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   Chapter 58 Fifty-eight

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Chapter 45

NATALIA UNDERSTOOD what her parents did centuries ago. They may have killed many of their kind but those that survived the Blaze thanked them for their salvation. The same salvation will not happen now that she could hear the Elders' scream of agony as the potion burned their flesh, gradually burning their immortality to ashes. The potion was concocted to reverse their immortality and to purify the earth with the deaths of those unworthy to survive. The only difference is that her blood and Sabrina's blood would shield her family and friends from the effects of the potion.

Natalia knew that the potion they created will not affect Severus since her own family's pure blood flows on his veins as he was the first one to use her family's power for his own protection. That is the reason why he was aiming to find her and keep her all those years. He was thirsty of her blood and the power it brought him when he was given a sample by her parents. He craved for her blood that he tasted after the fire that killed their kind, centuries ago. The first blood that he received was a mixture of her parent's blood, but it was not successful to serve its purpose. They realized that it has to come from Natalia as she is the most powerful and pure. After much prodding, her parents agreed and they gave him a sample with the instructions on how to reproduce as an alchemist. He was given Natalia's blood for replication but he sampled for himself. Severus knew from the start that the replicated blood is no match from the pure blood from her own veins. He felt the power the moment seeped into his body. He had to ask for a new batch, which her parents adhered to, with a promise from Severus that he will not bother Natalia ever again.

Severus was left alone to defend himself as his coven wailed desperately for survival. He knew it the moment he heard the wails of his coven but he remained unscathed. When Severus saw Natalia approach, he walked towards her with a growl in his face, like a famished tiger wanting her to be his first meal.

It was the same for her, like a predator waiting for her unsuspecting prey, she stopped and waited for him. She wanted him to walk to his death and make him suffer for the chaos he created. When he reached her, his hand gripped her neck. She waited for the perfect moment before plunging a syringe to his arm. His strength was almost a match to hers when he wrestled with her with the empty syringe still sticking in his arm. He could have won as he succeeded to push her away a few meters from him, except that Natalia planned everything including every step and movement that her group will make. As Severus removed the syringe that pierced his vein, Sebastian moved in a blur, caug

nt to become. One formula would remove the traces of immortality with the help of her reversed blood formula, making the vampire live like a mortal for a hundred fifty years before disintegrating. The other option is to retain immortality and vampire abilities but with the weaknesses of the humans for pain and normal hunger. For both options, a ration of blood once a month is still needed for them to survive. This will be provided through mass production. Sally and Wally built a production facility at The Sanctuary that will formulate their blood needs. The knowledge from Natalia's parents and her own studies and her family's blood components helped them complete this project. Natalia, Sebastian and Sabrina as well as David and their friends chose the second option. Only one fourth of their population chose to live like a mortal. Most of them found someone to love and spend the rest of their mortal life with.

Natalia was brought back from her reverie when Sebastian bit his nips as he plunged faster into her. She couldn't help but moan and thrust towards him to feel more of the insanely addictive sensation he was giving her. With a few more thrust, she felt it. Her release was as strong as the first but their thirst of each other was not satiated. They made wantonly wild love two more times, making their room in their Canadian cabin looking like a war zone with pulled curtains a broken headboard and fallen lamps.

As Natalia moaned Sebastian's name upon her release, she remembered the first time she uttered his name at the company she applied for. Sebastian Dominic. Her Basti that was once her friend Blue. The one boy she could not forget, not only because of his sweet blood but because he was hers just like she was his. For life. For eternity. Her love and life, her fate and destiny.


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