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   Chapter 50 Fifty

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SEBASTIAN WANTED to stop his wife from drinking the liquid but he knew it was pointless. He realized too late that the tea might have the same potion the couple made him drink during their second meeting.

"What have you done?!" He looked at his in-laws with indignation but his expression morphed into worry when he saw his wife slowly lose consciousness after she drank the tea. When she eventually passed out, he gently carried her from the wooden chair to a soft lazy boy lounge chair in front of a blazing fireplace. Camilla and Max followed them. When he straightened up, the couple was standing in front of him, with Camilla still with a cup in hand. She stared at him straight into his eyes before she spoke.

"A clear mind is needed for us to show her everything, Riel." He winced when he heard his given name. "You see, our daughter is more special than you think. She's more valuable than what others presumed her to be. She has to understand that she is our key to trampling the Order of the Rubrum Sanguineum after they misused the powers that we have generously granted them with. We cannot just sit back and continue to watch how they destroy families unknowingly. What they have been doing for the past century is outrageous and must be stopped! They are a disgrace and we should not have trusted them with such power!" The anger in Camilla's voice was controlled but the rage in her eyes was too much to even look at.

"Why now only? Where were you all these years?" It was a question that needs to be asked. He was surprised when Camilla's fiery eyes were replaced with sadness.

"We were indisposed but now that we are almost in our full power, we will be executing the plan that we have been concocting for more than ten years since we came back." It was Max who answered his question. The blaze in his eyes was very evident as he stared at the burning flames. For a minute there, Sebastian got confused if the red in his eyes was due to the fire's reflection or it was bloody red in reality.

"You are not making sense. What are you talking about? I thought you're just leading a rebell

just an infant. We have no use of her. All you need is our combined blood which we will provide you with abundant supply. By being an alchemist, I myself could impart on you the capability to reproduce more of the blood without extracting them from us." A few moment silence a decision has been casted.

"As you wish."

FROM THE dim alley, Sebastian returned to the castle and he watched while someone cloaked in black prepares two specialized mummy coffins with hieroglyphics inscriptions. Footsteps were heard and the same voices he had been hearing spoke. He did not see their faces but he could see their shadow from where he was hiding.

"Our body is deteriorating rapidly. We need to rest for a few years to rejuvenate. The war has taken such toll on our mortality."

"Our transience was also affected by the fact that we destroyed each and every one of our family." The woman's voice reeked of resentment.

"It was necessary, otherwise they would have destroyed us. Our child will be transported somewhere far from here so she could live a normal life. Naranae will see to her safety and reset her memory whenever needed. That is until we ourselves can restore everything we have taken from her. No one should know that her blood possessed greater power than ours combined. Hers is the purest and most potent. It could both create and destroy our kind."

"Yes. She's no ordinary vampire."

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