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Ashley was lost in her thoughts as she cleaned their wounds. The boys exchanged a look before the one next to the injured boy stated.

"You're not our mother." She stopped what she was doing and looked at the boy with no emotion on her face. "You must be our Aunt Ashley, mommy's twin, " the same boy said again. "I'm Nathan and this is Noah. We know about you."

Ashley gave them a bewildered look. So, they knew about me. Yet she has made no attempt to contact me. A new anger pulsed through her veins while her conscious countered. You have made no attempt to contact her either.

She masked her emotion and continued to tend the injured boy, whose name she learned as Noah. Noah and Nathan looked at each other. "Should we tell her?" Nate asked.

"I think we should, " Noah responded.

"That bad man hurt you too, didn't he?" Nate's next question had her stumble.

How did he know?

"Mommy thinks Ethan is bad. I heard her saying to Uncle Max that you are with him because Ethan must be blackmailing you."

"What else did she say?" Ashley asked before she could stop, her heart raced with this new information.

"That you are innocent. She cries every day from when she learned that you are her sister. At first, she was angry that you didn't go to her when you found out. Later, she was convinced that you didn't know you were related and Ethan was using you."

Ashley was dumbfounded at this. Did Jessika really think like that?

"She tried to call you several times. But, dad always stopped her saying it could be dangerous for you if Ethan finds out, " Noah informed.

Jessika tried to call me. Did she care about me?

"Do you know Daddy left Mommy because you did some bad things to her? Daddy came back only when Aunt Claire told him that Mommy was sick. She was in the hospital and wouldn't open her eyes, " Nathan sniffed.

"How is she now?" Ashley asked.

"We heard dad talking to Aunt Claire that Mommy had cancer so they had to do a surgery. He said Mommy won't be able to give us a brother or sister. They removed something called ut- ut- ah..." Noah said trying to remember what Kevin had said.


"Yes, something like that, " Noah replied.

"Aunt Ashley, we saw that bad man hitting you. Dad tells us that a real man would never hit or abuse a girl. Why did you let him hit you?"

Ashley stared at Nathan, tongue-tied at his innocent yet meaningful question. She didn't know what to tell him. Yes, she hated that Ethan hit her, but now she had gotten used to it.

Growing up, she had seen her drunken father always hitting her mother. She thought it was a thing that all men did. Noah wiped the silent tears that slipped past her eyes. "Don't cry, Aunt Ashley. Dad will find us soon."

This made her cry a little more. Her nephews were so innocent and their love stirred up the emotions she has never experienced before. They didn't have that much time. Fortunately, it was two a.m. and no one would come looking for Ethan.

"We don't have time. We need to leave this place now before he wakes up, " she informed the boys, who nodded at her. "Stay here. I am gonna dress and we're leaving, " Ashley said and hurried to her closet.

She pulled the first pair of clothes her hands found and took the emergency backpack she packed a few weeks ago. She expected s

in could hear the muffled voices on the other end before Max spoke again. "Kevin, we picked up one of Ethan's vehicle driving out of the mansion a few minutes ago. We'll soon send a team to escort her here."

When Ashley called again Kevin gave her the directions and paced the floor, waiting for the call from Max.


Ashley's heart beat faster as two FBI vehicles joined her at the next intersection. By the time she reached another signal two more cars joined her sides. They seemed to keep their distance and when she rolled her windows down, one officer in the car nodded his head in assurance.

A sense of relief flooded her, and she followed them and soon they reached a building where more officers in suits stood guard. A few men rushed to her car.

"Uncle Max!" The boys shouted in unison as they ran to a man, who was well over six feet and had a well-built frame.

The man embraced the children before calling someone and informing the boys were safe. His eyes then found Ashley, who shifted from one foot to the other, unsure of her actions.

"Ms. Porter, " the man named Max greeted.

"H-hi..." She stuttered.

"Thanks for bringing the boys safe. The FBI would like to have a word with you. So, if you may come please, " he said, pointing the entrance and all the sense of relief she felt before seemed to leave her.

Ashley followed with shaky legs and wondered what they had for her in store. She would be in for a long time.

What else will happen when you side with a villain? Whatever happened, she deserved it and if she would jail then the sole reason was the bad choices, she made in the past.

The bag she carried felt like it weighed a lot as she entered a room, which looked like an interrogation room. Her heart thudded against her ribs as she looked through the one-way glass.

What will happen to her?

Max had left her to her own devices, and she heard someone entering the room. She was so observed in self-pity thoughts she took a double take when she heard the voice that was all too familiar to her.

She whipped around to see the last person she expected, and he seemed to smile at her.

"I am glad you made it out, " Robert Dane grinned at her.

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