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Jessika sat on the small couch with her sons watching cartoon that was being telecasted. Her mind was in turmoil and her head pounded with all the thinking. The events of her past kept playing in her mind.

Kevin was out of town for two months and she was at the hospital for one month. His parents visited her in the hospital one day but Jacob blamed her when she confronted him later. As for the two billion dollars, Jacob never spoke a word about the money.

If someone had access to their home apart from them it was his parents. Again, no one knew the code to the locker except for Kevin and her. Jacob never wandered past their dining room.

Who would have done it?

Though some incidents pointed towards Jacob, there was no proof. He will have some come back for the two billion dollars he never gave her but as for the files, it was still a mystery.

When they broke up, Kevin told her that Max followed her for a week while she was at the hospital the entire time. How? It was possible only if the doppelg?nger stayed at their home and only Jacob had the key apart from her.

She couldn't believe Jacob would do anything with Ethan, but the old bat never liked her. What if he was the one behind this all?

She remembered how there was no servant or security when she came back after a month.

"Kevin!" She ran towards the kitchen at the moment the thought rammed her brain.

"What is it? Are you okay? Are you in pain or feeling dizzy again?" His panicked voice melted her heart, and she shook her head in reply.

"Kevin, I think Jacob helped Ethan."

Kevin froze at her words, his eyes looking intently at her.

"Trust me, Kevin. Only Jacob had a spare key to our home, and you said Max followed me for a week. If he followed me from home, then this girl who is pretending to be me must have stayed there." She said wanting him to see her point.

"I'm listening." He gritted his teeth. Her stomach knotted on seeing the anger in his eyes.

"Your parents visited me at the hospital. They knew I was sick. Then when I came back from the hospital, there was no security or the servants at home, they were not there the day after either. Our security Jake was the one who drove me to the hospital that day and our housekeeper Kelly was the one to find me sick. Where did they go?" She swallowed fearing his outburst.

Kevin breathed hard and clenched his fist trying to control the anger that pulsated within his veins.

Kevin remembered meeting the new staff when he came home after the divorce and he never thought of questioning the change before. He assumed that Jessika had recruited the new staff. He was not even there for most of the time or did not care to notice when the change had occurred.

"When I went home, there was a new staff, and I assumed you must have replaced the old employees, " he frowned. The things got even more confused with new revelations.

"My father ruined my sister's life, " he stated now looking into her eyes.

"What?!" She knew of Helena though not met her in person.

"He filed a false charge on her boyfriend, made her break up with him and sent him to jail. That was why she left it first place."

"Oh my god Kevin, that's—that's terrible, " she said placing a hand over her mouth to cover the inaudible gasp.

"Tell me about it. Come here, " he said pulling her into his embrace. "I am so confused Jessi, my head feels like it will explode. I am glad to have you back after all this time. I am angry and feel betrayed."

Jessika sighed and snuggled close to his chest, enjoying the warmth radiated from him. "I am confused too. I am not sure if I have to be angry or sad."

"Hm… I think I prefer to follow something you said. Let it c

wledge of their residents. It's pretty safer this way and they have 24/7 security here, " Max explained when the buildings came into view.

The small community had four residential buildings, and it looked safer than her old neighborhood with a huge concrete wall with an iron fence on top, there were security cameras on each corner. Only the residents were allowed past the security at the gate and each resident had to swipe their key-card at the entrance.

The evening air was crisp against their skin when they climbed out of the car and walked into the building.

"This way, " Max said leading the way once they exited the serene elevator. "Here, " he handed a key to Jessika and stood aside for her to open the apartment was on the fifth floor in 'B' block.

Jessika opened the door as Noah and Nate bounced on their feet. They were the first to race inside and the boys' infectious enthusiasm caught up to Jessika as she strutted behind them taking in the simple yet elegant interiors of the apartment.

Max's team had done a lot within the small time frame.

"Mommy, look!"

She followed the boys' voice to a nearby room and halted in her tracks. Her jaw dropped as she looked around their room. Posters of their favorite cartoons decorated the wall and two cars shaped beds sat in the center of the room, with matching blankets and pillows.

There were many toys and even a drawing board on one side of the wall. "This is beautiful, " she whispered. "How did you know they liked these cartoon characters?"

"They were watching cartoons today, and I asked them what they liked, " Kevin who was watching their reactions answered.

Noah and Nate busied themselves with the new toys as Kevin led her to see the other parts of the house. It was a three-bedroom apartment with a huge living room, dining room, and a spacious kitchen. Each room had an en-suite bathroom with a bath.

It was smaller than their mansion in Chicago but Jessika loved it. The apartment had a warm homey feeling. The refrigerator was stocked, and she didn't think she will have to do a grocery shopping for next two weeks.

"Kevin, it's time we discussed the details, " Max stated.

"Yes. There are certain things we missed earlier. Jessi, why don't you join Max while I get juice for us?"

"Sure." Jessika nodded, her gut clenching.

She had questions for Max too. He was Kevin's best man and pretty much existent in all their family affairs. Max should have known better.

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