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Five weeks later...

Life has a pretty cruel way of playing with the people and their lives. It takes the life of an innocent while letting the serial killers and rapists live longer than they should be. Good people are always at the receiving end of the karma while people doing bad deeds roamed free of its clutches.

Jessika silently wiped the tears that were rolling past her pale cheeks. She couldn't feel the taste of the soup she was eating. Her body was numb with the number of painkillers coursing through her veins at the moment. She blinked when someone wiped her fresh tears and she looked up at the blurring image of her sister-in-law, who held a box of tissue with her lips set in a thin line.

"I'm sorry that you had to go through this, " Helena muttered softly.

Jessika nodded with no words forming at the moment. She herself was trying to come in terms of how things escalated in her case. One night she was sleeping peacefully beside Kevin and her sons, then, all she remembered was the excruciating pain in her lower abdomen that woke her up.

Her memory of what happened was still fuzzy and her head reeled when she tried to move. Even a slow-motion caused nausea and she preferred to stay silent for the first time she vomited.

It was not pleasant and maybe she forgot the time she went through cesarean. Actually, she had forgotten the pain of C-section when she looked at the eight pairs of arms and legs kicking in the crib next to her.

She could live through the pain and discomfort, but what she learned from the doctor hurt her the most. Jessika swallowed the sob when a slight pain started in her lower belly. It also reminded her of what she had lost and she let out a single sob.

Her cyst had worsened despite taking medicines and one of the cysts had ruptured resulting in the excruciating pain. She was rushed to the emergency at night and when the doctor operated her, they found a few more life-threatening complications and had to remove her uterus along with her ovaries.

Though she knew it was a possibility and she wouldn't be able to conceive again, it was difficult to digest when it happened. To be honest, she was never prepared. Kevin was with her throughout the ordeal and her heart broke further when he cried and broke down in front his sister who flew down on receiving the news.

Helena was friendly and took care of her like a sister she never had before. She had never met the one she shared the womb with. Claire visited during the day and Helena was there throughout the day and night along with Kevin. Her boys were staying with Claire at the moment.

"Jessika, I can only imagine how difficult this situation is for you. Kevin told me how much you loved children and you wanted a huge family for yourself, " Helena started.

Jessika stared at the Crimson colored soup before her as her muddled brain processed the words Helena spoke.

"God has given you two beautiful boys. Also, you can always adopt if you want more children. You need to come out of this for the sake of your boys and Kevin. It will not be easy, but we are all here for you." Helena said, with a gentle squeeze on her hands.

Jessika nodded, not trusting the words at the moment. Her mind wandered towards her pregnant twin and that gut instinct was back once again.

"Did Kevin say anything about my sister?" She croaked.

Helena sighed. "Kevin believes that Ethan has her under his control. She was seen at public events only twice in the past five weeks. She looked distant and minus her signature smile. Though Ethan blames it on her pregnancy, Kevin doubts it to be something else."

"She's trapped, " Jessika said weakly and pushed the half-eaten soup

that your sister is in Canada."

Ashley perked up at that information, she didn't know if she wanted to hear more.

"She's got twins and is reunited with Kevin."


This little information increased her tension double fold. It meant that it was only a matter of time before Ethan took care of her.

"Ethan doesn't know yet, " Robert replied as he dressed up.

Ashley frowned in confusion. What was he trying to prove?

"Well, as of now it's only me who has this information. I want Ethan to finish a few deals for me before I release the information to him."

"Why are you telling me this?"

"I thought you may wanted to know."

Ashley swallowed. Robert was saying her days are being counted. Would I end up six feet under the earth?

"Look, I know you are not here by choice. I tried to buy you off his hand, the bastard wouldn't relent. He is holding to you as if you are a trophy."

Bile rose in Ashley's throat as she processed the information. Her heart raced as she looked up at Robert. Why was he telling her all this? Why did he try to buy her off? Was her condition that bad?

"Why?" She blurted out.

Robert shrugged and put the gun in its holster. "I may be a bad man, but I believe a real man doesn't hit a woman. I know of Ethan's abusive ways. I thought I could at least try to get you out of this place alive."

A sob left Ashley's throat, and she drew her knees closer to her chest, hugging herself. "I made a bad choice."

"I know." He nodded. "I can't do much for you. Anyway, if you have an emergency, use this, " Robert said, tossing a burner phone on the bed. "Don't leave. He's got heavy surveillance around the mansion."

Ashley took the phone and thanked him as more tears flowed. The phone provided her with a hope she needed.

"Don't do anything rash. Eat and stay healthy, you will need all the energy for what is going to come, " he warned and Ashley nodded.

Ashley locked the door behind Robert and hurried towards her closet to hide the phone. A few minutes back, she had close to zero percent hope left and now she had a freaking phone in her hand. She was not sure if she wanted to trust Robert. However, he was the only hope she had at this moment.

She thanked Ethan for introducing Robert to her. Now, she will have to wait and plan her escape. Where would I go? She could go to Jessika, the question here was, how?

Ashley believed Ethan's threat wasn't a bluff. He meant every word he said.

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