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   Chapter 46 Forty-six

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Updated: 2019-03-20 14:48

NATALIA felt cold dread seep into her being when her husband answered her question. How could he know her real parents? Should she still believe him after all his lies?

"Excuse me?" She pulled away when he tried to approach her. She stood up and stepped back when he got on his feet and walked closer.

"Baby, I was talking to your biological parents. Before I left they..." Sebastian was not able to continue what he was about to say because of the deafening explosion that they heard. She almost lost her balance when Sebastian pulled her down to cover her head with his arms. The walls and ceiling grumbled and they felt debris falling on top of their heads.

"Sabrina!" She would have ran to her room but another explosion caused them to crouch lower. She saw cement rubbles and white powder from the concrete wall on their side rained on them before the lights went out. She coughed and tried to spit some that got in her mouth. They waited a few minutes more if there would be another blast before Sebastian helped her up.

"Talia, we have to go to Sabrina's room. I'll get a light." She heard him shuffling in the darkness and she kept still, waiting for him to take her hand once more. "Baby, are you okay? Can you walk?" She nodded her head even though her husband could only see her silhouette from the dim lighting from the lights outside before he turned on the emergency light that he was holding.

"Talia, are you okay?" She repeated her nod, sighed and took her hand to lead her outside the remnants of the room. Se couldn't speak as she feared their daughter's safety. When

t happened at the mall." Her voice sounded hollow as she whispered those words. Natalia was still holding Sabrina who's eyes were closed. It was almost midnight and her daughter might have dozed off.

"It doesn't matter. Our house served it's purpose, I guess. It was built to be a secured fortress. Not traceable by any GPS and with secured rooms to keep us safe. Martha and I are happy to be able to help save you from imminent danger."

"Thank you for your kindness, " Sebastian reached out and patted Carlisle's back and then smiled at Martha.

"Whoever did this should be punished, " Natalia interjected.

"Yes, Baby. They should rot in hell for almost hurting us and our precious daughter." His arm stretched out on her shoulders and pulled her and Sabrina closer to him. At that moment, the past didn't matter, all she could think of was that they survived. She just had to think about and plan for their future.

"David, where are we going?" Natalia couldn't help but ask after a few minutes of silence.

"To the place where you truly belong."

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