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Tension clung thick in the air as they sat in the living room sipping the cold juice, waiting for someone to start the conversation.

"Max, Kevin said you followed me for a week. How could you be so foolish and not tell the difference between me and her? I thought you knew me well, " Jessika began. "You could have at least called me before you jumped to some conclusion, " she accused, hurt evident in her tone.

Max looked at her ashamed. He couldn't believe his eyes yet, they looked so similar.

"I apologize Jessi. Before I followed your tail, I went to your home for old time's sake. Thought of speaking to you and see what was going on. But you looked so innocent then I almost felt guilty for even suspecting you in the least."

"You came to our home?" Jessika asked surprised.

"Yes. When I came home, you greeted me like every other time, gave me my favorite drink and talked how much you missed Kevin. You complained how he was always away on business trips and were not answering any of your calls."

"Max, I was not at home for a month."

"It's hard to believe, Jessi. I did not even doubt for a second it was someone else, the way you or your doppelg?nger behaved, talked was no different. Hell, I am still confused and because you are in front of me is the only reason I believe."

Jessika swallowed, all the new details only added up to her confusion.

"Were there any servants when you came?"

"No, I saw no one. When I asked you said you have sent them on a paid leave, just wanting to be alone for a while and at that moment I suspected nothing, " Max started.

"Once I left your mansion, I waited in my car outside and followed you. I couldn't contain my shock when I found out you were meeting up with Ethan. Then every day for a week, I was following you, taking photos and collecting required information."

Jessika still couldn't believe how they could fool Max.

"Kevin, how is this even possible? Is plastic surgery that effective?" Jessika questioned.

"I do not understand, " Kevin answered.

"I did a background check on your doppelg?nger and there is nothing I could find. Her driving license, passport, ID everything is in your name. We don't have permission or resources to dig deeper than that, but I am trying to pull strings through some contacts. We need to find out when and how she made that up, " Max explained.

"Oh god, this is more messed up than I thought, " Jessika murmured.

"What about your family, Jessi? Do you have any sisters or cousins, who look like you?" Max questioned after a while.

"I don't know, Max. I was adopted and never knew who my real parents were. When my adopted parents died, I inherited a small sum they had in the bank. We lived in a rented house and me being only fourteen during their death, I had to go to a foster home." Jessika answered with a distant look, her mind was in turmoil.

Was it possible?

"That's a good point, Max. I think we need to find out about her real family then. For all we know, it could be someone related to her, " Kevin piped in.

"I also want you to check on certain things, Max. I gave a check worth two billion dollars as a divorce settlement to my father. Jessika says she never got that money and also my company had blacklisted her name."

"Though I know who did it, I need proof. Also, as you already know I met my sister and after speaking to her I have

ng else you know. At least we can cuddle, " he whined.

"I don't want to cuddle today. Not when you look delectable like this, " Jessika gasped at her outburst. A deep blush crept across her cheeks as she realized what she said. How could she behave like this? So much had happened over the years, yet she seemed to forget everything when he was near.

"I think I have a perfect solution for that."

"What solution?"

"Come here, my dear wife. Let me show you."

"I am not your wife. You divorced me, remember?"

Kevin groaned, "I very much plan to rectify that status and do you have to bring that up?"

"I will bring it up whenever I want to, for the rest of our lives."

"And I will make it up to you for my foolishness, " he said covering her lips with his.


The next morning, Jessika woke up to the sound of utensils clanging from the kitchen. Kevin was so loud and it looked like he hadn't perfected his skill of making as little noise as possible for cooking.

"What are you up to?"

"Making pancakes, " he replied whisking the batter.

Jessika hummed noticing the plates already loaded with sausage and eggs.

"I will wake the boys, " she said, giving him a quick peck and trotted towards her sons' bedroom.

She smiled when she noticed them sleeping in the same bed, cuddled together.

"Hey, " she shook them. "Rise and shine boys… Dad has made your favorite eggs and sausages, " she cooed.

The mention of food seemed to wake them up faster than anything else. Ushering them to the washroom, she busied herself in bathing them and brushing their teeth.

"Breakfast is ready!"

Kevin hollered from the kitchen by the time she dressed them up.

"Come on, go to the kitchen. I will be back in a few minutes, " she said heading to the room she shared with Kevin to shower.

Her family was complete with Kevin here and not once in her dreams did she think he would come back to her. There were many times she had daydreamed about their reunion and all her problems, vanishing into the thin air.

Though the problems have increased, she felt okay with Kevin here. She sighed in utter bliss when the warm water cascaded around her naked body distracting her from her thoughts.

I will worry about the future later.

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