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As expected, the dinner was a disaster.

One thing Kevin did not understand was the people. They don't know when to shut up and he wondered why the hell everyone was so keen to know about his whereabouts. As the saying goes, it's so funny how the people who know the least about you, have the most to say.

Much to his dismay, Stella tried to touch him at every chance she got. To top it all, his mother ordered him to take Stella on a date, to which Stella nodded eagerly and looked expectantly at him.

Did she think I will fall for her cleavage and the little display she put in front of the guests?

It would take more than that to get to him and so far only one woman did that. And that one woman had ditched him for a good-for-nothing dick head. Kevin clenched his jaws and balled his fist. "My life is my life, what I do, where I go and how I live it is my business, not yours. So keep your nose out of it."

"Kevin!" She exclaimed in disbelief.

"Do you think I fancy this family dinner of yours'? Then tell me, mother, who is a fucking family here?" He pointed his long finger at their neighbour. "Who is she? Do you share a parent? Or him or that fashionist pig who sits next to you?" The eyes of the woman in question widened in disbelief as his mother's jaw went slack.

"I thought me, dad, you and Helena are family. I didn't know everyone who parades inside this home is one. Guess what, I don't want to be the part of your fake family anymore." He continued and his chest heaved with his quickened breath.

"You know what? I am done. Done with you all, I don't want to deal with shit you keep throwing on me." He yelled with his face reddening with anger. He had a normal life until the business and money came in.

This society of socialites as they called it ruined his life. If it was not for his business, he would have never left Jessi alone and she would have never gone to another man, leaving him to wallow alone in his misery.

"Kevin! Remember that is your mother you are talking to." Jacob's voice boomed from across the table.

Kevin slapped his hands on the table, making a few dishes jolt from its place. "That's the reason I am being decent, " he responded in a cold voice before leaving his family home. Anger pulsed through his veins and bubbled like molten lava, red and hot.

I put up with everything they did and what more did they expect from me?

He wanted a simple career, a small home with a picket fence, a wife and children that graced his life with joy and happiness when he came home. But, he was forced to take over the family business. He was ready to give it all to Helena, who was more interested in the position than him.

Helena was hardworking and devoted, but their father was adamant. He chose his male heir as his successor, creating a rift between him and his sister.

Not that they were attached to each other at the hip. Even the most civil conversations they used to have were gone, she treated him like a stranger and he blamed it all on their father. He wanted to get away from everything. He didn't want to be the part of this upper-class society anymore. The more he stayed the crazier it drove him.

When the car stopped in front of his home, he rushed towards the gym, removing his clothes on the way. He did not care where he threw his clothes. His housekeeper would take care of that, anyway. The gym, his haven was the same, the one place which seemed to not change over the years. He worked out, punching the bag with all his strength. The burning pain that spread over his hands brought a relief like none.

Two hours later…

His muscles screamed in protest as he continued to push his legs over the treadmill, welcoming the pain. The work-out has cleared his mind, and he knew what he wanted to do.

Jacob would object, but for the first time in life, he didn't care. At thirty-three years old, he'd had enough.

After a quick shower, he tried contacting Helena who was in Milan for a fashion week. When their father declined her birthright in his company, she had gone alone and started a fashion brand of her own, which was growing.

Helena was a stubborn woman and no matter how much he tried to call her back offering an equal position in the company, she wouldn't relent. Kevin admired his sister's willpower and respected her decision of not wanting to do anything with her father's business.

As usual, his call ended up in her voice mail, "Hi… this is Kevin. I know you no longer think of me as your brother and want nothing to do with me, but this is important. I had a fight with our family and I need you now. Call me when you get this message." He left a long message knowing well it will get deleted without being heard.

Maybe he should just meet her in person. She won't be able to avoid him when he goes in person. Yes—that's what he will do.


The following week had been busy and his sister had not returned from Milan.

He had contacted her secretary and booked an appointment using a different name. Knowing Helena, she would never meet him if she were to know who he was.

Kevin still remembered his sister, two years older than him and always trying to impress their parents—getting good grades, excelling in everything she does. When she wanted a position in their father's company, he declined to say the Stanfield's Corporation belonged to the male heir.

When Kevin found out, it was too late and Helena had left their home to live on her own by then. She had refused to take their father's money, workin

g on multiple jobs at a time to save money for her new business.

His thoughts were disrupted by his secretary who announced that his two p.m. appointments were waiting for him in the conference room.

The meeting went eventless, his mind wandering to the outside world the entire time. He nodded now and then, pointing at his marketing unit head when the client asked questions.

"Care to tell me what is going on?" Mathew, his friend and the head of their marketing unit asked.

"If you love her so much, then why don't you get her back?" He asked when Kevin did not answer.

Kevin let out a humorless chuckle at that.

"Dude, I think you should read the newspaper occasionally. She is engaged to that bastard Ethan."

Mathew's expression was grim. They went to college together and when Kevin took over the business he hired Mathew, because of his brains.

"I am worried for you Kevin. Why don't you come for a dinner sometime? The kids miss you, you know."

Kevin missed the kids too. He was the godfather of Mathew's two girls Nina and Nancy. They were his gorgeous little angels who made him forget about his pain when he was with them.

"Tell Annie to prepare that killer chicken dish tonight." He smiled at his friend watching his lips twist up in a smile.

"Sure. See you then."

He took a deep breath clearing his thoughts and continued to work. The mention of the girls had lifted his spirits. Picking up the phone he asked his secretary to come in.

"Maria, I want you to arrange a gift for Mathew's girls. I am visiting them today, " he informed his secretary, who smiled at the mention of the girls.

"Sure thing, Mr. Stanfield. Anything else you want?"

"No. You may go, have it ready by six in the evening."


Maria was a woman in her late thirties, married with three children. She was a hard worker, trustworthy and efficient. He didn't know what he would have done without her. That was why he paid her well and also provided her with so many benefits.


"Uncle Kevin!"

Mathew's five-year-old daughter Nina ran towards him. While her three-year-old daughter Nancy wobbled towards him giving him a toothy grin.

He embraced them basking in all the love and comfort they provided.

"Long time, no see Kevin, " Annie greeted him with a peck on his cheek which he returned with a full-blown smile.

Mathew had met Annie in a restaurant when he joined Stanfield Corporation eight years ago, their romance soon ended up in a marriage and here he was living in a small home far away from the wealthiest neighbourhood of Chicago.

Kevin loved it here. This was what he called home and a family.

The dinner was delicious as usual and Annie had made him his favorite chicken casserole. They talked and laughed a lot, with Annie feeding to Nancy who babbled cute nothings.

Deep inside his mind, Kevin longed for something similar to this. He had thought at one time he had a perfect family until she ruined it for him.

"Uncle Kevin, do you want to see my recent drawing?" Nina asked bringing him out of his thought.

"Not now, sweetie. Uncle Kevin has work after dinner." Annie came to his rescue. Last time she asked this question, he ended up sleeping inside her mini tent inside her room. Though he wouldn't fit in, she was adamant, and he slept on the floor with only half of his body inside the blanket haven.

"Speaking of which, when are we going to Canada?" Mathew piped in.

"Sometime next week, I need to discuss two things with Jason before our trip, " Kevin answered taking a sip from his red wine.

They were trying to partner with Leon's group which would give their business a huge boost. At present, he was completing the terms of the contract they would sign. Jason was a tough nut to crack, which was the reason their partnership being delayed.

Returning home he changed in the dark and lay on the bed. The memories he had buried deep inside his mind breaking free of his clutches one by one. Her warm body tangled with his, her mild body spray which always drew him in, her giggles. How she fit against him, her lips so soft.

A memory of her kissing Ethan in their front room flashed in his mind, chasing all the good memories away. Pain and utter betrayal filled him at the memory. He had never once raised his voice or hand at her, always treated her with love and respect.

What did I lack? Where did I go wrong? Why would anyone want to go back to the man who hit women?

Not to mention a man whore who tried to rape her.

Thinking of that, he felt that Jessika was not the same person anymore. She looked and behaved different though he couldn't put his finger on what has changed. For one, she didn't dress like the old Jessika who used to loathe fashion brands. All her recent photos had shown her face caked with make-up and the Jessi he knew was not a fan of heavy make-up.

They had not met each other after that day. It was his lawyers and his father, who had dealt with the divorce formalities. She had demanded two billion dollars to sign the documents and he had given it to her.

"Why would you do this Jessi? Was that your plan all along? To trap me in your love and get your revenge for Ethan." He whispered into the darkness as his mind struggled between the good and bad memories.

Once he closed this deal and met Helena, he will move on. Start a new life, somewhere far from here, away from all the attention. He wiped the tears that had dried off and closed his eyes to find the sleep—he had lost five years back.

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