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   Chapter 57 Fifty seven

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SEBASTIAN and Natalia are at the Living Room and reading through the decrypted and printed instructions from Natalia's parents.

"The coordinates pointed to that same place, Sebastian. Underground in that very same place where it all began. Under the surface of the burned City where the new breed of vampire was born, the place between the two cities previously ruled by the two families Augustus and Aurelius."

"That city is now called the Vatican." Natalia nodded at Sebastian's response. They sent David to go the sanctuary as soon as they discovered the coordinates. They received a call from him that same night.

"Did I hear you correctly, David?" She locked eyes with her husband who was also surprised to hear the news.

"Yes. Nancy, Sally and Wally are here at the sanctuary. Camilla gave them the coordinates earlier that day and instructed them to prepare for your arrival, but then the explosion happened and..." Natalia couldn't bear to hear the next words. The death of her parents and the Carlisle and the others that were in that castle still made her heart weep.

"But why didn't they contact us sooner?"

"We have been hiding so well that they could not locate us. There were at least a hundred of our kind living here. "

"What do you mean?"

"I think you have to come here and see for yourself. We have two weeks left from the gathering. Everything we need is in here."

THAT SAME DAY, with less than two weeks to the gathering of The Order, Sebastian, Natalia and Sabrina booked and took a sixteen hour flight from Canada to Rome. During their travel, the couple studied the formulas embedded on the microchip.

"If my calculations are correct, this formula will have the exact opposite effect of the deadly gas that burned us that tragic day." Natalia whispered when she was sure that Sabrina was asleep on the side of the First class plane they were exclusively occupying.

"But what is this component?" Sebastian pointed at the one labeled VNH and an emblem of one element beside it.

"I know you also saw par

because of greed. The houses that were once one have been divided. Centuries old of potions and formulas for our survival have been stolen and some were misused by those who want to trample The Order."

Natalia gave her signal and all of them used the remote controller of the heavy lifting drones that they positioned on every corner of the room. Sebastian and Wally worked together to attach sprayers and minimized the sound of the equipment.

"We may walk into the light and still want to remain the children of the night but with a heavy price to pay. We will control those who choose to leave this path of glory. We will eliminate those that refuse to hail us as superior! Gone were the days where we randomly choose who to turn into a superior being like us. By making all of them inferior, we can control the world!" She shivered when she realized what Severus meant. They have to act fast. She gave the controller to her husband and came out of hiding. Directly walking towards Severus, simultaneously with the six drones flying and spraying the contents of the canisters containing their concocted formula to everyone including herself, she waited for the blaze that would change it all.

Like the carvings on her parents' obliterated castle, phoenixes will rise above the dragons that breathed fire and only those worthy to exist will remain unscathed.

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