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   Chapter 49 Forty-nine

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NATALIA APPRECIATED the thoughtful gesture of her parents to inform them that clothes have been prepared for all of them given what happened in Mexico. They were also advised to treat the house as their own. Sabrina woke up just before her parents left the room. She saw pure joy from her daughter when she met her real grandparents and somehow, Natalia felt more at ease. This prompted them to stay a bit more. Camilla asked for food to be served for Sabrina in her room and all four of them watched as she ate her meal of roast chicken and mashed potatoes. She resembled both of her parents. Her pointed nose and green eyes were from her father while her cherry red lips, brows and high cheekbones and pale smooth skin were inherited from her mother. She and Sabrina also have the same jet-black hair as Camilla who doesn't seem to look like her age. Her mother looked timeless while her father has a commanding presence of authority and importance. He seemed to be a person that could silence a room with just his mere arrival and presence.

It was almost two in the afternoon when Sabrina took her afternoon nap that signaled for Camilla and Max to leave so they could also get some rest.

Sebastian just came from the bathroom where they shared a quick passion-filled love making under the showers. "Baby, what are you thinking?" She was already dressed in a yoga pants and a loose shirt when he approached her with a towel wrapped and dangerously hanging low on his waist. She checked if Sabrina was still asleep. She left the door ajar so she could hear if she wakes up. Her heart rate increased and she felt hot just by looking at her husband's toned sexy body. His washboard abs made her lick her lips. He might have felt the same way she did with the way his towel rose a few inches to make a visible tent.

"If you're thinking what I'm thinking then I'll be carrying you back to the shower..." He wrapped his arms around her from behind and she moaned when she felt his hardness poking at her backside.

"We can't. We need to rest before our princess wakes up again, otherwise we won't get the rest we badly needed."

"We could do it right here and it would be quick and relaxing..." She moaned when his tongue dipped on her ear and travelled to her neck and nape. His hands went under her shirt and cupped her mounds, teasing the tips while sucking on the sensitive spot behind her ear. She could feel him growing harder as he pressed on her.

"I'm starting to love your idea of relaxation..." Natalia whispered when one of his hands moved from her chest and dipped inside her pants and in between her thighs. Her lacy underwear was soaked wet from her excitement. He groaned when his fingers felt the juices as he inserted his index and middle fingers inside her. She arched her back with the intensely gratifying sensation when he massaged her core with his thumb and continued his assault with his talented hands. She couldn't contain moaning his name when he bit her neck as he thrusts his fingers inside her while his other hand massaged then pinched her twin peaks. She reached behind to grope his hardness, removing the towel and feeling him as he heightened her passion, making her come on his hands. When she was done, her knees felt weak and he had to carry her to the bed then immediately went on top of her. Sebastian covered their bodies with the blanket. She knew what he wanted and she also craved for him once again. With one swift move, he lowered her pants and completed

m her nape to her breast, making Camilla moan and that was when she looked away, closed her eyes and decided to announce their presence.

"Sorry for bothering you and all that, but would you like to continue that inside your room or should we come back some other day?"

She heard a soft chuckle and had to open her eyes when the sound she heard came from just in front of her.

"I was pondering when you're going to speak, daughter. We were cognizant of your knock, Waldorf, no need to look like you've witnessed something incongruous. You may leave us, now."

"Waldorf?" Natalia smiled at the name and that made Wally's face redder that it was. He bowed then left the room and closed it behind him.

"His given name. You might be slightly astonished what yours is, my dear. Though Sebastian here already knows his given name. Come and have a seat. Your mother is just preparing some tea and biscuits." She looked from where she saw her mother in an amorous position with her father but was surprised that she was no longer there.

"Here, I hope you like tea? Though I would prefer whiskey or brandy but we're about to have dinner and I didn't want to spoil your appetite." Both Sebastian and Max led her inside the enormous room that served as both a library and a study. The walls are made of floor to ceiling bookshelves laden with an estimate of thousands of books. Camilla sat on a large circular wooden table topped with glass with two small crystal bowls, a teapot and four small cups. Sebastian pulled a chair for Natalia and she sat on her mother's right side while the two men took their seats beside them.

"Tea would be nice. Oh, liquorice." She found it amusing that instead of serving just plain butter cookies, there are liquorice candies on a bowl of sweets. Her parents must really love wine.

"It helps with our nerves and all that." Camilla cleared her throat and straightened on her seat. She looked nervous and Natalia knew why. Instead of reaching out for the candy, as she was about to do, she reached for her mother's hand that lay on the table beside the bowl.

"Help me understand everything that is going on in my life. The past is crucial but I also want to know what awaits for us now that we are on this path."

"Of course, my dear. Drink this first and then we'll tell you everything."

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