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It has been two weeks since Ashley's escape and Ethan's high profile arrest. A lot has happened since then and Ashley relaxed in the living room as she watched the news, her mind wandering to the events of past weeks.

The evidence provided by Ashley was enough for the FBI to gain a search and arrest warrant.

Ethan's fourteen properties in Chicago, New York, and California were raided at the same time by fourteen teams. The media have swamped the area and the news channels went overboard doing a live telecast as the FBI dug out the corpses from his garden.

Ethan's illegal activities shocked the entire city as most of all his parents. Further investigation led them to Jacob, who got caught meeting Ethan frequently.

Though there was no concrete proof of Jacob being involved in Ethan's illegal business, the footage of him and Ashley withdrawing money from the bank and him meeting Ethan was enough for the FBI to take him into the custody.

Stephanie helped Max in every way she could and there was nothing much they could find about Jacob. His records were clean, except for the two billion dollars he invested in buying a luxurious mansion outside the city as a gift for his mistress, who also is a famous Hollywood star in her late twenties.

Jessika and Kevin could find no evidence connecting Jacob to their baby's loss. Kevin returned to Chicago with everyone as they had to be present for the court proceedings.

Though Jessika and Kevin tried their best to protect Ashley, the FBI had filed charges against her for fraud, forgery, impersonation, manipulation and she was to face trials in the court as an accomplice along with Jacob.

As for Ethan, he was facing the trials for multiple homicides, smuggling, and illegal weapon dealings. There was no way he would see the daylight again.

Kevin offered support for the Fulton couple, who was innocent in all that happened. They were not aware of their son's wrongdoings and the public humiliation they faced was too much for them to handle.

At the moment, they have all cooped up in Kevin's Chicago mansion. There were enough rooms for them all and Kevin suggested that they stayed together until the issues are over. Max's company provided twenty-four hours security with the paparazzi and the media dying to get a word from them.

"Ashley, here. You have eaten nothing in past couple of hours, " Stephanie said, offering a bowl of fruits.

"Thank you, Stephanie." Ashley patted the space beside her and Stephanie took it. Together they sat watching the news until the twins came barreling towards them.

Ashley and Stephanie's face lit up with a wide grin spreading across their lips.


"Aunt Ashley!"

The boys shouted before dropping their bags on the floor and running towards them.

Stephanie embraced the children and kissed them with tears of joy brimmed her eyes. She watched as her grandchildren go to Ashley and place a kiss on her protruding tummy as they cooed incoherent things to their cousin.

She wiped her eyes and continued to watch the little balls of energy bounding towards their mother's room to tell her the stories of their day at their new school. Stephanie sighed and leaned back on her couch.

Her eyes stared at the flat screen. She couldn't concentrate on anything else as the recent events came knocking at the door of her mind. All these years she was living a life filled with lies. She believed her beloved husband and to this moment she couldn't figure out how it went wrong.

"Stephanie..." Ashley called in an unsure tone as Stephanie's tears fell.

"I thought I had everything, Ashley—loving husband, two bea

ou can even forgive her that. She deserves to rot in prison for the rest of her life, but the only reason I am giving her a chance is that she saved my sons from that bastard."


"Let me finish, Jessi. She will go to jail and that's final. Our lawyer will try his best to reduce her sentence, but that's it. We will take care of her child as our own until she comes back and I promise to support her even after that. I am doing this only for us. Don't push me further, Jessi."

Jessika nodded. "I-I'm sorry, Kevin. Thanks for doing this." Kevin was right. She couldn't keep pushing him like this.

What will she do? She couldn't let go of her sister either. No matter how much she tried, she couldn't stay angry at Ashley. She could only think about the life Ashley had as a child with parents who never cared.

"Anything for you, my love." He whispered hugging her to him. Jessika relaxed as she felt his kiss on her head.

It won't be easy, but she will have to get used to it. There was no stopping the consequences of their actions. Everyone has to face it at some point in their life.

"I'm gonna talk to her, " Jessika stated.

"Okay. Come back soon. I can't sleep without you, " Kevin mumbled as he buried his face in her hair.

Jessika just nodded as she got up and went to see Ashley.


Ashley who was walking to the kitchen heard their conversation and moved away from their door. Kevin's words were true, and she was prepared for what was coming to her.

Soon her sister found her in the kitchen. Ashley gave her a tentative smile as she continued to eat her chocolate loops.


"I know what I'm getting myself into, Jessi." Ashley smiled. "I have made many wrong choices in my life. Now it's time to face the consequences."


"No, Jessi. It's time I do this the right way. What I should have done those years ago. I am glad you forgave me even after all I put you through. I know I don't deserve your forgiveness, but I am seeing what is true love. Finally, I know how it feels to have a real family. You're my family, Jessi."

Jessika sobbed as she hugged Ashley.

"I feel guilty for everything I did and I feel like only by doing this, I will forgive myself. Let me do this, Jessi. I am not going away forever, am I?" Ashley chuckled with no humor. "I will come back as a better person."

Jessika nodded. "I love you, Ashley."

"I love you too, my sister."

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