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   Chapter 43 Forty-three

Forgotten Obsession By magbmara Characters: 5967

Updated: 2019-02-20 09:24

SEBASTIAN WALKED inside the house just as Natalia was on her way out to look for him. She looked invitingly sexy in his oversized shirt and would have ravished her once more if not for the guilt he was feeling at that moment.

"Love, where have you been? Are you okay?" He nodded his head and hooked his arm on her shoulder, evading her gaze and then guided her back into their room.

"I just went out to get some air. Come on, let's go back to sleep." Sebastian escorted his wife to bed and pulled the covers to tuck her in. When he laid down beside her, she turned to him and embraced his waist. It only took a few minutes for her to resume her sleep. Sebastian suddenly felt too tired to get up and return the phone on his hiding place. Another thing that was stopping him was his wife's hand resting on the pocket where the phone was inserted.

IT WAS six in the morning when Natalia woke up. She smiled when upon opening her eyes, the first thing she saw was her husband's perfectly sculpted face. She could never get tired of looking at him and wanting to feel him close to her. She sat up and was about to wake him up with her kisses when she saw a small black object beside Sebastian. She did not understand why her heart rate increased as her hand touched it. It looked oddly familiar. She racked her brains on where she saw one and then like a bulb that lit up, she recalled seeing the same phone with her friend Wally. Natalia raised the object to look at it more closely. It was simply an old phone with a qwerty keypad and not like the smart phones with touch screens. She was about to press the power button when Sebastian stirred.

"Baby?" His eyes were still closed as his hand moved to look for her and when he touched her thigh, he smiled and slowly opened his eye

mania. They flew from Mexico to New York with their friend's private plane. Disguising themselves by dressing up in heavy shades, cap and thick hooded jackets, they were able to get inside the apartment building and inside Wally's unit. She noticed how Sebastian stared at the big letter N keychain she uses. She have more than five of the same style and he remembered giving one to him.

"Baby, do you even know what we're looking for?" He asked her while they were both scanning the place for any clues. The place was neat and orderly as usual. The cream sofa and it's four black throw pillows looked immaculate. She opened all the drawers that she could find. Most of the cabinets and drawers were empty except for one filled with a small toolbox. She remembered that orange toolbox, it was her gift to Wally a few years back. What caught her attention was the stack of black papers hidden behind the box. She also found three sets of silver cased pen. Hands shaking, she opened one pen and draw a straight line on the familiar looking paper. She gasped when she realized what she was holding. It was the same pen and paper used for the two cryptic messages sent to her and Sebastian!

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