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   Chapter 21 Invitations

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Krrrrrr... Krrrrrrrr...

Daniel grabbed the hydger and saw Ulaman's call sign. "Ulaman, best skipper of the planet, good morning."

"Daniel, you are becoming a lazy heap. Are you still in your bed?"

"Looks like it, yes, " Daniel grinned.

Ulaman made a sound that conveyed disapproval. "The sun is already out. How are you feeling?"

"Not too bad. Still sore in places where the new skin takes longer to heal. Why, is something the matter?"

"Not really. The crew wants to know how you are. It would be good if you could come to the ship and talk to them. They worry about you. I told them they are wimps but they made me call you anyway."

Daniel did not grin, but he knew Ulaman was hiding his own concern. Had the crew been there, he'd have heard it. "I will come to the harbour tomorrow, okay? A friend comes over today to pick me up and visit his family. Mr. Barker, I told you about him?"

"Yes, I remember. Well, I am glad that... the crew will be glad if you can come over tomorrow. There is nothing like smelling the water to get you back on your feet, Daniel. And let me know if you cannot come after all."

"Certainly, skipper. I'll let you know. But I am rather certain I can show up."

"Good, Daniel. Now get up, man!" The big face grinned before the screen went grey.

Daniel laughed, winced as there was a sting from his belly, and dropped the hydger on the bed. "Ouch. Still no laughing today, Mr. Zacharias." He got up and showered. He worshipped the shower since the surgery: it made his new skin soft and supple and chased the little pains away for a long time.

He got dressed and waited for his friend to show up, spending the time reading.

"Daniel? Are you in there?" The question was followed by a careful tap on the door. Tomlin grinned as Daniel let him in. "You look less bad today, " he stated. "Ready to go?"

"Ready as I'll ever be. I am curious to see where you are living, Tomlin."

The trip to Tomlin's house did not take very long. It was located in one of the better neighbourhoods of Skarak.

Tomlin pointed out several places of interest and historical fame as they came past them. The carriage took them up into the mountainous area, where almost every residence had a magnificent outlook over the town, the harbour and the sea. Daniel had never been up there, so he was astounded by the view.

"We're here, Daniel, " Tomlin said as the carriage slowed down. "Prepare yourself to be invaded by my offspring."

After exiting the carriage, they stood in front of what in this area was an average sized house. Remarkable was the small building in front of it that Tomlin walked up to. He used his ring to open the door and let Daniel in. "Welcome to my humble home."

It turned out to be far from humble. The small building turned out to be a sort of reception area and it had a wardrobe. From there, they walked through a short transparent tunnel that brought them into the actual house. Tomlin's wife was a very friendly woman, and the offspring-based invasion Tomlin had warned Daniel for did not happen. Clearly the children, two boys and a girl, had been instructed very well about Daniel's condition. They were very careful and, Daniel found, polite beyond limits.

He had a really nice day out with the Barker family, and when Tomlin took him back home in the evening, Daniel was yawning.

"My friend, " Tomlin grinned, "I think you have lost the ability to stay sober while drinking."

It certainly felt so, Daniel had to admit. "Thank you for today, Tomlin. I really appreciate it. It was great to see where you live. You did the right thing, staying here. You have a lovely family."

"I know. And thank you for the compliments. I'll carry them on. Stay well, and in touch." After shaking hands, Toml

e he had been had also suggested blue suits. "I think that more blue is not a good idea, sir, considering the present colour of my skin, " he tried. The brown one he had on now was good.

"Oh, really sir, if that is the whole problem, we can simply arrange for a light toning powder to make your skin look more its natural complexion again." He rushed off, leaving Daniel behind. In a blue suit, in full view of a large mirror.

The man returned with a young woman who carried a large box. Daniel recognised the thing as a beauty case and shivered. "Look, dear sir, " he started, "this is just for a soirée, a one time affair."

"Oh, but I do understand, Mr. Zacharias, " the clothes addict responded, "and especially if that is the case, you should not do less than the utmost to make a perfect impression on your hosts. Now if you would please take off your coat..."

Daniel was relieved from the suit, planted in a seat, and the young woman got to work on his arms, face and neck. He tried to object only one more time, but that did not seem to reach any ears, so he gave up and in.

After an hour of being brushed, painted, powdered and rubbed, the young woman was satisfied. The clothes man invited him to put on the blue suit again. He complied and looked into the mirror.

Daniel got up and looked. "Wow."

"Excuse me, sir?" the woman asked. "Is something not to your liking?"

"Oh, no. I do apologise, miss. I am surprised, you did an outstanding job, " Daniel had to admit. Even the blue suit did not look so bad now. The procedure had been more than the 'light toning powder', but it was worth it.

The clothes advisor smiled. "I am glad you approve, sir. I do have an idea now. If you would excuse me..." Again he rushed off.

"Will you be needing me, sir, Arvin will know where I am, " the painter lady said. "The colour will stay for several days, and it will hold in a bath. Do refrain from one today, please, though." She smiled, curtsied and left, her box in her hands.

Arvin the clothes man returned, another suit in his hands. "This, sir, might be more to your liking."

The suit he brought was dark blue. Daniel put it on. And he liked it. The pants and sleeves were too short, but Arvin promised that their tailor would be able to correct that without a trace.

Daniel left the store, a small business card tucked in his pocket as well as the address coordinates of the shop in his hydger. The suit, the new shirt and the tie to match would be waiting for him the next morning.

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