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   Chapter 53 Fifty-three

Forgotten Obsession By magbmara Characters: 5629

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NATALIA'S PARENTS were right. She needed to know her past in order to understand how important her role is in trampling the abusive powers of the Order of the Rubrum Sanguineum. She needed to see how history played its part in molding her mind, body and heart in protecting what's hers and in overcoming what she desires the most. She had to find out that her friend and guardian for decades sacrificed her life to make sure that she would live happily and away from prying eyes. Being Sabina Natalia Augustus Aurelius is both an honor and a curse. That was her thought before she opened her eyes and sat up amidst the gaze of the three most important people in her existence.

"My love..." Sebastian, with a worried gaze, quickly moved to her side when she sat up. She stood up, held out her hands that he clasped in his and tried to reassure him with a smile. He led her to the long couch so they could sit comfortably together. She saw her parents moved to the adjacent seats so that they were facing each other. She could see from the expression of their faces that they were anxious about her reaction after her memories have been restored.

"I am back. I saw how different our lives were before people have been chosen because of their social status and influence prior to being turned. I saw how our family sacrificed and fought to unite everyone regardless of race, background and ethnicity. Our kind was not greedy of power unlike how The Order is now." Natalia squeezed her husband's hand and he pulled her to lean onto his chest. When she found out that she was the one who turned Sebastian, she was fearful of how he would react but seeing him now and feeling his love, she

l. The contact of the hot salty tears made her heart bleed twice as much. Her clouded mind started to regain clarity upon realizing that she was seeing the end of her parents and probably the end of their family's existence.

She cried for not being able to give them a warm hug and a welcoming smile. She cried for all the times she forgot about them and failed to recognize the sacrifices they had to make for her survival. Her sobs of misery became louder when she saw Max and Camilla's body turned black and then, disintegrated into black dust.

When she looked beside her, Sebastian was writhing in pain with boiling blisters all over his skin. Her husband's anguish and the loss of her parents felt like her own life is being drained out of her. She tried to fight the searing throbbing of her body and repel the deathly smell of the chemicals from her senses but they were too strong. She knew she must not let it overpower her but the pain was too strong and the poisonous smell too potent to ignore. The last thing Natalia saw before darkness swallowed her whole was Sebastian's burning hand reaching for her.

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