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Ashley couldn't believe her eyes.


"I am known by many names, Ashley, " he grinned.

"You're FBI?"

He shrugged in reply as he took a seat at the only table in that room. "Why don't you sit? Do you need anything to eat? Coffee or tea?"

"Just water, " she said, sitting opposite to him. "Why didn't you say anything?"

"There are things you don't know, Ashley. And, it's better you don't learn about this. You're safer this way, " Robert stated.

"Am I going to jail?"

"If you're involved in Ethan's crimes then, yes."

Ashley winced but kept quiet. They were in an interrogation room and she knew anything she said could be used against her.

"We know that you helped Ethan's scheme by pretending to be your sister Jessika. We can arrest you and press charges for that, " Robert added.

"What's stopping you?"

"Your sister. She requested the police not to pursue this case and gave us a written statement saying that her sister is innocent in all this. Jessika doubts that Ethan is blackmailing and forcing you somehow to do all this, " Robert explained.

"She did that?"

Robert nodded and Ashley felt more ashamed of her actions. Everything she has done so far was to harm her sister and yet Jessika still thought Ashley was innocent. She looked at Robert as another thought popped into her mind. "Why sleep with me?" She couldn't hold that question anymore. If he claims to be undercover then why would he do that?

"I can answer that question without putting you in danger. And, I also owe you that much, " he started. "You see, I came into that mansion to get concrete evidence against Ethan. So when I found out he had you locked up, I kind of negotiated a deal with him to get to you."

Ashley nodded. Robert paused for a moment as someone entered the room with a bottle of water. Robert continued once the young officer left. "My aim was to talk to you and gather information on Ethan. If possible convince you to help me from the inside."

"What changed?" Ashley asked.

"The bastard was more cunning than I thought. When I came to you on the first day, he rigged me with a microphone so he could listen to our conversations. I had no option but to follow the lie I told him, " he confessed.

Ashley didn't know what to make of the situation. She felt used.

"I didn't mean to hurt you, Ashley. If I didn't spend the night with you, he would have killed us both. Then, one week he forgot to rig me with the microphone as he was busy fucking a stripper. That's the day I gave you the burner phone. I hoped that you would use it to contact us."

"What happens now?" Ashley asked.

"We need to know everything about Ethan. You have been with him for past five years. Any information you could give us will help, " Robert stated.

"What happens after that?"

"Well, we will arrest and prosecute him. Lock him up for his crimes. If you wish to become a witness, we can offer you protection."

Ashley sighed. "Do you promise we'll be safe from him and his lackeys?"


Ashley thought for a moment and took the bag she carried all these time. "Here is what you need. I've collected these evidence over the years but didn't know how to get these out. When he locked me up, he threatened me saying that if I try to escape, he would bury me with the others in his garden. I believe his words."

Robert was going through the content

bies before she conceived again. This time, instead of staying with her I threw her out. I didn't even know she was pregnant. You know how she looked when I met her after all these years?" He asked.

Ashley sat dumbfounded as her brain processed what he said. "Look, " he said, showing a photo on his phone. Ashley gasped, her hand going to cover her mouth to cover the sob that erupted from within her chest.

It was a photo of Jessika in the hospital bed with her sons laying on both the side. Her sister was just a bag of bones.

"She starved herself so she could feed my sons. She didn't have it easy, Ashley. It was never easy for her. My family never accepted her. She never fit in their socialite circle, they despised her for it. Called her a tramp, " Kevin whispered.

"Do you know how many nights I had held her while she cried herself to sleep? She always felt like an outsider and I had stopped taking her to my family gatherings to give her space. We were living happily, and she became pregnant, only to lose it and go into depression."

"Do you know how hard it is to watch your love, wasting away before your eyes? She didn't eat and cried for days. We had to hospitalize her and force feed her. Just when I thought I had her back again, you took it all away, " Kevin hissed, unable to keep his calm demeanor.

Ashley flinched at the display of his aggression, but kept quiet. I deserve it.

"I was so angry with you, Ashley. So angry that I wanted to destroy you. I wanted to lock you up for the rest of your life, but she wouldn't let me. She said she wanted her sister back, claimed you are innocent, " Kevin's voice softened again as he spoke about Jessika.

Kevin took a deep breath and Ashley flinched away when his hand came down to squeeze her shoulder. "I will not hurt you, Ashley. Thank you for saving my sons. I know you helped Ethan, but saving my sons means everything. I no longer hold you responsible for the past, " he said.

"I want you to forget everything and be the sister Jessika always wanted. You and your baby can stay with us and I will look after your every need. Ethan or his family won't be coming anywhere near you, " he assured and all Ashley could do was to croak a thank you as she sobbed once again.

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