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   Chapter 52 Fifty-Two

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Chapter 39

SEBASTIAN HEARD his wife's plea when he regained consciousness. He immediately sat up and went to her side.

"No! Please! No!"

"Talia, baby, what's wrong? What is happening?! Why isn't she waking up?!"

"She still has a century of memory to remember. How about you? Was that enough? Would you like to recall every facet that you have lost, too?"

"What do you mean?" He was able to utter before Camilla approached and touched his forehead.

Sebastian was not prepared for the surge of memories that flowed his subconscious. It was filled with someone he knew very well. He first saw her when he was a toddler where she saved him and his mother from an accident. Their wagon almost went off a cliff. She was young but her features were the same as when he met her at the castle. He even saw her multiple times after that and in random timelines and places. Then finally they met at the castle and after that in his office. Those were the only memories he surprisingly retained about her.

"What was that?" Sebastian asked Camilla as he held his head in his hands. He felt weak and disoriented. Nothing made sense.

"She looked for you and it was uncanny how she always seemed to find you even when her guardian Naranae removed her memories of you and of her real life countless of times. The last time Naranae erased Natalia's memories of you was before you met again at the Romanian castle. Until this time she was not fully aware that you have known each other for many years. Likewise, in each of your encounter, Natalia's guardian always erased your memories of her."

"I don't understand." He understood well what was said but his heart was a different matter. It was beating so fast with the realization that his life was always entangled with that of his wife. He saw Natalia as a teen, handing a wooden toy to a child who he reckoned was him. She was also there in an old library sitting beside him, teaching him how to read hieroglyphics and runes. He saw her in a dark alley in Europe, consoling him as he cried though he didn't know then the reason why. Then he remembered. It was the night before their family transferred to Africa. The most important recollection was when he saw her save him and his mother's wagon from falling off a cliff. The other memories seemed like flashes of lights but he could see her face, looking at him, from her childhood and mostly in her teens.

His knees felt weak. He stumbled as he moved to sit on a vacant chair. Still disoriented from what he learned, he bowed his head, stared at his enclosed hands and waited for everything to sink in. Then he felt dread sweep into his being. Sabrina. Before he even asked, Camilla was one step ahead of him and answered the question lingering on his mind.

"Your immortality came from Natalia who turned you into an eternal being like us, that is why your child is of pure blood, just like her. There is only 1% of our population that could reproduce by conceiving a child to produce sanguines of highest stature. In this era, Sabrina and Natalia are the only ones left. Naranae might have foreseen that you and Natalia will eventually be together so she erased both of your memories and let fate complete her duty."

"Why was it essential that we forget about each other?" Sebastian stood up and walked in front of the fireplace. He watched as the fire's embers blazed when Camilla stood beside him.

"For your protection. You cannot join The Order if you have your memories, especially if they realized who Natalia is and who you are to her. It may seem ironic but being member of The Order prot

ed from her body. She could no longer look so she closed her lids but the excruciating pain made her groan. She felt lighter, it felt like her life force was being sucked out of her.

"Hold on...I cannot lose you like this..."


She saw her guardian lift her hand. From the open palms of her free hand not holding Natalia, Naranae closed her fist and the fire stopped. The smoke of the drenched fire did not hid Micaela's outline lying on the barn's floor. A piece of wood was also sticking at her friend's chest and she was unconscious. Blood was oozing from her mouth. Natalia wanted to scream but she was out of breath. She could feel herself being lifted higher. When she realized that she was indeed floating in mid air, she desperately tried to open her eyes. To her amazement, she started to feel better as if the broken areas of her back, chest and heart are being mended. It was too late when she realized that Naranae's soft and smooth skin with her majestic beauty, started to wrinkle and looked old while she regained her energy and strength.

"Nary..." She saw relief mixed with sadness in her Guardian's voice when she opened her eyes and looked at her aging face.

"Natalia, you have to take care of yourself from now on. I sent two people to watch over you when this time comes that I could no longer fulfill my duties. They will be your friends. They have been briefed and instructed of what will transpire in the future. Everything should happen as planned. But for you, remember only this. You will only remember what is needed for you to survive." Natalia knew what Naranae did to let her live. Narane sacrificed her own life and immortality to save Natalia.

SEBASTIAN FELT sorry for Naranae, based on Max's stories. But at the same time, he felt extremely grateful that she was able to save Natalia.

"The fire that took Micaela's life and almost costed Natalia was caused by Naranae's powers. She tried to punish the ones liable for Micaela and Natalia but her plan backfired. When she came to rescue Natalia and her friend from the fire, a protruding wooden fragment from the wall that collapsed struck to Natalia's back and straight to her heart. It was also the case for Micaela."

"Isn't it ironic that a vampire loses it's life with a wooden stake at the heart?"

"Yes, considering that humans thought we are heartless and a sparkling statue in daylight."

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