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Jessika was confused when the fog surrounding her brain cleared.

She tried to remember why they were both crying. But there was nothing she could remember much, no harsh words spoken, no fights. All she could remember was the pain of betrayal in his eyes, his eyes that held unshed tears as he accused her of cheating.

For a moment she only remembered how much she missed him all these years until a memory flashed in her mind, his threat to ruin her life, make her regret what she did. How he blacklisted her name and made sure no one hired her for a job.

With a heavy heart, she pushed on his chest and looked up to face him. "What are you doing here?" Her voice cracked at the mere sight of him.

Oh, how much she missed him.

"Claire called, " he whispered still not releasing her from his embrace.

"So, what if she called? Why did you come?" It was supposed to sound angry, instead, it sounded as if she complained. The small pout on her lips made him chuckle.

"The truth is….. Ah… well, when I heard Claire at first I did not believe. But then, she sent me your photo, and I wanted to see it myself. I couldn't brush it off and continue to work."

"Are you going to take them away from me? Is that why you are here?" Jessika hiccuped trying to control the sob that threatened to escape her throat.

Her question had him frown in confusion. Did she think he was here to take away the kids?

"What? No, I am not here for them. Well, I am here for them but not to take them away." He sighed releasing her so she could lie down. There were so many things to ask, clarify, figure out certain things.

"You never answered my calls, never responded to my emails. Why come now?"

"What are you talking about? I received no calls or emails from you." He responded as he covered her with a blanket before taking a cup of water from the side table and raising it to her lips.

"Liar. I called you more than a hundred times before and after signing the divorce papers, " she hissed with a new anger.

This information only seemed to confuse him more. What was she talking about? He received no emails or calls from her. If she had called his secretary would have informed him. He never blocked her.

"Drink this first. I am sure I received no calls or emails from you. I never blocked you, Jessi."

Her eyes narrowed as her mind processed what he said, she took a mouthful of water swallowing it. An involuntary sigh left her mouth as the heavenly water reached her intestines. She took the cup from his hands emptying the contents as she realized how thirsty she was.

"Stacey always said you were busy, " she whispered.


Kevin knew the girl well. She was his secretary before he recruited Maria. Stacey always tried to get his attention when she tried to step over the boundary he fired her and recruited Maria who was a professional in all sense.

"Jessi, there are things that happened without our knowledge. I am not sure how much you know, but I am so confused at the moment. We have a lot to talk about, " he said looking into her eyes.

"Not now, " he stopped her when she opened her mouth to ask more question. "We will talk once we go home. It's still too early and you should sleep."

Another wave of emotions washed over her when he mentioned home. He said home. Does this mean he wants her back?

"I am here now Jessi. I will be here when you wake up and we will talk. Just know I will not leave you again, not for anything in the world."

She wanted to trust him and she realized how much she loved him until now.



"Is there anyone in your life?"

Jessika chewed her lips as her heart thumped against

ir happy face and huge grins as they hugged him.

They knew. His eyes caught Jessika's who nodded once as if understanding his surprise.

"Daddy you are back!"

The boy on his left Noah or Nathan said. They were identical twins, and it was hard to tell which one was Nate and which one was Noah.

"Hey, " he greeted, his words failing as he held them in his embrace with unshed tears. A huge lump formed in his throat as he tried to speak.

"Tell us you are not leaving us again."

This time the boy on his right side demanded with a stern look.

"I won't, " Kevin answered with no hesitation. After this day he didn't think he will ever have the willpower of staying away from them.

"Noah and Nate, won't you take your dad inside?"

The boys grinned at Jessika's words. They dragged him into the home and to the small bedroom. The one on the left went to pull something from the draw on the head table while the other ran towards the closet.

"Nate, I need help."

So the boy on the right was Noah and left was Nate.

Kevin watched in amusement as Nate dropped the book he was taking from the draw and ran to his brother before kneeling down on all fours. Noah didn't bother to remove his shoes as he stepped on his brother's back before stepping onto the shelf and climbing on to the next until he reached the top.

Nate stood up once Noah's leg left his back, supporting his butt with his little hands as Noah placed one leg on his shoulder while the other was on the closet shelf, his hand searching for something on the top shelf with a concentrated look on his face. Kevin watched with a mix of amusement and pride as they worked as a team.

"Did you find it yet?" Nate asked as he looked up at his brother.

"No. I think she hid it again." Noah responded as he stood on his toes trying to reach further.

Kevin chuckled to himself as he approached the boys. He caught Noah and reached the top shelf, his hands finding a box, which was at the far end of the shelf.

"Is this what you boys are looking for?"

"Yes!" They yelled in unison as excitement bubbled within them.

As if realizing something, Noah ran to the door closing and locking it. Nate pulled Kevin to the bed and opened the box to reveal the contents kept inside.

Kevin's expression fell as he realized what it was. Inside the box were photos of him and Jessika—the ones they clicked during their happy times, their wedding photos, small gifts he had given her.

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