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   Chapter 41 Senator Sygra Dirrit ko Asac

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Daniel said goodbye to his friends when the sun had since long traded places with the three moons that circled the planet in an awkward cluster. In the dimly lit street he summoned a carriage. Normally he would just walk home. Today however, he'd had a good time, and a decent number of drinks. And the influence of the drinks, he was certain, would make him see all kinds of places of Skarak that might be interesting, but not the most interesting one: his bed.

When Daniel came in, he shivered. So long had he been gone. So much had happened. So strange, he thought, that the first night he had been back in Skarak, he had spent in the house of Clelem Dandra ko Galem. Without the man knowing it. That was really too bizarre for words.

He took a quick shower and headed for dreamland.


Daniel woke up after a night of very disturbing dreams. Just about everyone he had met on this planet had appeared in it, and many of them had performed in a circle dance around Rayko. That was something that puzzled him most.

Over breakfast he pondered the things he should do now. How would he find a young woman that had disappeared without a trace? What did he know about her, even? Just that she was stuck-up, hated him and argued with her father a lot. If he just knew what that was about, that might give him some clues, but asking her father was not something appealing at the moment.

Daniel decided to find out something more about the senator. All the rumours there were about that man were vague and confusing. The man had helped Daniel out a few times, Daniel had taken a liking to the senator.

He needed some time to find out where the senator was living. Of course, the senator lived in the Zoroon community. It was quite a surprise for Daniel to find that his address was in a public register which was stored on the hydger. There was no contact number in the register, which was hardly surprising. After finishing his food, he went back to his apartment to dress more appropriately, and then requested a carriage for the trip to the house of the senator. It was his best shot at finding the man. Perhaps there was someone at the house who could at least take a message for the senator.

The ride to Zoroon went swiftly. Daniel stared out of the window without seeing much. He was trying to think his way out of the matter of the mysteriously disappearing young woman. As the carriage stopped, he saw a remarkably small house, for Zoroon standards. The reception house looked no bigger than a large broom closet. The house beyond it was made of a peculiar kind of pink stone and was surprisingly round everywhere. The whole place looked as if large pink eggs had been thrown in a heap.

Daniel walked up to the door of the reception house. In vain he tried to locate a bell or similar device. There just was the ever present copper plate. As there was little else he could do except for banging on the door, Daniel held his ring against the plaque and waited.

As he took in the environment, one of the areas rich of plants and trees, the door opened behind him. "Seigner?" a voice asked.

Daniel turned and saw a rather aged man. "Good morning, sir. My name is Daniel Zacharias. Is the senator in, by chance?"

"Indeed, he is. I assume you want to see the senator?" the man asked.

"Yes. If that is possible."

The man nodded and opened the door. "If you would please wait here, sir, I will see if senator Dirrit ko As

arts, " he added, without elaborating on what 'it' might be.

Daniel did not ask, as he was not here for religious education. Then it dawned on him that maybe by knowing more of this, he could get an advantage on Rayko's vanishing act. "Can you tell me something about this... philosophy, senator? Maybe it helps me in finding the missing person."

"Mr. Zacharias... Is it so hard for you to pronounce her name? It will not hurt you. Trust me." The senator smiled.

Daniel felt caught.

"The litany of Nahmyo, as it is called, is very simple. Her entire approach to things was simple, you know. Nahmyo was against violence. She was in favour of honouring life and all that belongs to it. It sounds like an easy thing to do, but it is harder than it sounds, Mr. Zacharias."

Daniel waited for more, but there was nothing more. "That's it?"

"Yes. That is the basic idea. To remind yourself of her values, all you do is repeat her litany once a day, in solitude. That is important, as then you can hear your words. Spoken words are powerful, Mr. Zacharias. And you speak the words when they are needed."

"Oh. And... when are they needed?"

The senator smiled again. "The person who knows the litany also knows when it is needed."

Great, Daniel thought to himself. This was not getting him anywhere but to the land of confusion.

Sygra got up. "Would you care to join me for a stroll in the garden, Mr. Zacharias?"

As they left the office, Daniel remarked that there were many objects of art everywhere.

The senator shrugged. "Yes, I have to admit to that. One tries to be strong, but there is always a weakness that takes advantage of a person. Art is my weakness. Especially the objects that are... very hard to come by." He walked towards a door and asked: "And what is your weakness, Mr. Zacharias?"

"I don't want people to-" Daniel was shocked to discover what he was about to say and closed his mouth, his cheeks colouring.

The senator, his hand on the doorknob, smiled. "Yes... it is hard to admit to a weakness. Once you do, though, it is easier to deal with it. Believe me. Oh, I hope you are not afraid of animals, Mr. Zacharias. My pet is outside. Are you safe with that?"

"I am sure I can manage, sir."

"Very good, " said the senator, and opened the door.

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