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Ashley stretched her sore limbs as she got comfortable in her bathtub. Robert visited every week and her life in Ethan's mansion for the past five weeks has not improved.

The phone lines including her mobile were monitored. Ethan's parents came over twice for dinner and Ethan had put up a good show in front of them. He informed them that her doctor has advised her to take proper rest during the initial months of pregnancy as she was weak and her morning sickness was getting worse. Sadly, his parents seemed to believe that.

When she tried to hint Mrs. Fulton, Ethan intervened, squeezing her forearm in warning. Once they left, he hit her again and told her he won't tolerate any mistakes again. He took a knife and carved a line on the porcelain skin on her back as a reminder for her to never forget.

She couldn't leave the mansion, except for the doctor's appointment and a few parties, where Ethan had a tight leash on her. His warning rang in her head, throughout their time outside. "For each time your smile falters during our time outside, I will add up to this, " he had threatened her, pointing at the scar which has healed behind her back.

Ashley sighed and laid her head on the side of the bathtub, tears welled in her eyes as memories flooded her mind. Today was her birthday, and she had no one to wish her birthday or celebrate it. Ethan at least used to wish her birthday in the past five years and this day she was glad he didn't add up to her scar.

She avoided him as much as possible and fortunately, for her he was always busy with his business and when he was free, he brought his whores to the mansion. Ashley sighed and let the tears fall free, the weight she felt in her heart didn't seem to lessen with the tears. The silence was killing her. She had no one to talk to, no one to rely on.

Ashley recounted her childhood as she laid there, her body shook with occasional sobs as each memory assaulted her.

She had won a quiz for her school in a state level competition and her entire school applauded at her victory. Little Ashley's eyes swept through the cheering crowd and her expression fell when she noticed none of her parents presents there.

Maybe they were busy.

She raced towards her home to show her mommy the new shiny trophy she had won. She looked for her mom in the kitchen, living room and the bedroom. When she couldn't find her anywhere, she went to a place behind their home where her mother went for a smoke.

What she saw froze her to the floor. Her mom was bent forward as a man banged against her and her mom screamed her hair messy and the clothes discarded on the ground.

No neighbors would know what went on here as their home was isolated from the others. A jolt of fear shot through her body as her naked mother screamed louder, and she sprinted forward, hitting and biting at the man's leg.

"Leave my mom alone. Help!"

Ashley flew backward and crashed into the mud floor, dark spots clouded her vision as she was pulled up by her hair. Pain shot through her skull as whoever pulled her up wanted to cause the pain. Her lips bled from where she hit the ground, dirt, and blood coating her mouth.

She shrieked and tried to kick the person when they threw her again to the floor. Her breath was knocked out of her lungs when she felt something hard connecting with her ribs. Ashley screamed and heard her mom's scream in the distance as darkness clouded her vision.

It was not until later she found out it was her own mother who assaulted her. The same mother she tried to save from the bad man assaulted her for interrupting

asure in her own sister's pain by aiding Ethan. When they found out Jessika was hospitalized, she stayed at her home for a week, pretending to be her.

To be honest, it only further enraged her. Jealousy burned within her and she wanted Jessika to suffer the way she had been suffering all these years. While she lived with her abusive mother and non-caring father, Jessika lived with her adopted parents. She never had to worry about men harassing her.

Ashley shook her head clearing her thoughts. The logical part of her brain said what she thought about her sister was wrong. She made all the wrong choices and there was no one she could blame, the past few weeks had taught her that.

She took a shuddering breath as another violent sob wracked her body. Ashley wanted to end her life to save herself from the miseries, but she couldn't bring herself to pull that damn blade across her veins. The thought of her innocent unborn stopped her from doing something drastic and she only hoped that she found a way out.

The water grew colder and her body shivered. She got out of the tub and dried her body using a clean towel. Her eyes found her image in the mirror as a determination set in. Her pruned hands caressed her belly which was now showing.

Ashley turned the TV on and set it on a random movie channel. It felt good and comforting to hear voices.

It's never too late. A dialogue caught her attention, and she continued to watch the movie. It was about a couple who were trapped somewhere. They were trying to escape, and the husband was comforting his wife, who was wounded.

Ashley's hand went to her belly again. If she let anything happen to the baby, then there was no difference between her and her mother. She might not have a good upbringing, but the consequences where all due to the choices she had made. If she had used, the chances well and had pursued her education, she would have been working in a corporation with a handsome pay.

She was not a coward. She survived in this world for thirty-three years and she will survive this. Maybe she could escape. All she has to do was to wait for the right time and keep planning.

Her mind kept reeling as she thought about what she could do. A ghost smile lit up on her face as she realized that Ethan hadn't blocked the internet access to her. She still had free Wi-Fi access and she could do a lot without him noticing.

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