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   Chapter 44 Forty-four

Forgotten Obsession By magbmara Characters: 6374

Updated: 2019-03-11 15:10

NATALIA'S HANDS shook as she held the black paper and pen. She remembered Sally's words when she called and admitted the truth.

"Wally tried to save you by planning for Sebastian's disappearance then to make you follow him and hide permanently from the limelight but everything went wrong. Wally lost track of your husband and we couldn't tell you anything since your memory was still locked up."

She should have believed the obvious, that Wally was the one who sent them the notes, but the cryptic messages does not seem to make sense if it would come from her friend. She's doubtful if her judgment will only be based on the evidence that she found.

"You know that does not prove anything. I also have a stash of black paper like this." Natalia looked at Sebastian and she saw genuine doubt in his eyes. She wondered if there is a reason for him to cover for Wally.

"Do you remember if there is a specific reason for this type of paper?" She saw him look at the paper and his eyebrows knitted in a frown.


She nodded her head and resumed her searched. She turned her attention at the toolbox and opened it. Astonishment and at the same time, dread filled her when she saw pictures of her and Sabrina. There were no tools but the box was filled with dozens of photos of her and her daughter. She flipped one picture and there were dates and location on each one. She browsed through all the photos with Sebastian peering over her shoulders. He was quiet but Natalia could feel the tension exuding from him. He took the five photos with images of Natalia and Sabrina sleeping.

"This is insane! How could he invade your privacy like this? He was inside our room and Sabrina's too?" She grabbed the photos from him and looked at the dates. She thought if Wally was with them during those times.

"He was at our house during those times, I'm sure. Look, there's no sense getting mad over

d our family. I want you to trust me but trust is something that I cannot force on you. I love you, Baby. You are the most important for me. I could sacrifice everything just to keep you safe. I just hope you remember that. Good night, my love." He gently brushed his lips on hers, making her feel loved and cherished. His kisses felt like a reassurance of his love for her and she has no way of pulling back with the intensity of his kisses. That night, like any other night they spent together, he showered her with passion and ecstasy that only he could provide. As he became one with her, he made her look into his eyes as he whispered to her how much he loves her. All the doubts that she felt may have been diminished with his lovemaking, but she knew that it would only be temporary. Natalia doesn't tolerate betrayal especially if it's something that could have been avoided. She suffered more than her fair share of pain and heartache from losing the people that she loved. Whatever reason Sebastian might have to hide something from her better be something that was far from what she was thinking at the moment. She could not and would not accept it if he deliberately left her during all the years he went missing. That is something that she could not forgive.

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