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Kevin shot up from his chair beside Jessika's bed as she screamed. Her eyes were wide with fear as she looked around the room.

"Kevin! Where are my boys? I need to see them, " she asked him.

"They are with Claire. Please calm down, " he tried to embrace her, but she pushed him aside.

"I need to see them now!" She screamed. "Your father will kill them like he killed our first three babies. He's a monster!"

Kevin looked bewildered at her. He couldn't comprehend her words and it was something no one would expect it from their father.

Did father kill our babies?

"Kevin, I beg you. Please bring my sons. I can't live without them. Jacob will kill them if he knew about them, " Jessika sobbed and all Kevin could do was to look at her with wide eyes as he tried to comfort her.

"You don't trust me? Then, ask your sister. He tried to kill her son, and he is an autistic because of the medicines he gave her during her pregnancy, " Jessika shouted and Kevin felt his knees weakening on hearing her claim.

The dots were connected now. Max had found out earlier that the two billion dollar check was in fact, withdrawn by Ashley, who posed as Jessika. The bank's security feed revealed his dad driving Ashley to the bank and later, helping her load the cash in his car trunk.

Jessika accused his dad of losing her babies and he didn't know what to say anymore. He couldn't believe his father could do such a heinous act.

However, he trusted Jessika. A woman would never lie about her babies and the fact that his sister had a son left him speechless.

How could she hide her son from them? Then, he remembered what Max found out about Helena. She volunteered at several orphanages, the ones who cared for children with special needs.

"Jessi, I will ask Claire to bring our children now. Please calm down. I won't let any harm befall them, " Kevin assured.

Jessika had quieted down and now looked at him, her expression said she was contemplating whether to believe his words.

"Trust me, Jessi. I need to speak to my sister. I have a nephew and I didn't know about him. I can't believe she went through all this alone, " his voice strained. "Fuck! What kind of brother, have I been? I did nothing to help her then. She locked me out when she left home and now, I understand why she did that."

"Go to her, " Jessika whispered as she understood his dilemma. "Please ask someone trustworthy to accompany my sons. I don't want them to be left alone for a second, without supervision."


Ethan drummed his fingers as his eyes scanned the email Inbox, looking for the important ones, which required his attention. An email he received in the morning had his attention and his smirk widened when he read through the contents.

He dialed the familiar number and grinned when the old man's sound came on the other end.

"Hello Mr. Stanfield, good to hear from you again. Hope you thought about my proposal, " he drawled in a lazy tone.

"Nice move, boy. We must meet again if you wish to discuss this further."

"Hm… I don't think this matter requires a meeting, Jacob."

"Maybe. However, the information I hold now is of value to you, boy."

"What is that information that has more value than the deal I proposed?"

"I'll tell you when we meet each other. Same place, tonight at eight p.m."

Ethan growled when Jacob disconnected the line. He liked to be the one who controlled the things, but Jacob was as cunning as a fox. What does he have now?

A few years ago when he was competing with Kevin, he got a call from Mr. Jacob Stanfield requesting a secret meeting. It was the same time as he met Ashley in the strip club.

Long story short, Jacob wanted Jessika out of the family and Ethan wanted Spencer's billion dollars' worth deal, which would give a huge boost to Stanfield

without waiting for him to pop the question.

"It was difficult, but I had help. One of my friends supported me and I had savings from the part-time jobs I took while I was at the university. Austin was still in jail and the only way to keep my son safe was to hide him."

"Why didn't you tell me about him when we met?" Kevin asked.

"I wanted to. But, I didn't want Jacob to find out. He is a snake, you know that. He won't stop until he achieved something. When you arranged for my meeting with Austin, I wanted to tell you. Again, I don't know why I didn't. I guess it's because I am so used to hide him from the public eye."

"Does Austin know?"

"No. He didn't even give me a chance to speak. When I went in, he stood from his seat, thanked me for dumping him, declared his undying love for his wife and left without another word, " Helena let out a humorless laugh.

Kevin gritted his teeth. He told Austin to give her a chance, meet her and talk to her. He agreed to meet her for an hour, but didn't keep up with his promise. He could see that the meeting only broke his sister further.

"He will pay for that, " Kevin growled.

"No need, Kevin. I've got my son now. He's an angel you know. You will love him, " Helena smiled at the thought of her son.

"What did you name him?"

"Damien Alan James."

"I want to see him, Helena. This is all too much for me. I missed my nephew's birth and all his life, my own children's birth and their life so far, all because of the man we call our father, " he sneered. "I will make him pay, Helena. Trust me, I won't let him off the hook."

Helena nodded. "I'll take you to meet your nephew once Jessika is out of this hospital and back to home."

"Don't worry, Helena. You have me now. I will also have a word with Austin."

"What is the point, Kevin? He doesn't need me and he made it clear."

"If he doesn't love you anymore, then why did he name his daughter Elena? Also, I would've listened to you if you had moved on with your life. You didn't. You are still stuck with him and if that's not enough, he has a son, whom he doesn't know about."


"No, Helena. He has to know. Damien needs a father. Austin might want nothing to do with you, but he has to fulfill his duties as a father to his son and I will see to that, " Kevin vowed.

Helena sighed and nodded her head in defeat. Kevin was right. Damien has asked for his father and he deserved a father. She had no hope with Austin and she didn't know if she could see him as her old farm boy Austin again.

Probably not.

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