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Kevin's hands shook as he reached for the photos. The boys looked at him without batting their eyelashes. Photos of their happiest memories one after the other occupied the box, the mere sight of them warming his heart. The small gifts and cards he gave her when they dated was inside.

"You are crying."

Noah reached with his small hands wiping a lonely tear while Nate climbed on the bed and hugged his neck from behind. Jessika who came inside froze for a second when her eyes landed on the box. Noah and Nate looked guilty with a sheepish smile stretching across their lips.

With a sigh, she shook her head, "How many times do I need to tell you not to take this box? How did you find this, anyway?"

"But mommy we wanted to show him the photos, " Noah answered with a small pout.

"We know how to look at the photos now and then when you think we are sleeping, " Nate added.

Jessika swallowed without responding to them. Her sons were clever and no matter how much careful she was, they were always good at sniffing out the things she tried to hide.

"How did she open the door? I thought you locked it, " Nate whispered to Noah.

"I did, " Noah argued.

Jessika showed them a spare key, and they looked at her with a scowl. "All right now, why don't you guys watch some TV? I have to talk to your dad here." She said packing the box away, placing it back in the closet.

Kevin who was a silent spectator looked at her, waiting for her to start as the boys sprinted out of the door.

"I told them you were away at work. That you are a busy man and will come back one day when you had time for us. I didn't have the guts to tell them we were not together. Not when they looked at the other children playing with their fathers with a longing. They always asked why their dad was not there with them, " she whispered.

"Every day they asked why their dad didn't speak to them. I lied to them saying you called while they were asleep. That you worked in some other country. I bought them toys telling them you send it to them. I bought Christmas presents and put it under the tree with your name." She pushed the strands of her hair behind her ears as she continued to speak.

"Though I knew there was no chance of us being together again, I didn't want to break the dreams of our sons. I grew up without my parents and I could understand their longing. My lies about their father made them happy."

She didn't at him while saying this. She was leaning against the closet with her eyes staring at the wall above his head.

"A part of me hoped, maybe if you knew, you might want to be a part of their lives and another part of me was afraid that you will take them away from me out of spite."


Their moment was interrupted when his mobile rang. "I need to take this, " he told her. "No, stay please it's just Max, " he said again when she tried to leave the room.


"Kevin, the team noticed paparazzi in the area. The Jessika in the papers is pregnant. Somehow the media has found out you are in Canada, and followed you here."

"What?! Max no one should know about this."

"I know. Instead of booking a hotel room like you said

. He has suffered as well and it would be better if they took time to work this out together. It was not good to let their hurt feelings get the best out of them.

"Kevin, it's hard to grasp everything but I think it's better if we let it cool for a while and talk again some other time. It's too much to process, " she said rubbing her forehead to ease a headache that has started, her voice cracked with several emotions bouncing in her brain.

"Why don't you lie down for a while or watch TV? I will cook us lunch, " he got up and offered her his hand.

"TV would be nice. I don't want to sleep now and I don't think I will be able to with all this new information, " she chuckled with no humor.

"All right then, " he smiled as he supported her off the bed.

Kevin opened the refrigerator, his mood fell when he noted the contents inside.

She had milk, cheese, bread, bacon, few eggs, a piece of chicken breast, few carrots and tomatoes. The contents were not enough to make a proper lunch for the adults.

He blamed himself for letting her live like this. Wiping the tears that had already gathered in his eyes, he set out to make a sandwich with the available ingredients.

I will make it up to you my love.

His mind wandered back to the days when they used to cook together. Jessika always surprised him with different dishes. He learned to cook a few dishes from her and it was when she lost the baby for the third time, he cooked for her.

He remembered how she refused to eat food and he would have to coax her to take one bite. After a while she ate the food only if it was cooked by him, she used to swallow the food without chewing just because he made it for her.

There was nothing for dessert and he let it slide for the moment. There was no time for grocery shopping and with what Max told him, it was not a good idea for him to wander outside. This will have to do for now.

He pulled out his phone and messaged Max to arrange for tonight's dinner. He knew his team would take care of the arrangements when they shifted tomorrow, so he didn't bother with that.

Time for lunch.

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