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"What?!" Kevin roared into the phone as his face turned red with fury.

"How the hell did you miss them, Max?"

Helena looked startled and didn't understand what was the news he got from the other end. They were talking in the waiting hall when Kevin got a phone call from Max.

"Find them, Max. I hold you responsible for this. Jessika won't live if anything happened to my boys." Kevin's voice cracked. Helena rushed to him as he sagged down on the floor, heavy sobs erupting from his chest.

"Kevin! What happened? Where are my nephews?" Helena shook him as he continued to break down in front of her.

"Someone took them, Helena. They shot the guards and took my boys, " Kevin wheezed.


"Max just got a call from the Canada police. The guards are dead and there was so much blood. Helena, I can't live without my boys."

"Calm down, Kevin. Please, nothing will happen to the boys, we will get them back, " Helena tried to comfort him while she herself was breaking down.

She loved her nephews as her own in the past weeks and she couldn't believe someone would even think of doing this to them. Her expression turned furious when the thought of that someone surfaced in her mind.

She pulled out her phone and dialed the number that was all too familiar to her. Her fingers trembled as she heard the ring.


Helena froze for a moment hearing her mother's voice. It has been a long time since they spoke. A mother—who never acted like a mother at all. A mother—who always put her social status before her children.

"Where's Jacob?" She asked showing no emotion to the woman who birthed her and her brother.

There was a pause on the other end for a moment before her mother called, "Helena? My baby girl, is that you?"

Stephanie's sobs only seemed to fuel her anger. "Stop that act, mother. Where's Jacob?"

"Helena, he is your father! How could you talk with such disrespect?"

"He is no father of mine. A father doesn't hurt his children like the way he did."

"He never hurt you. Whatever he did was to protect you, " her mother argued.

"Oh, really? Tell me then, how come framing my innocent boyfriend for a theft he never committed sounds good to you. If that's not enough he tried to kill my child, abort the innocent baby even before its birth. What kind of human would do that to his own grandchildren?" Helena hissed.

"What? You were pregnant?"

Stephanie's shock was evident and for a moment Helena wondered if her mother wasn't aware of anything.

"Why do you act surprised?"

"Jacob would never do such a thing. He would've supported you and the child. You're lying." Stephanie cried.

"I have no time for this, mother. He ruined my life and Kevin's. He joined hands with that Fulton's to get even with Kevin. Let me tell you if I ever confirmed that he is behind the abduction Kevin's sons, I will make sure he never sees the daylight again, " Helena warned.

"What? Kevin has sons?" Stephanie gasped. "Helena, please talk. Why didn't I know about this?

Helena thought for a moment and put the call on the loudspeaker. "Mom, I want you to answer truthfully. Did you go to see Jessika when she was hospitalized? You know, before their divorce, " she asked.

"Yes, I went to see her with your father. I even offered to stay at the hospital and take care of her. Ask your father if you don't trust me."

Helena met Kevin's gaze, and he gestured at her to keep speaking.

"Jacob claims Jessika was never admitted to the hospital. And, that was one reaso

al when they were ambushed. They shot the guards dead and took the boys, " Kevin stated.

"The SUV that took them had a fake registration number and by the time police reached the crime scene and figured what happened it was already two hours. They contacted Max, and it was only when they checked the surveillance camera around that area they knew there were two children aboard."

"So, how do you think Ethan transported them?" Helena asked.

"By road or by air? Ethan owns a private jet and has several businesses here. If he is involved with the drug mafia like the FBI claims to be, then he got several ways to do this."

"Shit, this is all crazy, " Helena cursed. "That Ethan is a twisted fuck."

"We have no proof it's Ethan. We can't get a search warrant unless we have a proof, " Kevin stated.

"How are we going to get them back, then?" Helena asked.

"Max is trying to make a move with the help of FBI. Hopefully, they will break in with or without a search warrant by tomorrow morning. All we could do now is to pray that he didn't harm my boys until then."

Helena patted his shoulder and looked at Jessika who looked like a rag doll, sleeping on the bed with the tear-stained face. She can't imagine something happening to her son and she prayed that her nephews are alive and well.


Ashley momentarily tensed when she couldn't find the boys there.

"We're here, " one answered before she called out loud and both crawled from under her bed. She didn't have enough time. She had to hurry with whatever she was planning to do before Ethan wakes up.

Where will I go? What if his lackeys find us?

She motioned the boys to sit on the bed as she went to get the first aid kit from her washroom. Ashley cleaned the dried blood from the injured boy's his lips and continued to apply for some medicine as he winced in pain. His innocent brown eyes held a guarded look.

Why did she even hit Ethan to save them? Not that they were her nephews. She never had such relationships before and never knew how it felt to have them. However, the idea of Ethan hurting them didn't bode well for her.

She couldn't just stay and watch while he inflicted harm on the innocent boys. She hated her sister, but it doesn't mean she wanted her dead. Ashley frowned at the direction of her thought train.

What is happening to me?

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