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Jessika lifted her head to see Nate and Noah, standing at the foot of their bed. How did they sneak in? She didn't even hear the door being opened.

"Hey... can't sleep?" She asked, getting up from the bed.

"Yes, " they replied in unison. Their posture hesitant. Though they were small, they understood that their parents needed some alone time. Jessika had noticed them eying each other before approaching her or Kevin if they were together.

"Okay, come here, " she said, patting the empty side of the bed. There was enough space for all four of them.

"Is it okay if we sleep with you, dad?" Noah asked, surprising Kevin.

"Why would you ask like that?" Kevin exclaimed.

"James said now you are back we have to sleep alone in our room and we should not disturb you often. James and Sharon have a separate room in their house, though it's not this big, " Nate reasoned and Kevin relaxed.

He had learned that he was a father of two boys not so long ago and he didn't think how his presence would affect his sons. They never knew him as a person, and it was natural for them to maintain a distance.

"Come here, " he called. Nate and Noah climbed on the bed without hesitation this time and settled beside their dad. "Next time, don't ask. I am your dad. I know I was absent in your lives for so long, but I will change it." He promised.

"Okay." The boys replied in unison as they cuddled with their parents.

I will improve my relationship with them. Being a father did not come overnight but he would try.

Jessika squeezed his hands as she gave him an assuring smile. Kevin nodded as he kissed his sons good night before pecking her lips. Kevin fell asleep that night thinking about several ways to make it up with his sons.


She ambled through the corridors of the huge mansion enjoying the rich interiors. It was what she always wanted—a huge mansion and a rich boyfriend who could afford everything.

Her black heels clicked on the granite floors, a sound she loved way too much. The purple short dress she wore clung to her zero sized figure accentuating her round breasts and firm butt.

She smiled at the thought of her boyfriend turned fiancée. Who wouldn't like Ethan? He was hot and every single girl wanted a piece of him. It was her luck she met him and they clicked. Though he used her with a motive of revenge, she enjoyed their time together.

When it became obvious that he was drifting away from her hold, she had to keep him forever. She drugged him and slept with him several times until she fell pregnant. He was furious when he found out, but she shrugged saying she was drunk and it was his duty to take care of the protection, which she hid somewhere.

That son of a bitch had never forgotten to use the protection and insisted her on taking birth control pill. He forced her to abort the child, so she approached his parents, who were ecstatic about their grandchild.

Ethan had to suck up and propose to her in front of his family. She was just coming home after meeting the designer for her elegant wedding gown. He might not love her, but she won't let him off the hook. It won't be that easy.

When he confronted her later, she laughed in his face saying that the media would love to find out the secrets he hid all too well with her twin sister out of the picture. Oh, yes… her sweet twin.

Her parents p

t soon scurried out of his office without another word.

Just wait until I find her, Ashley.

Ethan scowled and emptied the contents of the cup in one swing, grimacing as the bitter liquid burned his insides.

When he met Jessika for the first time, he wanted her for himself. She was a sweet innocent virgin and he couldn't wait to deflower her. When his usual antics didn't work with her, he convinced her to accept him as her friend, working his way up.

Kevin had to ruin everything by becoming a good Samaritan. He couldn't forget how she felt against him on that day at the party. She was so soft, her skin tasted so good at his mouth. He wanted her, wanted her all to himself.

What started as a challenge has soon become an obsession. He couldn't rest until he had her. Kevin has been always with her afterward making it impossible for him to approach and he wanted to kill Kevin when he married Jessika.

Ethan was looking for someone to spend a night with and hit a stripper club. He couldn't believe his eyes when he first saw Ashley. He thought he was hallucinating and the drugs he consumed were playing tricks.

Next morning, when he sobered up, he found out it was a girl who looked like Jessika and since then he went to her every day. Screwed her as he imagined it was Jessika.

When the opportunity presented itself, he played the right card and separated Jessika from Kevin. It was when he kissed Jessika he realized what he was missing. The way her lips felt against him, he never felt that way before.

Though Ashley and Jessika looked alike, there was nothing similar between them. He noticed the dissimilarities more, but kept her close so Kevin would never go back to Jessika. After all these years, he had found out that Jessika moved to Canada.

It was only a matter of time before he found her and wooed her again. Knowing Jessika she would never look up Kevin on the internet or news. She had a fragile heart and she would never look, fearing she might see him with another woman.

He will have to get rid of Ashley soon before she went to the media. Ethan knew she would do anything to keep the luxurious life she had gotten used to. He poured another glass of whiskey for himself as he thought about a way out.

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