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   Chapter 55 Fifty Five

Forgotten Obsession By magbmara Characters: 5585

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IT HAS BEEN ten years since the tragedy but Natalia still could not think about everyone that she lost without succumbing to tears. She may seem strong and unwavering in front of Sabrina but she was still in so much pain inside. She lost everyone dear in her life in just one night. It may have been true that when the smell of victory is too close, the aroma of danger is diluted. One moment she was planning for her family and race's victory and the next thing, they were all in ruins.

"Mom, I need to go to the market. I want new books."

Natalia was pulled from her reverie by Sabrina's voice. She glanced at the full-grown woman in front of her and smiled. Who would have known that her daughter would grow faster than average beings. She may be living for thirteen years but her body says otherwise. She looked like Natalia's twin sister but with her father's facial features. Her black hair is now streaked with touches of brown, her round expressive blue eyes under the naturally long curled lashes, perfectly pointed nose, small heart shaped face and pink lips made her the most beautiful in Natalia's eyes. As a mother, she would always justify the speed of her daughter's growth by thinking that drinking blood may have increased the growth progress, but at the back of her mind, she knows that Sabrina is more powerful than she could ever imagine.

"Princess, you went at the town last week. You know how dangerous it is." She gently laid down the flask with green substance that she was holding and walked to the door where her daughter wearing a black hooded parka, black jeans and boots was leaning and looking at her lavender colored nails as if bored.

important formula of all, the one that would solve their predicament.

SABRINA WAS AFRAID that her mother might realize that she was lying. She sighed and ran to her real destination, her favorite place in that forest. She heard the birds chirping on her way. The dried leaves and branches scrunched at her feet as she sprinted. She welcomed the cold wind that panned her face. When she reached the place, she halted, looked around her to ensure that nobody was lurking and then started to walk carefully towards the camouflaged house behind large oak trees.

The moment she touched the door, she felt it. She sat at the floor, leaned at the door and closed her eyes. She smiled as she felt the power surging out from her. She could feel a different kind of energy whenever she visited the tomb in a basement hidden inside a house a few kilometers away from theirs. If her theory was right, she had to come to that place often.

A few hours later and with enough stamina to take her home, she walked out of that house and back to her mother's side with a vow that she would be back again to test her theory.

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