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   Chapter 51 Fifty One

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Chapter 38

NATALIA FELT like her head will explode. With every scene that she saw in front of her, the pain on her head grew stronger. When the box of memories in her mind was opened, a blinding pain engulfed her. The first blow of pain on her head was when she saw a young version of herself in front of two mummy coffins, in a crypt at what she recognized as the Vatican. Her eyes were closed and she looked like she was waiting to be punished. The feeling of familiarity made her shiver. It felt like it was only yesterday when that happened even though she looked like a ten-year-old child.

Natalia closed her eyes and crouched at the corner of the crypt, holding her head like it was about to burst open.

"You desired to know the truth but you are afraid to see it for yourself. Open your eyes, Natalia."

"I do not understand. I saw this in my dreams. I feel like I've been here before. Where are we?" She asked her keeper. She knew she would realize that she was lying. She remembered everything but she was afraid that it would happen again, that she would be punished by her guardian.

"Those were not dreams. You did it again, Natalia. Now we have to reset your memories. Again."

"What? What did I do?" Purging her memories was the most painful and frightening punishment she suffered from her guardian.

"Your nature is taking over once again. You may only look like you're ten years old but in human years you are thirty. You know now that your age progression is slower until you reach the age of maturity. You have more knowledge now that you remembered everything and yet you acted on impulse!" Seeing her all serious with a stern expression made

alia but you don't have to know it. Take care of yourself. Do not trust anyone." Those were Nary's last words before her hand touched Natalia's forehead.

The moment she stared at her eyes, Natalia knew that it was the last time she would see Nary, her companion, guardian and friend. She would also forget everything about her real life. That she is half vampire and half sorceress. She would not remember that even though vampires were believed to be incapable of reproduction, if they plant their seed to other type of beings before they reached their 200th lifeyears, there is a 5% possibility that they would produce an offspring. Natalia will no longer know that she was part of the 1% of their kind's population in the world that were born as a vampire and not made from turning humans into one. She will not know that her growth will start to normalize when she reached 50 vampire years and will stop aging when she reached the age of 30 in human years. She will forget how special and powerful she is and everything that she was taught.

All of this just because she was obsessed with that boy's blood.

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