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   Chapter 23 Epilogue

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"Look, a rainbow!"

Jessika grinned as her sons called in unison. Sure enough, there was a rainbow, so beautiful between the dark clouds as the sun settled down for the day.

"Hey love, smile...." Kevin called and Jessika was shortly blinded by the flash of the camera. "You look so beautiful, " Kevin whispered as he pecked her lips.

Jessika glanced down at the little angel in her lap, stretching her body after waking up from her evening nap. "You're awake. Are you hungry?" Jessika cooed and laughed as her daughter made a soft gurgling noise.

"She is so beautiful. Just like you, " Kevin commented as he looked at them.

"Mommy, can we play with her?" Noah and Nate asked in unison.

"Not now, baby. Let me feed her first, " Jessika smiled. Her sons just loved their little sister. Just as they claimed Ashley gave birth to a girl three months ago.

When Jessika visited Ashley in the hospital, she had a pleasant surprise waiting for her. Her twin had signed up the custody of her daughter to her and Kevin, making them a proud parents of the newborn.

"You'll be a better mother to her, than I. She needs love and care, that I don't think I can give her. She needs you, Jessi."

"Ashley, you don't have to do this. I will help you take care of her."

"No, Jessi. I don't know how to love and how to give love. I never had a good parent to learn from. But, after seeing you with Noah and Nate, I want that for my daughter too. Only you can provide that love for her. Please accept her, Jessi. I will take it as you both forgive me for my mistakes if you accept her as your own."

Jessika and Kevin were dumbfounded as they took Ashley's daughter. Jessika sobbed as the infant snuggled close to her chest. She couldn't thank her sister enough and Jessika swore she never saw Ashley smile that brightly before.

Angela, her daughter made a cooing sound bringing her out of the trance. Jessika smiled as she burped her, her mind wandered back to the events of the past couple of months.

Ashley pleaded guilty before the court and helped the FBI in every way she could. The FBI could track down Ethan's underground connections with the minute details Ashley provided them.

Living with Ethan for five years, Ashley had observed a lot of things about him and she lead the FBI to the secret safe Ethan had in his study. Ethan was prosecuted for the four homicides and several other crimes.

He was sentenced to four life sentences for the four murders he had committed and several jail terms for his other crimes. He would never see the daylight again.

"I met her."

"Yes, you did. But, I asked you to give her a chance to explain. Instead, you didn't even allow her to speak. You broke her heart again that day."

"Whatever we had is over. Why don't you understand? I said, it is over, " Jason stressed each word with anger.

"I will not beat around the bush, Jason. If you had let her speak that day, then, you would have known about your son, who keeps asking for his father, " Kevin stated.

"What are you talking about?" Jason asked as confusion etched his features.

"I believe you were not aware that Helena was pregnant when you were arrested. She tried to meet you several times, but you never let her. I don't think it's fair that Elena gets to be with her father while her elder brother believes that his father hates him because he is different."

"Wh-what? Helena has a son?" Jason whispered.

"Your son, Jason. He is different. He is special because of the stunts pulled by a man who wanted to kill him in the womb, " Kevin stated.

Jason stared at him as he processed the information.

"You have no choice, Jason. Do as I tell you and I will save you from this. I have the money you need and you have something my sister wants. Accept it and we will discuss further."

"What do you want me to do?" Jason asked.

"I want you to do the right thing, Jason. Marry my sister."

"I-I can't."

"I'll call you this evening. If you don't give me the answer I want to hear then, you are on your own, " Kevin warned. "I would choose wisely if I were you."

Kevin left the dumbfounded Jason behind as he exited the office.

Jason stared at the retreating Kevin.

I have a son.

What if Kevin was lying to get me married to Helena?

The End.

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