new ship is not ready so there is not much for us to do, " Stroro grinned. "Having a little job like this on the side is always a nice change. Keeps us out of trouble."

"Out of other trouble, " Daniel said with a wink.

"Ah, don't worry. If we get caught we pretend to be drunk and lost, " Stroro said, with stars shining in his eyes and a hip flask showing from his pocket for a moment. "A swig of this each and we can fool anyone." The three men laughed.

"Come, let's go and see what we can find. If there's anything to find, " Daniel said. Just to be on the safe side, he wanted to search some of Huajo's ships. Maybe Rayko was on one of them.

"There is always something, " Stroro predicted as they walked through the small entrance gate and proceeded down the long part of the quay where the smaller boats were moored.

Daniel asked himself how much he wanted to

, " Daniel said, "I don't want to say what I am thinking... but this could be a shoe of the Seigner's daughter." He was not certain. The rag he had in his other hand made him worry. It was not just a bandage: it was a piece of cloth that was stiff with dried up blood. And there was a lot of it.

The two sailors looked at Daniel. "That looks bad, Daniel. Really bad. Do you think the blood is from the girl also?"

"I don't know. I hope not. But this is..." Daniel turned and walked into the shed again. Behind the basket and the crates he found a small sack, partly filled with straw. Someone had been lying on that. And there were traces of blood on that too.

This could be a coincidence, Daniel told himself. It could be. His brain screamed at him that he should not pretend to be such an idiot. And still it could be a coincidence. Idiot!

"Stroro... can you close the locks so it looks that nobody was here?"

The sailor nodded and a few minutes the locks were back in place. Daniel stood with the shoe and the bloody bandage still in his hands as the man finished his handiwork.

"Do you want to have a look at the other sheds also, Daniel?" Stroro asked.

"Yes. Since we're here, we might as well do that."

The other two sheds brought nothing shocking to the light that streamed in through the open doors. They contained lots of old stuff, ropes, crates and broken tools. Daniel found a bag in one of the sheds, he took that to put the shoe and the blooded rag in it. That way they would not cause much suspicion as he was going through the streets. The locks were put back and then the three people went back to the street, leaving the harbour behind them.

"So what are you going to do now, Daniel?" Darigyn asked.

"I am thinking of a visit to Dogom ko Tzuy. And taking this stuff with me. I am curious what he will say when he sees this. And I want to find out if this shoe is one of Rayko's, but I am not sure if asking someone of her family is the proper way to do that."

"Good luck finding someone else for that, " Stroro remarked, touching the sore spot Daniel was so aware of.

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