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Jessika couldn't sleep. She lay with her eyes closed as her friend sat on the chair beside her. When Claire told her she had spoken to Kevin, she panicked. She imagined the worst scenario possible and took it out on Claire, who stood there.

Claire didn't understand what she had done.

Though Claire said things would work out between them she couldn't help the foreboding stirring in her stomach. Kevin's threat of rang in her ears. She had nothing else to lose before, but now she had two sons.

What would I do if Kevin took them away from me?

She didn't want to let Claire know she was not asleep. Whatever Claire said was true. She didn't have enough money to go through the surgery. How would she feed her sons if she was to take bed rest and not go to work?

Jessika had no savings left. Whatever she saved before was all used at the times of hardships. She was planning to take additional part-time jobs and now she didn't know how to pull it off.

Her heart clenched as she thought about her situation. She had never felt this hopelessness before in her life. She spent next one hour thinking about all the options and dozed off when the medicines kicked in.


Kevin sat on his private jet, the foreboding gnawing at his guts.

"I have made all the arrangements. It this is a trap we will find out and deal with it, " Max said in a calm tone with a determined expression.

Max brought his team with him. Kevin once again pulled out his phone looking at the photo while Max went through the latest news about Jessika in the media. The woman in the photo looked like Jessika. Max had confirmed earlier that it was not a work of Photoshop.

"Max, can I borrow the laptop for a minute?"

"Sure. Here, take it."

He looked at the photo published in the gossip magazine again. There was a close-up shot which showed her zero model figure in a barely there bikini. Zooming in, his heart raced when he noticed her bare thighs.

Though they were not together anymore Max had a habit of saving any bit of information, he found online about her. It was easy to find the folder as it was open at the moment.

He browsed through the old photos one by one. He opened the bikini photos that exposed her long toned legs, checking for something only he knew about.

"What are you looking for?"

"Max, do you remember how careless and clumsy Jessika used to be?" He asked. "Once, she took a bad fall and sustained a severe cut right here on her right thigh, " he said pointing out the area of her inner thigh just a few inches below her bikini line in the photo. "It was so bad we had to stitch it up and to this day she carries the scar."

"They could have removed the scar in Photoshop." Max shrugged.

They could have. However, Kevin couldn't shake it off. He knew he was right, thinking about it Jessika has always been a healthy eater and she didn't care about the few extra pounds she gained.

His eyes found a photo which showed her exiting the gym. The Jessika in the photo looked like a model. His ex-wife hated any form of a workout. The maximum workout she did was cooking. She lost weight after losing their baby Grace.

Kevin couldn't help the smile that tugged at his lips at

s body stiffened when he heard her soft voice again. His eyes raised meeting with a pool of bluish gray ones.


He stood up closing the distance as he pulled her close. A violent sob racked her body, and she cried as she clutched him with her weak hand.

Kevin couldn't control his sobs either. His sobs joined hers as they wept together for what had happened to them. Their tears mingling with each other as their souls mourned for the past five years they'd lost.


Jessika couldn't believe Kevin had come. All those times when she tried to reach him, he never once answered his phone calls, never once responded to her emails until Jacob intervened.

Why did he come now?

She half expected him to shout at her or threaten her with new things when she woke up and realized it was him. He sat there clutching her hands, his head bent hiding his enthralling features from her vision. She contemplated on letting him know she was awake or fake her sleep.

When she noticed his body shaking with silents sobs, she called him. Once again she was taken surprise by and shocked to see his eyes read with tear stains clear on his cheek. One moment he looked at her with wide eyes and in the next he shot up from the chair pulling her close.

The enticing scent of his cologne clouded her senses, bringing back all the memory she shared with him. Her hands clutched his shirt as she buried her face further into his warm chest, inhaling his scent.

His familiar warmth surrounded her as a violent sob erupted within her, racking her entire body. She didn't care if they weren't married anymore. Once again, she felt his love blanketing her and she took all the comfort his touch offered.

When she heard his sobs, it broke her more. His breath fanned the crown of her head and she felt his warm lips pressing soft kisses on her skin as he mumbled sweet nothings.

Did he miss her like she did? Is that why he was crying?

His strong hands enveloped her in a hug and held her as he buried his face into her hair, rocking them. He always did that when she was upset and she clung to him like her life depended on it.

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