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   Chapter 56 Fifty-six

Forgotten Obsession By magbmara Characters: 7868

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FIVE NIGHTS HAVE passed when Natalia unlocked the bedside drawer and took the microchip that she removed from her arm after they escaped from the site where she lost everyone dear to her. She took the chip reader and tried to access the information stored inside. Same with her previous tries, an error message appeared. If only she will have access to the valuable data inside, her plan to destroy The Order will be put in motion. She heard from David from one of his encrypted calls that a gathering of all the elders, high officials and important members would commence in two weeks time. Natalia felt that her luck is back since the meeting will happen 10 kilometers away from their place. She returned the microchip back to where it was and locked the drawer and returned the key to the pouch under her pillow. She removed the robe she was wearing, revealing her red silk nightie.

Through the moonlight, Natalia's steps were hurried. She needed to be there as soon as her bare feet and limbs would allow. The sound of dried leaves in her every step and the feel of cold misty air were dull compared to the thunderous beat of her heart and the feel of adrenaline rush. When at last she reached the house behind the large oak trees, she felt her energy seeping out of her but instead of being worried, she welcomed the feeling with contentment. She opened the door and stepped inside. As she descended the stairs to the basement, her excitement doubled. The crypt was gloomy and worn out. She used her improved night vision to scan the tomb like she did each and every night before switching on an electric torch from the side of the stairs. Her gaze turned towards the tomb. Seeing that it was half opened made her gasp out loud, her chest breathing heavily as she felt weaker with the realization of what was happening. She felt someone's arms around her the exact moment she felt sharp fangs plunged her neck. She welcomed the feeling of being enclosed in those arms as wet, bloodied lips brushed her nape and whispered in her ear.

"The long wait is over, my baby." He twirled her with one swift move. When their lips met, her heart overflowed with exultation and the passion to taste more of him won over. Every stroke of his lips earned a moan from her and her hands roamed his hard, cold naked body. He felt like a porcelain statue, hard and chi

crochips together and took the reader from her.

"I need your laptop." She walked back to the room and brought back a silver laptop with her to the living room where Sebastian settled on the couch. He inserted the microchip in the reader and pressed the keyboard. How could she forget that he is also an IT expert?

The laptop on top of the center table was filled with codes and numbers that only Sebastian could understand.

"I'll decrypt this to plain text so we could both read what is in it." She smiled and sat beside him, watching him patiently as he typed and worked with a crease on his forehead. After a few minutes, he clapped his hands and looked at her with a smirk.

"All done, baby. Can I have a kiss from my wife just because I'm great?" She laughed at his naughty grin. She was about to give in to his request when they heard a gasp.


Sebastian looked at the source of the voice and he was floored. It was the first time seeing his daughter all grown up. He felt overwhelmed in seeing Sabrina and felt sad at the same time. He now lost a total of thirteen years with her.

"My princess, " he whispered as he stood up just when she ran to meet him for a tight embrace.

Natalia uttered a prayer of thanks to the heavens for allowing her husband and daughter to meet again. In the darkest times, her faith that their family will be whole once more made her resilient despite all the hardships that she encountered. Now that they're back together, it is high time to complete their mission and avenge everyone that they have lost.

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