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   Chapter 14 Jailbirds

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The line of carriages painted black and yellow was impressive. Daniel had never seen so many of them in one street. The downside of it was that he was stowed in one of them as an official guest of the Skarak police force.

As the caravan started to move, Daniel asked Stroro, who was in the same carriage, why the police had taken so long to get there.

Stroro shrugged. "I think they wait until most of us are somewhat tired of fighting. Makes things easier for them." The snort that he ended with was very meaningful. Sailors who were in a fight did not get tired. They got more energised.

"Nobody charged us with anything, " Daniel continued.

"They never do, " Stroro displayed his experience. "They stick us in the brig, the boss comes to get us out, we promise not do it anymore and we walk."

"Sounds like that is a contradiction. You did this before, right?"

"Yeah. Different bar." Stroro grinned. "They know they can't stop us. It's a game between them and us."

Daniel was not pleased. He'd been in enough trouble already; this bit of joy would not look good on him. The carriage did not look like something strong enough to hold his Bactine body in for long, but a break-out of a police carriage would probably do him even more damage.

The sailors all seemed quite relaxed under the circumstances. Some of them were already snoring. Stroro was one of them.

The ride ended. The door swung open and outside, to Daniel's surprise, were just two policemen who watched the group of sailors walk into the building. They all seemed to know the way and located the cells on their own. Some were looking around for their buddies, so they'd be in the same cells for the time being.

"Daniel. Over here." Bilk waved at him, holding up Stroro. Lidrin was with him also, so Daniel pushed his way through the stream of sailors. "This is a good one. To the side. And quiet."

Daniel stared as they moved into the cell. He slowly followed. "Want me to close the door?"

Lidrin shook his head. "Why? Nobody's going to rob us here, we're in the brig."

Bilk lowered Stroro on one of the beds where the sailor continued his snoring. They were joined by three more sai

at. He blamed the long and intense night and the short sleep.

"Indeed. The name of the establishment is mentioned to at least one person of the crew, who will then direct his fellow crewmen there. At a certain point they will start fighting, which will severely damage the interior. As you may have witnessed. This makes the removal of the interior easier for the workmen. The seafaring folk had their brawl and a secure place to sleep, and in the morning we come to collect them."

Daniel's surprise was growing.

"The Ship Owners Society has a separate fund for carrying some of the costs that are involved in redecorating the establishment. It can, after all, happen that some of the sailors get a bit carried away in their efforts."

"But sir, I was the one who started the fight." Daniel felt bad about that.

"Good for you, Mr. Zacharias. But do you believe that the night would have gone by peacefully if you had not done that?"

The carriage came to a halt. "I believe we have reached your homestead, Mr. Zacharias. I commend your honesty. Have a good day, sir."

Daniel left the carriage and said his goodbyes. As the carriage rattled off, he scratched his head. This was really insane. The ship owners decided what place needed to be patched up and arranged for the sailors to take most of it apart. He grinned and went up to his apartment. After a shower and some breakfast he dropped himself on the bed and was asleep in seconds.

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