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   Chapter 13 A night on the town

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After unloading the silky material in Britna the Red, they received quite a large amount of food and drinking water. These supplies were definitely needed if they were going to have lots of extra mouths to feed on board.

Ulaman plotted their course and they set sail for the island where a large group of people were waiting to be rescued. That was only two days sailing, and it was obvious why the people had to be evacuated. The island had fallen victim to a nearby rift that had started to stretch itself. Many parts of the island had been torn apart already, and the rest was just waiting for that fate to happen.

The refugees came in their own boats, large and small, and Daniel worked as hard as everyone else to get the people to safety. The sea floor shuddered several times as the rescue operation was going on. Strange waves appeared on the surface. The tremors were not strong enough to make the Pricosine notice, which was a good thing. Getting two thousand people with their belongings and a load of animals on board without proper means was a task in itself.

The people were calm during their evacuation, and that was the biggest help the crew could ask for. The loading of the people and animals took two days and meant hardly any sleep for any of the crew. Also Draiky and Xandree pitched in where they could.

Ulaman had the three leading people from the island on the bridge and had asked Daniel to be there as well.

Daniel understood that. Ulaman, being the captain, now was responsible for several thousand heads, wanted to make sure that there was an independent witness who could state that he had done things by the book. Seigner Clelem would insist on that.

"I hope, " said Ulaman, "that your people will be able to find a good place to stay. We're about to sail, and if the winds are with us we can make it to your new home in 3 to 4 days. If there is something you need, or you have a problem, call on me."

The three people thanked Ulaman and promised that they would keep the hindrance for the crew down to the minimal amount they could muster.

"We will come and check up on you, " Ulaman said. "Everyone of the crew will be taking part in this. We have heard that you have several stoves and furnaces with you to make food, is that right?"

"Yes, captain. We can make for our own food."

Everything was in order. The three left the bridge and Ulaman started giving orders through his tube.


Skarak was coming back into view. The crew of the Pricosine were shattered but happy and relieved that the move of the people had gone well. As soon as they were in hydger range, Ulaman reported to Clelem about the journey and that all people had been rescued and safely in their new town. Daniel, Lidrin and Xandree were present at the 'conference call'.

"Excellent work, captain Ulaman, " Clelem said. "You have done an outstanding job. My compliments to the crew. They have all deserved a gratification which I will allow for personally."

Daniel was perplexed. That was a boss one would love to work for. The cheers from the crew, when the word was spread, made it

ntly it was an unwritten rule in the Tub.

As Bilk was ordering another round of beers, Daniel caught sight of a young man with a very pale complexion, shabby clothes and an unhealthy overall appearance. Among the big and strong sailors, the man stood out like a sore thumb. His instincts kicked in and after excusing himself for a moment, he moved along the round bar so he would keep the young man in sight.

The man moved to the far end of the outermost bar where three men were standing. He reached in his pocket and rolled some small stuff on the bar while talking to the men.

Daniel enhanced his vision, using his electronic eye. "Crap, " he whispered. He recognised the drugs that were on the bar as TSD and Rood.

TSD, officially known as Trero-Sulphur-Dermoxyn, was better known as Toxic Shit you Die of. It was a chemical drug, meant to relax, but often made people die. The drug was made of a selection of waste products. Rood, he knew, was some alien vegetable drug. It put people to sleep as in a coma, and it was unpredictable when they would come out of it. If at all. And the filth existed even here.

"Daniel." A hand rested on his shoulder.

Stroro had come after Daniel. "Don't mess with them, Daniel. They are bad news, you don't want to get involved with them."

Daniel looked at his sailor friend. "I've dealt with them before. I'm a soldier, Stroro, I have to arrest that man."

"You can't. You are not here as a soldier, remember than. You are a security man for the Society." Stroro shook Daniel by the shoulder, hoping that he could make the man see sense.

"Who's a soldier here?" a loud voice rang out. It was better than a switch. Within seconds there was a silence in the Tub that was scary.

"There is no soldier here, " Stroro tried.

"Oh, right, " another voice said. "I heard your mate there say he was a soldier. We don't have soldiers in here, right boys?"

There was no more reason to talk. The appearance of the Tub changed considerably in the twenty minutes it took for law enforcement to arrive and clear out the bar.

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