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   Chapter 48 Forty-eight

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NATALIA SHIVERED as she heard the door to their left open. With Sabrina peacefully sleeping and pressed on his chest, Sebastian pulled her closer to him.

"I was right when I chose to stay on this door, then. Well, others would have thought you'd choose Water, but Fire is the most obvious choice, given your personality and all. But regardless of which door I stayed at, it doesn't really matter as you will see later on."

When Talia heard that voice, she immediately turned around. The sound came from the door pointed by Fire.

"Sally? Is that you?"

"In the flesh, Tal. Come now, follow me and I will lead you to..." Sally looked at David at that point and raised her left eyebrow at him before she continued, "salvation. Your dialogues really should be written for film, David." Sally rolled her eyes at David who gave a broader grin.

Sebastian took Talia's hand and they all followed her friend towards the door. She sighed then massaged her temples with her free hand when she realized that all doors lead to the same wide circular hall. She could see the back of each door from their position. She wondered if it was true that someone was watching them while she chose from the pentagram. Would it really matter which element she picked? Was it really a test just like David said?

Their footsteps echoed in the hall. Large pillars that rose up to the ceiling and were lined up every twenty steps made her wonder if they are in an underground castle. The pillars were decorated and are similar to the ones seen in Romanian castles with heavy bricked floor. It may have some modern touch into it like the led lights shaped like a diamond attached to every pillar but overall, the hall looked like it was in existence for centuries. As they traversed the path, she deduced that the entire place might be underground. It felt like twenty minutes has passed when the floor they were trekking on became gradually steep and elevated. Her heart rate increased with the long strenuous walk, just like in a treadmill. Nobody spoke a word even as they entered a cage iron lift, like the ones used in construction companies. It looked old in the outside but when they got inside, there was a rectangular panel with a small led monitor and two buttons. The button with a diamond logo and the other with the word B were lit up with a red light and looked new.

"I would have preferred the stairs for a good cardio but I'm guessing all of you are tired." Sally smiled at Talia as she closed the lift and pressed the diamond indicator. The led screen showed a numerical pad and Sally entered a four digit code. It beeped and she groaned, "I always forget the damn code." She tried another time and the buttons turned green and the lift suddenly turned from iron cage into a stainless steel enclosure before it ascended.

SEBASTIAN looked at his wife and wondered what she must be thinking as she looked in awe at elevator's technology. Would she be proud if he tells her that he was hand picked to design the security system of that place? In they years he was missing, he did not even imagine that he would be using the first security system he built and would be riding the first and only elevator panel he created.

When the lift stopped and opened to reveal a spacious receiving area with a wide red carpeted stairway in between two cherub figures perched on top of two wooden stands. The wooden ceiling and walls were lined with gold and were sculpted into absolute elegance. There were gold colored diamond carvings on the wall panels. The lights were dimmed yellow to add mystery and cla

he's there for her.

"Yes. We are your real parents."

NATALIA FELT herself shiver from the woman's words. Her real parents? Should she be happy to find them or should she blame them for making her what she is and spreading the same fate to the world?

"Where were you when I was growing up? Tell me how could you possibly be my parents who cursed me with this fate?" She saw the woman flinch with the venom in her voice. She felt bad for a second but then she remembered her daughter who will be suffering the same fate as hers if they could not reverse the genetic anomaly of her bloodline.

"For centuries, our families, the Augustus and Aurelius were mortal enemies." She groaned and massaged her temples. She stood up and walked towards the door leading to where her daughter laid asleep. When she saw her, she felt calmer. She returned to her seat but a few inches farther from Camilla and almost sitting on her husband's lap.

"Don't tell me that the story written in history books actually is our family's story? How much drama do I need to endure on this day?" She closed her eyes and sighed. When her biological mother spoke, she felt bad for the misery in her soft shaking voice. All confidence it previously has were replaced by insecurity and shame when Camilla covered her face and sobbed quietly.

"I'm...sorry. We thought you'd be happy to meet we were dying to meet you."

Natalia looked at Sebastian for support and he nodded his head. With just a gaze in her eyes, he already knew what she wanted.

"Max, Camilla, we had a frightful night and exhausting day. It might be best if we postpone this discussion until we have some adequate rest?"

"Certainly. Come my love." Maximus took his wife's hand and smiled at her and Sebastian. She felt bad for being disrespectful and rude when her real father's eyes met hers. It was like he was quietly admonishing her for making her mother cry.

"Look, I'm sorry for lashing out on you. Basti is right, it's better if we talk later." She heaved a deep breath and forced a smile to reassure her parents. It might have worked because Camilla's face brightened. She saw how Max held his wife in place when she was about to approach her, possibly wanting to give her a hug. She sighed once more. All the drama of the past days is taking a huge toll on her making her feel as if the whole planet is on her shoulder.

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