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   Chapter 45 Forty-five

Forgotten Obsession By magbmara Characters: 8610

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SEBASTIAN COULD not sleep. He wanted to tell Natalia the truth but he knew that the time is not yet right. Meeting her in his office was not planned. He was enamored by her beauty, intelligence and charm. They kept their relationship a secret but when she got pregnant and they planned to get married, the Order intervened by sending him Wally to warn him of his actions. His new life and past life collided when he fell in love with her, and now even his relationship with her is doomed to fail. He stood up and took the small phone and dialed the only number that phone was capable of calling. He peaked at his wife and saw that she was still sleeping soundly. Like the previous night, he walked to the same spot hidden from the cameras.

"I have to tell her now. She's doubting me and my actions...I know I said that we cannot tell her but I think hiding this from her will make things worse...I can't lose her...She and Sabrina is all I've got..." He sat on the ground and covered his face with his hands. What scared him the most was the thought that Natalia will not forgive him for what he did and for keeping so many secrets that she should have known.

"Sebastian? Who are you talking to?" He was immobilized by her voice. When he looked up, he saw her standing in front of him. In the dim lighting he saw something in her angelic face that made his heart want to stop beating. Her eyes were like daggers piercing at his heart. There is fierceness in them that he hasn't seen before. He turned off the phone and scanned his brain for a possible excuse. He weighed his options if he could distract her but he knew his charade is over.

"I'm just talking to..."

"Stop lying to me, Sebastian! I heard every word you uttered from the time you left my side of the bed. What are you hiding from me? Why would you think that you would lose me? Sebastian?" She kneeled in front of him, the anger in her eyes dissipated and was replaced with warmth. This made his heart ache more. Where could he find the courage to tell her the truth that for sure will rip her heart apart?

"Tell me, my love. What is it?" She took his hand and the phone fell on the grass.

"Let's go inside and talk in our room. I have something to show you." She nodded and took the hand that he offered. He looked at the phone on the ground and before he could pick it up, she took it and handed it back to him.

They walked back inside the dark house and into their room. He motioned for her to sit on one of the lounge chairs then moved towards the drawer to retrieve the two letters written i

ld have taken you from me if I did not adhere to their mode of punishment. They needed you to trust them so my sentence was to be gone for a year without any memory of me, you, of us. I bargained my freedom for you and our daughter's freedom. I thought that they were just fooling me and that they would make a way so that I won't come back after a year. They chose the time of my departure and that was the day of our wedding. I figured they were trying to break us apart but I knew you love me and that you will wait for me. So, I devised a plan so I could control my destination even the loss of my memory. These letters and your presence should have been the trigger to unlock my past. But the plan failed. My uncle who was supposed to retrieve me from Fugue state had a heart attack and died. Nobody else knows where I was except for him. It took me three years to come back to you but not all of my memory returned instantly. I was a prisoner of my own doing." When she looked up from staring at the black paper, her eyes were misty with tears. His heart broke into tiny pieces as he looked into her tear-filled eyes.

"Why didn't you tell me? All I asked was for your honesty."

"I was scared that you would leave me. Please, Talia, I didn't mean for things to get out of hand. I was merely trying to protect you and our family. I came back and now that I'm here, we will work together to fix this mess."

He leaned closer and reached out to wipe her tears but she held out her hand to stop him before she asked, "I will try to digest these information first, Sebastian. Now, tell me, who were you talking to on the phone?"

He sighed and looked straight into her eyes before he replied, "Your parents."

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