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Jessika looked up from her plate to see her four-year-old son Noah experimenting with the pancake she made for them.

"Why are your pancakes so soft?"

She chuckled, "maybe because mommy adds a pinch of love to the pancake mix."

"Okay. I think I know why Claire's pancakes are harder." Noah's twin Nathan supplied with a serious look that had Jessika crack with laughter.

"I heard that, kiddo, " Claire commented in a serious tone with her hands on her hips, Jessi could see how her lips were twisting as she tried to control the laughter.

"Thanks for coming Claire. I was getting late for work, " Jessika got up picking her blazer and smoothed her pencil skirt.

"You should eat more than that Jessi. Your weight loss is alarming, " Claire responded with a concerned look as her eyes raked on her body.

"I'm eating." Her voice low and tired.

"Yeah, your sons eat more than that you know. Girl, you need more calories on your body, if you need to keep up with the workload and raising your sons."

Jessika sighed. There was no point in arguing with her when she knows Claire had a point. "See you later Claire, " she said before kissing the boys goodbye.

Her job as a clerk in a medium-sized logistics company was not enough to keep her, and her sons fed. The children were growing and needed all extra nutrients, so she cut down on her meals to feed them.

With them going to the school from this year meant extra expenses, and she was contemplating on working additional jobs, which meant she would need Claire for extended hours.

Claire was in mid-forties and looked after Jessika's sons in the daytime when she worked.

Jessika boarded the bus with a sigh, her nerves rattled as a wave of dizziness washed over her. She clutched her seat tighter as she waited for the moment of weakness to pass.

It was happening a lot these days, and she thought it was due to the stress. Her company was not doing well. One of their company's cargo ships had sunk a few months back while taking goods worth millions to Australia.

The severe loss resulted in company downsizing and only a few experienced staff remained with her duties increasing. Though she was only a clerk with this new change, she was also handling the accounts department.

She was worried about losing her job and took the additional responsibilities without another word. Reaching the office, she lost herself in work and it was around three p.m. when she got to relax. Her boss has headed out for a meeting and there was nothing much to do until he gets back.

Closing her eyes, she leaned in her chair rubbing the sore muscles on the back of her neck.

Her life was supposed to be better than this. Her children should be having a good life with their father.

To this day, she couldn't decipher what went wrong or where it went wrong. Her husband had accused her of cheating and even showed her the evidence which she had no clue about.

Her mind traveled back to the day it all happened. After trying to conceive and failing thrice. Kevin had to work overtime to rectify the losses they made over the few months he spent with her.

They hardly met with Kevin traveling a lot and when he came back from his long business trip after two months, they embraced and he made love to her the entire night before leaving her for another business trip.

He promised to take her somewhere and spent more time with her once he was back. His phone calls had stopped and whenever she tried to reach him, it was his secretary answering on his behalf, always mentioning that he was busy in a meeting or in some work.

She had missed her periods again and didn't bother to test as she wasn't ready to face the results. One morning when she woke, a wave of nausea hit her. Her head hurt with her body burning up. To make matters worse, her heart dropped when she experienced mild cramps in her abdomen with a spotting.

She called their housekeeper, and the security drove her to the hospital where she stayed for a month.

The doctor confirmed that she was pregnant again and her happiness didn't last long as he explained the complication she had with her twins. They insisted her to be on compulsory bed rest and administered daily injections to keep her babies safe.

Kevin's parents had come to the hospital and told her to take care, they said they will inform Kevin about her illness and she has nothing to worry.

She didn't tell them about the babies as she wanted to tell Kevin first. Also, with the history of miscarriages in the past, she wanted no one to know at all until the babies arrived.

However, when she returned from the hospital after a month, it was Ethan who was waiting in their living room instead of Kevin.

"Ethan? What are you doing here?" She asked, and he kissed her instead. Jessika was too shocked to respond and before she knew what was happening someone pulled him away from her.

Jessica stood rooted to the floor as Kevin continued to beat Ethan bloody until Jacob, her father-in-law stopped him.

"Kevin!" Relief flooded her mind. She couldn't contain the joy on seeing her husband after a long time. When she tried to embrace him, he pushed her away and the hatred in his eyes startled her.

"Enough with the act!"


"I saw what you were doing with Ethan with my eyes. If you wanted him why did you marry me, Jessi? Why the hell would you play with my emotions?" He continued to shout with angry tears that further confused and scared her.

Did he think she kissed Ethan?

"Kevin, it's not what it looked like, " she tried to reason weakly. She felt dizzy and struggled to keep her composure.

"Then what does it look like Jessi?" He as

ked throwing a Manila cover at her.

She opened the cover with shaky hands and froze at the spot to see the photos of her with Ethan.

"Don't tell me this is not you. I have already tested it in the lab and these are a hundred percent original, " he fumed.

"Max followed you all this week and found you with this bastard. What more proof do you want?"

"Kevin… it-it's not true, I was ill, and I was at the hospital. Please…" she pleaded.

"Jacob you were there. You came to visit me, please tell him…" she cried to her father-in-law, who twisted his face in disgust.

"Get away from me you worthless piece of trash. How dare you lie about this to my son?" He yelled.

She didn't understand what was going on. He was at the hospital he had said he will inform Kevin.

"K-Kevin, please call the hospital. They will tell you, please trust me… I know nothing."

Kevin accessed her with a cold gaze before dialing the hospital and again the hospital management had informed him she wasn't admitted in their hospital.

"I-it can't be true. Kevin, I was there. I don't know why they are lying, it's not true." She went hysterical.

"If anyone here was lying, it was you, Jessi, " Kevin said and there was no emotion on his face as he looked at her.

"No, no…, no Kevin, please…"

"I loved you Jessi, and I gave you everything. I never thought you could even do such a thing, " he muttered. A vein ticked in his jaw as he balled his fists and moved away from her. "I can't bear to stand in your presence any longer. I will send you the divorce papers, sign it with no fuss and we will end this forever, so you can be with your boyfriend."


"Do you know how I feel now Jessi? I feel like someone is ripping my heart out. Even now I want nothing more than to pull you close and kiss you to oblivion, but all I can think is how you kissed that bastard not less than ten minutes ago and how you fucked him in all the videos I received."

Jessika stood speechless, the words failing her.

"You can stay here until the divorce. After that I want you to leave this place forever. Goodbye, Jessi. I wish I never see you again, " he said in a tone that held no emotion. "Oh, and Jessi remember this, I will ruin your life for this. I will make you regret everything you did and I will show you how it feels like to live in hell."

Her legs gave out as she watched him retreat before her vision blurred and darkness consumed her. When she woke up she was on the floor in the same position, she had fainted. There were no servants or security. She was alone in the huge mansion she called home for four years.

She still couldn't comprehend what just happened with her life. Everything was going fine until yesterday and just when she thought everything would work out, her world came crashing down.

That was the last time she ever saw him. No matter how many times she tried to reach him, he was always unavailable. A few times his father picked up and lashed out at her.

Jacob had brought the divorce papers and threatened her sign them if she didn't want her photos all over the media. He warned her not to get in touch with his son, he said he would erase her existence without a trace and she believed that.

True to his promise Kevin had blacklisted her name and made sure she no company in Chicago hired her. He had taken away all the cash from her current account, leaving her on the streets to fend for herself.

Fortunately, for her, she had a separate account where she had savings. The sum she had saved by working part-time before her marriage.

She knew she couldn't stay there anymore, so she went to Canada. She had a friend working in Toronto. Carolyn not only helped her rent the small house but also got this job for her.

Her phone rang with her sons face popping on the caller I.D. A joyful smile spread across her lips as she picked up the call, "hello."

"Hey, it's me, Claire. Will you be coming early?"

"Ah… yeah, " she looked at the time which showed four in the evening. "I should leave the office in an hour, " she replied rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

"How are the boys?"

"Super cool… except for the part where Noah painted Nathan blue, and I had to spend an hour rubbing the paint off him." Claire chuckled and Jessika burst out laughing.

She ended the call after a few pleasantries, a goofy grin still occupying her lips. The boys were naughty and painting was not all bad when compared to what they lasted time. They were so bored and gave each other a haircut while she was cooking in the kitchen.

Instead of getting angry she ended up on the floor laughing hard as she clutched her sides. Imagine a four-year-old trying to cut their hair. Nate's head looked like it was half eaten by moths, while Noah's head was shaven.

She had to shave their heads that day and banned them from using scissors.

"Hey Jessi, can you prepare this invoice?" Justin's voice interrupted her happy thoughts, and she looked over her computer to see her boss Justin Spencer standing there with a file.

"Yeah sure, how was the meeting?"

"It was okay. The insurance guys are fussing." He replied raking a hand through his dark hair. His brown eyes looked tired than usual, "You can leave once you finish the invoice." He said before going into his cabin.

The insurance agency had to investigate before they release an amount. And their investigation had become a constant headache for Justin in the past months. Justin has not only lost his ship but also the goods. Her boss was in his mid-forties, married with two children. That was all she knew about him.

She prepared the invoice and left home early so she could spend time with her boys.

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