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Ashley sat in the spacious bathtub. Her eyes stared at the pristine tiles without an emotion. She had scrubbed her skin until it turned red and raw. She didn't know how she felt, not anymore.

Was her future going to be just like her mother? What if she is carrying a girl, will her future be the same?

After last night Ashley thought if she wanted the baby. She didn't want a girl and for the first time, she felt something for the unborn.

What did the child do to deserve such unworthy parents? Was this how her mom felt if she felt something for them at all? If she had felt something for us would she ever put one of them for adoption?

Robert was surprisingly gentle, better than Ethan even at that. He kept her awake for most of the night, but never once did anything which she didn't want to.

At first, she was scared. Especially, when he removed the gun from its holster and placed it on the head table. He had tied her hands to the headboard before removing her clothes, making her bare to his eyes. He took his time with her body and savored every inch of her skin, bringing her to ecstasy several times. Though she hated it, she could feel herself longing for his touch after a few minutes and she hated herself for it.

What did you expect? Her conscious scolded.

She was a stripper before she met Ethan. She hooked up with several men, but never once for money. After meeting Ethan she left everything behind and the luxury had blinded her common sense. It took five years and a night with Robert Dane for her to realize what she had gotten herself into.

She never once had thought Ethan would do something like this. She expected him to do something outrageous to get rid of her, she never imagined that he would pimp her out like this.

A single tear slipped past her cheeks, falling into the water. Ashley wiped her eyes absent-mindedly and noticing the water has turned cold, she got out and dried herself with shaky hands.

What will Ethan do today? She wondered as she proceeded into her room and almost jumped out her skin when she noticed Ethan sitting on her bed. Ashley swallowed as he beamed at her sight, just like he did when they were in public.

"Ashley, you did a great job last night and Robert was more than pleased, " he announced.

She lowered her eyes to her feet. Her perfectly manicured toenails looked interesting all of a sudden. She wiggled her toes, admiring its beauty and tried to tune him out.

"Now you did what I wanted with no fuss, I will grant you a week of freedom."

She looked up at his face with a small frown. What did he mean by a week?

"You are not to leave this mansion without me and if you had any other appointments, one of my men will accompany you all the time. Robert will be back next week, you keep him happy and I will keep you happy."

Ashley swallowed as her eyes brimmed with tears.

"You can go anywhere you want inside the compound. All the phone lines are tapped, including your mobile. So, don't try anything funny."

She stood staring at his retreating form with a dumbfounded expression. She was under house arrest and she could do nothing about it.

"Oh, and when I say try nothing, I mean it. You see, this is not the first time I had to deal with people like you. Mess with me one more time and I'll make sure you rest with the others in my garden, " he said, giving a wicked grin.

Ashley gasped as his words registered in her brain. Did he admit to having killed someone?

Her legs gave out when he le

it was a part of his life and he can never deny what he had with Helena. Just when he thought he had everything, the fate ripped his Erin from him, leaving his daughter and him to fend for themselves.


Jason looked at his daughter with a startled expression when she wiped his tears.

"You are thinking about mommy, " she stated.

Jason nodded and munched on the cookies. A sad silence filled the room as Elena drank her share of milk in silence.

"You know, Mrs. Jenkinson said mommy is still with us. She said mommy has become an angel and is watching over us, " Elena whispered.

"Yes, she is, " Jason agreed.

"Can we watch a movie?" Elena asked, her eyes full of hope.

"Sure, honey."

Jason watched as Elena hopped off the stool and ran towards their living room, the sound of the TV resonated across their home after a few seconds.

Seeing Elena brought back the memories of Helena. She was the reason he lost everything in the first place, his father, his budding career as a football player. He remembered what Kevin said, her father blackmailing her. Even if she was innocent, there was nothing more to discuss. He had moved on, he fell in love again and living peacefully with his daughter.

He didn't know if he can fall in love with anyone else. There was a void when Helena left him, a void which Erin filled up with her love. If there was one person he didn't want to meet again it was Helena. His heart squeezed uncomfortably inside his chest at her memory.

Did she love me? Was Kevin telling the truth she hasn't moved on yet? Should I agree to his proposal? What will happen to my company?

Thousands of his staff will lose their job if he were to shut down. He had exhausted the loans and the banks were pressing him to pay his debts. There was no way he could arrange that amount of money. Kevin was right, he had no other option.

Are my pride and ego worth losing all I have now? How am I supposed to provide a better life for Elena if I lost this business?

Grudgingly, he swallowed his pride, he pulled his phone out and messaged Kevin. "I will meet Helena. One hour."

"Thank you, " Kevin's reply came immediately.

Throwing the phone across the kitchen table, Jason stomped out of the kitchen and into the living room. He held his daughter close as they watched the movie Brave.

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