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Jessika sighed when she finished all her chores and put the boys in bed. Most of her energy was just drained by looking after the boys. The house was still messy which she didn't find time to clean. No matter how hard she tried to keep it neat and arranged, the boys always messed it up.

At present, her small living room was littered with toys. The boys didn't stop there. They had pulled out the entire closet out to build a tent while she was doing the dishes.

Jessika sighed looking at the pile of clothes that littered their bedroom floor. How was she supposed to fold that all? Her muscles ached and her body protested even a tiny movement.

Closing her eyes, she tried to think of something else other than the chores. There was no doubt she would end up wearing a crumpled cloth to work tomorrow.

Though Nathan was free of paint when she arrived, she had to spend half an hour scrubbing the dried paint off the walls. She couldn't expect Claire to do everything; she paid her only to look after the boys.

No matter how much exhausted she was or how much extra works the boys gave her, she loved them with all she got.

She still remembered all the hardships she went through when she was pregnant and forced to work. Considering her medical history and few complications she had during her pregnancy, it was only by some miracle she birthed the boys.

The twins, born three weeks premature and needed extra care for first six months, they were normal and grew up healthy. She still took extra care on everything she did for them.

She would go days without proper food, but never once let the boys starve. Soon she will have to look for another well-paid job or part-time job, which was the only way to manage the increasing day by day expenses.

Jessika let her eyes droop in hopes of a better tomorrow.


Helena paced her luxurious apartment as she contemplated on calling her baby brother.

She had just arrived from Milan and was irritated to find so many voice messages from her brother. He has been calling her for the past few years, trying to get in touch with her.

Thinking about their childhood she always adored him. It was his father who made her hate everything and everyone.

Kevin had nothing to do in whatever had happened, it was her father who shunned her. He didn't want to acknowledge her as his heir. He saw her more than a commodity than as a daughter.

Her mother was no better. She valued her wealthy friends than her own blood. They were the best examples for a dysfunctional family. The society didn't know about. They all cared about the limelight and the fame that came with it, while she saw through it all.

She listened to the message again. He sounded desperate. She knew about his marriage and divorce, how his social-climbing wife left him for someone better.

Her fingers dialed his number and a few seconds later his voice came online.

"Hello… um… Kevin…"


Wow… he still remembered her voice.

"Yes. Can you meet me tomorrow?"

"Sure. When and where?"

"My home, I will message you the address."

"Okay. See you then… Ah… Helena, thanks for calling."

"Um… okay. See you tomorrow."

She felt like a weight has lifted from her shoulders. Though they were not so close, they were the only sane people that lived under the roof of Stanfield's according to her. Her mobile beeped showing an email, reminding her off work.

These days the only thing that kept her sane was her work, something that helped her to numb the never-ending ache in her heart, she sighed as she got ready for work.


Kevin once again stumbled through the darkness reaching his room.

His body drained off energy after all the work. Next week he will have to go on another business trip. He hated this life, thinking about it, he never lived his life like the way he wanted to.

The call with Helena went well, and he looked forward to meeting her. Thoughts of Jessika once again haunted him as he battled with the memories until the exhaustion got the best of him.

Kevin woke up to the warm rays of sunlight. Looking at the clock he tensed as he was late for work. He couldn't believe he overslept, getting up he raced towards the washroom discarding the clothes from the previous night.

It was ten in the morning and he was getting late to meet Helena, he should have been there in half an hour. Being a Sunday, he didn't have to bother with the office work. Dressed up for the day, he hurried to the garage debating whether to take the driver with him.

The divorce had affected him. He avoided driving after he knocked over a garbage bin down the street. Reason—lost in his thoughts or wallowing in self-pity as he called it.

When he reached down, his driver Sam who was already there hurried towards the car opening the passenger seat for him. His debate seemed pointless as he got in without another word, muttering the address to Sam.

Kevin was a nervous wreck as Sam parked the car in front of Helena's apartment. He rubbed his sweaty palms on his pants before walking in.

Anxiety squeezed his chest as he pressed the button to her floor in the elevator. Soon he was in front of her door, once again debating when to knock or not, his hand frozen in mid-air as he tried to compose himself.

He almost turned to leave when the door opened wide showing his only sister Helena. Kevin swallowed as his hazel eyes met with a pair of pale green ones.

"Come in, " she chirped.

He nodded and went inside without another word. Her apartment was luxurious yet simple with beige coloured walls

and matching the carpet. A comfortable sectional sofa sat in the middle of the living room overlooking a flat-screen TV.

She led him to the kitchen which blanketed him with a warm, homey feeling. Kevin sighed as he occupied one chair and relaxed when the aroma of bacon, hash browns, and scrambled eggs wafted through his nose.



She handed him a plate before setting a cup of coffee, just the way he liked it, with cream and sugar.

She still remembered how he liked his coffee. The thought further warmed his heart.

Helena settled down on another chair with a plate and orange juice. Kevin ate relishing the food. It has been a while he had homemade breakfast.

"Thanks for meeting me, " he began.

"Helena, I'm sorry for whatever dad had done to you. I knew nothing until I came back and by then it was too late, you were gone."

Helena sighed with a nod. Meeting him after all these years stirred many emotions within her and she didn't think she could respond without breaking down.

The walls she had built all these years were shaking at the mere sight of her brother.

"It took almost two years to find your number, and I tried to meet you several times, but you never returned my calls, " Kevin said raking a hand through his light brown hair in a nervous gesture.


"Because, I-I believe you deserve the position more than me, " he stuttered. A part of him was afraid that she'll snap as he eyed her from his plate.

"I don't want that position, Kevin. I left all that behind me twelve years back, " she whispered.

"So how are you coping?" She asked popping the last piece of hash brown into her mouth. Its deliciousness exploded her taste buds helping her forget the tension.

"I don't want to do anything with business, " he blurted out sipping his coffee. "I never wanted it."

"I know, " she replied.

"If I had said no to our dad and moved on with my dreams, my family life would have survived."

Helena never met Jessika as she did not go to his wedding. She patted his back as she sat there. Her heart ached for her brother. Her maternal instincts kicked in as she scooted closer engulfing him in a one arm hug. She didn't expect him to open up about his personal life and didn't know how to comfort him.

"Will you come back, Helena? You know, to take over the company?"

Helena withdrew her hand as her stomach knotted at the question. She didn't expect that from him.


Her reply came in a soft whisper. She would have jumped at the opportunity twelve years back. But now she wanted nothing from her father.

"Please… I admire you for everything you have achieved, but the business is yours as much as it is mine." Kevin pleaded.

"I would have agreed twelve years ago, not now Kevin."

"I know a lot has changed between us and our family. Hell, I didn't even understand why I would refer to them as my family anymore." He chuckled with no humor.

"You sure you don't want to come back?" He asked again. "I-I mean that's why you left home, isn't it?"

Helena shook her head as she got up collecting their empty plates before carrying them to the sink, cleaning them.

"I'm sorry if I overstepped the boundaries. Please don't be mad at me, " Kevin swallowed, and she felt her heart melt. Her brother didn't look like the old carefree Kevin she knew. He always took care of his looks. Kevin smiled a lot and made fun of her at whatever chance he found.

The one who sat in front of her was a broken man, only a shell of what he used to be. The new Kevin did not crack jokes, he didn't bother to comb his hair, or he didn't even care if he wore a matching shirt to the blue jeans he wore.

She should have reached out to him sooner.

"Come." She led him to the living room and switched on the TV. It has been over twenty years they watched the TV together.

"I didn't leave because of the company, " she said after a while. Their eyes fixed on a random news channel playing on the TV.

"Jacob was a cruel man. He didn't crush my hopes and dreams on the company, he ruined my love life."

Kevin cast a confused glance at his sister. He didn't know this part, they never spoke of it. His father always said she left because he wouldn't accept her as his heir.

"Austin was my first love, we met in college. He cared for me and always respected my wishes. He always put my needs before his and he always called me his little princess."

"Whenever he looked at me, his eyes held so much love. Jacob ruined it when he found out. Our so-called parents threatened me with all the family honor bullshit. When I wouldn't budge they played dirty, they framed Austin for a crime he was not even aware of and sent him to jail."

Kevin couldn't believe what he heard. He looked at his sister with wide eyes as she continued the story.

"Jacob said that, if I break up with Austin he will withdraw the case, let him free. He had so many contacts at the higher level, and he made sure that Austin didn't get a bail. I had no choice but to believe him and broke up with Austin."

"It was when the verdict came I realized that Jacob did not keep his promise. I never saw Austin after that. They jailed him for three years and Austin wouldn't meet me when I went to see him." She was a sobbing mess when she finished.

"I'm sorry Helena. I was not there for you, " Kevin whispered. He felt disgusted that his parents would stoop so low.

"Let's not talk about it, okay. Why don't we go for lunch? Hang out for old time sake, " she offered as she wiped her tears and Kevin nodded with a small smile.

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