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   Chapter 54 Fifty Four

Forgotten Obsession By magbmara Characters: 6335

Updated: 2019-07-29 08:10

NATALIA FOUGHT to regain consciousness as darkness battled to pull her back to its deadly chasm. She thought about her source of light, Sebastian and Sabrina. She wanted to call for them but she knew it would be futile. She is in no condition to do so as she herself was hanging in the precipice of death. No! She scolded herself. She will not lose now that the battle has not even begun.

Natalia knew she was special and for that reason alone, she willed to survive so she could save her family. Now that she knew who and what she was, she vowed to unlock her full power.

In the hollowing darkness, Natalia channeled the strength within her to unleash the power that she locked and hid throughout the years. Gradually, she felt it seeping from every part of her being. Her skin turned from scorching hot to freezing cold. She could feel every cell of her body regenerating. She saw a hazy red glow being emitted from her as she healed. Natalia focused all her energy and thought into that process. She didn't know how long it took. She was not sure if it was just a few minutes, hours or days but she was aware of how painful and tedious it was. She felt everything. She pictured in her mind how the tissues, muscles and veins reconnected to reform her badly singed body. Natalia refrained from screaming even though she wanted to wail in pain for she knew she couldn't waste even a single fraction of her strength.

When she finally restored her physical self, she was too spent to even move. She had to wait until she could feel the sizzle of power in her fingertips, she had to wait until her eyes could turn red and see in the darkness. Natalia had to delay her movement until she could finally slip out from under the table that sheltered her body, push herself up, and stand amidst the rubbles and debris all around her. With her vision, she scanned the surroundings and looked for Seb

to transport him to preserve his body until he could heal."

Natalia sighed and nodded her head. She couldn't argue on that one.

"We will come back for you, " she murmured near his ear even though there was no movement or any indication that he could hear her.

With heavy heart and careful footsteps, Natalia followed David and Sabrina. In her dazed state she did not see that the once grand looking castle turned into a dilapidated structure in just a span of minutes. The wood carvings and statues on the wall were all destroyed. She bumped her toes on a decapitated cherubin head and had to watch her steps for other broken objects along their way out to wherever David was leading them. She noticed that the whole second floor collapsed and they would no longer need the grand staircase. She first thought that they were in an underground castle but now that she could see the clearing outside, she realized that the castle was actually in the middle of a forest in East Texas.

With her last step towards the woodlands, she heard a loud whistle then another explosion shook them. Natalia could only scream in horror as the remnants of the structure they just came from crumbled into decimated wreckage along with all hopes for her husband's safety.

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