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   Chapter 47 Forty-seven

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THE THIRTEEN hour drive from Mexico to Texas gave all of them some time to rest. David and Nancy switched places in the driving seat and they only had two stops for bladder duties and to eat. Despite what happened, their moods lifted up with Sabrina's antics during their trip. They looked like a normal and happy family on their way to a vacation.

The moment Sebastian realized where their journey's end would be, he knew there was no turning back. David and Nancy may be under his payroll to care for his family but it seems that they are also working for someone more dignified and dangerous than him.

"We're here." It was 11 am when David announced that they have reached their destination in Austin, Texas. Sebastian waited for Natalia to recognize where they were and when she did, her eyes searched for him.

"Let's go inside and we will tell you everything you need to know." He took her hand as they got out of the vehicle with a sleeping Sabrina on his arms. David opened the door to the medieval styled hotel familiar to both Natalia and Sebastian. When they got inside, the place was empty. Martha and Paul were both enthralled with the beauty of the reception area where candelabras were spread out to light up the place. The light red brick walls, grey marble tile floors and the large circular pillar at the center of the room, encircled by a wooden table that also holds several candles made the room look more eccentric and old. Even Sebastian who has seen the place before still felt amazed by the ancient vibe of the place.

"This place is like a palace. A medieval palace." Martha's quiet voice was laced with admiration and awe. Her husband nodded his head in agreement. Paul's arm moved to her shoulders and pulled her closer. He felt protective of Natalia too when they first entered the lobby almost four years ago.

"Where are the owners?" Natalia asked David who seemed to know more about the place. He approached the reception table that Martha was admiring. It's intricate patterns of a phoenix and a dragon breathing fire, carved in wood and pai

what each one means?" She nodded her head.

"The Spirit, the top point refers to the deities and the divine source of power. The Earth, right top point, it symbolizes stability and physical endurance. The right bottom point or Air relates to intelligence, divination, imagination and art. The left top, which is Water symbolizes emotion, purification, peace, love, psychic awareness. Lastly, the left bottom point is Fire which relates to courage, energy, force, rebirth and passion."

"Choose one, Talia." He held her hand firmly to give her strength. She closed her eyes before whispering her choice.


"An interesting choice. Now, tell us why." David's voice echoed the silent hall.

"Fire is my element. Even if it gravely broke my heart and scares me up to this day, it also made me stronger as person. Almost all of us here, " Natalia looked at Sebastian and the Carlisle who hugged each other, "lost the ones we love and treasure the most in a blazing fire. I choose fire simply because I want to overcome the pain and fear I have, to be reborn and have the flicker of courage and passion to overcome the next trials that will come our way." There was a minute of silence before David walked towards the three of them with an impassive look on his face.

"Very well. Let's see if the path you chose for us will bring us salvation or will burn us to damnation."

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