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   Chapter 40 Daniel Detective

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It only was a short communication that happened with Warlem after Daniel had finished eating. "I'm coming, " was all the poet said.

Warlem did not waste time. He knocked on the door and came in only a few minutes later. "Daniel. You look much better. I dread to describe the state you were in yesterday."

"I feel better too, thank you. It kind of strange being here, but the room service is a lot better than at my apartment, " Daniel grinned, staring at the strange fair haired beast that hung over Warlem's shoulder.

"You can breathe easy, " Warlem said. "My father has left already. He has no idea you are here, and nobody is going to tell him you were. Is there anything my mother or I can do for you before you leave? We really hope you can find Rayko."

"I would like some more information on her, " Daniel said. "Things she likes, friends, perhaps a reason to disappear? And what's that... giant ferret doing on your shoulder, if I may ask?"

"Ferret?" Warlem picked the ferret up and stroked it. "This is not a ferret. This is a goffeesh. her name is Blondie. She's Rayko's."

Daniel frowned for a moment. "So it was not a goldfish after all..."

"No. This is not a fish." It was Warlem's turn now looked a bit puzzled. "It's a goffeesh. A goffeesh needs a lot of attention. That is why I have her. Care to hold her for a while? It is very pacifying to hold a goffeesh, Daniel." He held out the long-stretched animal in one hand. It hung there, seemingly very much at peace. It probably was used to being handed around.

Daniel however thanked him for the honour.

Warlem nodded as he put the goffeesh over his shoulder again. "I think, my friend, the information you seek is something you should discuss also with my mother. We can answer your questions together..."

Daniel followed Warlem to the large hall. Udriga, Clelem's wife, sat on a large couch, drinking tea.

"Oh, Mr. Zacharias. How do you feel?" she asked.

"A lot better, my lady." Daniel then had the time to ask his questions. None of Rayko's friends sounded like the type that would coax her into running off. And neither of the two people could think of a reason for her to disappear without a word. More and more the cloaked person took the centre of attention. It just didn't make much sense. But then, many things suffered from that.

"And the row she had with her father just before she vanished?" Daniel tried one more time.

"Those happen frequently, " Ugidra said. "Rayko has a mind of her own, and that clashes with the ideas of her father. If they don't have words at least twice a week, one of them is ill."

"Being ill has not stopped them before, mother, " Warlem reminded her.

"Then, please, allow me to just mention some names, " Daniel said. "Seigner Dogom ko Tzuy? Would he have anything to gain from this kidnapping, if it really is one?"

Ugidra shook her head. "No. He and Clelem have their differences, but I don't see him do this. He has always been friendly to us."

"The shape of the man in the cloak would certainly fit him, though, " Warlem thought out loud.

Ugidra watched her son. "Seigner Huajo would never do something like this. He wouldn't be able to, physically. His walking is bad enough, Warlem, do not mock the man, please."

"Then what about the senator, Seigner Dirrit ko Asac?" Daniel just tried the name, to provoke a reaction.

The two people stared at Daniel in disbelief. "You cannot be serious, Mr. Zacharias, " Ugidra finally said. "The senator is a really dear friend. He adores Rayko, and he gets along with my husband very well."

"Do you then know of other people who could be considered enemies of your husband?" Daniel was sure that Clelem would have some more. He just had to think of the way the man had treated him, which made his blood temperature drop a few degrees. At least, that was how it felt to him.

Ugidra and Warlem went through a set of names that meant nothing to Daniel, but there was no one they were able to point at.

eryone down and hold them from doing things that they might regret later. He felt good about their wish to keep him as part of the crew, though.

"I have a new assignment at the moment." He told them about Rayko who had gone missing. "Her mother asked me to find her, and I am currently looking for clues on what might have happened."

Another storm of words and comments streamed over the long table, ranging from 'who cares about that girl anyway' to 'give me the bastard who took her and I'll take him apart'.

To Daniel's surprise it was Ombra, the tiny woman, who came over to him. She sat down next to him. "Daniel... I am certain you can find the woman. You brought so many people back. We are all proud to call you a friend. If there is something we can do for you, please ask. I am sure that everyone here agrees with what I am saying."

All sailors in the room had fallen silent as Ombra spoke. After she'd finished talking, they all cheered and made it clear they agreed with her.

Xandree got up. "Daniel... I don't know if you have heard, but we know that the Seigner sometimes has a problem with the senator. Dirrit ko Asac. Ulaman and I feel that you should go and talk with the senator."

"The senator?" Daniel could not believe what he heard. "I met the senator, at the evening party at their house. He can't be connected to that."

"The senator has a problem with something he fights, Daniel, " Ulaman said. "He is political and does things to get rid of drugs. But everyone knows that drugs are his weakness also. There are rumours that the Seigner sometimes -uhm- helps the senator. And that then has all kinds of things with politics that follow from that."

It was not the first time that Daniel heard of the senator being somewhat of a drugs user. But he had not heard before that Clelem might have a hand in that. And how would he be helping? With drugs? Or with money to get them? Or with contacts? This all sounded far-fetched. Rumours. But then... where there was smoke, there usually was fire.

"And what do you all think of her brother, " Daniel asked, trying to invoke a reaction.

"The dandy? He is scared of anything larger than a sheet of paper with words on it, Daniel!" The crew told him about a time that Warlem had been aboard the old Pricosine, and how the man had already become seasick while the boat had been moored.

That was contradicting what Daniel knew. On the new ship, Warlem had only complained about the time and the cold, not about being on a ship and becoming sick. It was a moment where Daniel wished he could go back to being just a soldier, and not an investigator. He was not cut out for this.

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