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When Jessika woke up in the morning, her mind was already planning the list of tasks to do for the day. Her boys were still asleep beside her as it was only six in the morning.

They will be asleep for another two hours so she had enough time to finish the chores. Grimacing at the mess they made, she set out to clean the room first. She always liked her things organized while Kevin didn't think twice before dropping his clothes on the floor.

Her heart dropped at the thought of Kevin, her one, and only love. She hadn't moved on. She couldn't. There were a few men interested in her and they even asked her out. She declined them though she knew there was no point in waiting for Kevin.

Did he move on?

Sometimes she wanted to go to Google and search him up, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. Just the thought of seeing him with another woman killed her from inside out.

Why Kevin? Why would you accuse me of something like that?

Then the face of Jacob flashed in her mind, the way he denied ever visiting her in the hospital, the hospital management denied that she ever admitted.

She was too numb at the time to think of anything. First, the complicated pregnancy then there was Kevin who accused her of cheating; the photos which he claimed were real.

Kevin even showed her the reports. Once she could think again, she took them to her college friend Taylor who worked as a photographer. Through someone, he knew they tested it and they were real.

Fate was merciless. It took her parents away and when she fell in love—it took that too. Her eyes watered and the tears flowed at the thought of their unborn daughter Grace.

She remembered how happy Kevin was on the day they found out it was a girl. He designed the nursery and bought everything he could think of. They spent hours decorating the nursery while Kevin cooed to his daughter and kissed her protruding stomach.

The day she lost the baby, a part of her was lost with her too. Kevin didn't allow her to see the little bundle they handed them. They buried a part of them with their daughter and the upcoming months tested their marriage.

She spent her days and nights inside the nursery crying over her bundle of joy, who was supposed to be safe inside her womb. Kevin was always there for her. He fed her, bathed and changed her, and held her when she cried.

It was when she took help from a doctor she showed improvement. She wiped her eyes as she finished folding the clothes. Placing them inside the closet out of the boys' reach her eyes found the box which held her memories.

A part of her wanted to close the door and go to the kitchen but another part of her longed to see his face once. She took the box with shaky hands and opened it revealing the photos and other things that held their happy memories.

The first photo was of her and Kevin. They casually hung out in their backyard. Her fingers skimmed over the photo tracing his happy smile, his hazel eyes crinkling as he looked straight at the camera, his hand hung over her shoulder, her eyes facing him instead of the camera.

It was his friend Max who clicked that picture. She continued to look at all the other pictures, each holding a precious memory which now felt like a dream.

Will she ever meet him again? What will he do when he found about the boys? What if he doesn't want to be a part of their life?

Her heart constricted as she remembered his father's threat.

"You are a trash, Jessika. A trash my son forgot to throw away. I am ashamed of my son's taste, " he spat when he came with the divorce papers next day.

"He should have discarded you like you were supposed to be, after he had his way with you. Instead, he brought the stray inside."

Her heart clenched at his harsh words as she hugged her waist fighting her shaky knees which threatened to give up any minute.

"You are a social climber. I warned him but he wouldn't listen. When you found out that Kevin was worth more than Ethan you ditched your old boyfriend. Ethan has told me all about you."

"Jacob I-I please..."

"It's Mr. Stanfield to you Ms. Smith. Sign these papers and leave this place by tomorrow evening. Or else I will make sure that these photos and videos go to every media out there, showing them your real face."

"But it-it's not me."

She sobbed like a mad woman as she tried to reason with him.

"Does it matter Ms. Smith? It's your face on the photos and everyone knows of your history with Ethan. Who do you think they will believe?"

He had a point there. The only proof was the hospital which already denied her claim. She sat on the floor not bothering to maintain her composure anymore as she begged Jacob one last time.

"Please... Mr. Stanfield you know I was at the hospital. Why would you lie to him?" She was desperate.

"Well, I visited you only once. But it looks like you fooled us with a fake illness and used that time to fool around with your boyfriend."

She didn't have a comeback on that. Her eyes blurred with more tears as he threw the papers at her and left without a second glance.

Next morning she left the home, taking only a few things she required her clothes, photos, and their memories. She left her diamond engagement ring in his draw but kept the simple platinum band he put on her finger, making her his.

A fat tear fell on the wedding band she still kept inside the box. Deciding it was too late she closed the box kee

ping it hidden from the boy's view she hurried off to the kitchen.

A wave of dizziness racked her body when she placed the last of the pancakes on the plate. Her hands clutched the kitchen counter as she took deep breaths waiting for the moment to pass.

Why did she feel so weak these days?

Unlike the other days, the dizziness did not pass. It seemed to consume her entire being as dark spots clouded her vision.

"Oh, my good lord!"

The panicking voice of Claire was all she heard as her body collapsed on the kitchen floor.


Kevin left Helena's apartment with a light heart. He never expected this day would be a good one.

After the initial awkwardness, they talked a lot, catching up with all the things they missed. They cooked lunch together and ended up watching their favorite movies, the same ones they used to watch when they were young.

Helena promised to keep in touch and he vowed to never let her leave like that again. He also looked to Austin and made a mental note to contact Max tomorrow.

The night was a torture again as Jessika's smile haunted his dreams, her happy giggles felt warm at first was until she turned around kissing Ethan like there was no tomorrow.

He cursed sitting up, no matter how much he asked his doctor wouldn't recommend sleeping pills to him. He advised that he will get addicted after some time and it was not good for health. Getting up he wobbled towards his bar in utter darkness, his hand sweeping the walls. He didn't bother to turn the lights on; even that little action reminded him of her.

Reaching for a bottle he opened and tipped the edge of chugging a few mouths full without a second thought. Kevin coughed as the whiskey burned down his throat without mercy and a familiar heat spread through his veins.

He carried the bottle back to his bed where he continued to drink not giving a damn about the hangover he will suffer the next day. Kevin drank until it lulled him to sleep.


Claire paced the hospital waiting room as the boys slept on the small couch, cuddled together, their eyes red and puffy.

Her husband and children left earlier than usual that morning so she went over to Jessika's house bit earlier. When she reached Jessika was standing in the kitchen, her hands clutching the kitchen counter in a death grip while her eyes rolled into her head before falling down.

Claire somehow broke out of her trance and reached Jessika just in time to save her head from hitting the hard floor. She took her and the boys to the hospital.

It has been almost an hour and the doctors have said nothing, except for asking her to wait. Noah and Nathan cried when they saw their mother unconscious. It took a hell lot of effort before she could convince them that Jessika was fine.

She rushed to the doctor's office when a nurse came informing her she could see him now. The boys clung to her as their eyes scanned the doctors' office in fear.

"Hello, I am Dr. Anderson. Please take your seat."

"How is Jessika?"

"She is fine as of now."

He drawled looking between the boy's and her, "may I know what your relationship with the patient is?"

"I am her neighbor, these are her twins. I look after them while she works."

"Their father?"

"Divorced, and she is a single mother."

He nodded and picked up the phone calling a nurse in.

"Why don't you take these little men outside to see their mom?"

Noah and Nathan went with the nurse at the mention of their mom as Claire swallowed. She knew she won't like whatever was coming up.

"Ms. Smith has an ovarian cyst which measures five centimeters. Also, she also has iron deficiency anemia."

Claire kept quiet as she processed the information waiting for the doctor to continue.

"I believe her ovarian cyst is pathological. We will have to remove the cyst and send it to the lab."

Claire closed her mouth with a hand to stop the sob from escaping her lips.

"It's common in women Ms. Lawrence. However, I suggest Ms. Smith takes proper rest and eats plenty of food, we need her healthy before we do this."

Claire, nodded dumbfounded as her mind reeled. She knew of Jessika's past, something she confessed in a drunken haze one night a few years ago.

She didn't know who her husband was. The kids carried a surname of Mr. Stanfield and there could be thousands of Stanfield's there. If one thing Claire knew it was that Jessika cannot do this alone.

Claire knew what Jessika was going through. She was even cutting down on her own meals to feed the boys. Looking at her situation Claire has decided not to take any payment from her to look after the boys anymore. She thought of telling that to Jessika later and with this new-found information Claire thought it's high time she contacted her friend's ex-husband.


Kevin was busy as usual when the call came in. His secretary said it was someone from Canada asking for him. He thought it was Jason's secretary when she said it was a woman.


"Mr. Kevin Stanfield?"

"Yes, speaking."

"This is Claire Lawrence from Canada and I have important information about your ex-wife and sons."

Kevin took a moment to register what he heard. He looked at the phone as if he could see the woman was on the other line.

"What do you want?" He gritted out.

"Jessika is ill and your sons need their father."

Kevin boomed with laughter at hearing the woman speak on the other line.

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