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   Chapter 42 Forty-two

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SEBASTIAN PEERED at his wife's peaceful sleeping form as he slipped out of bed. He quickly wore his track pants and a shirt from the opened closet beside their bed. From a hanged leather jacket, he frisked the inner breast pocket, took a small black phone, closed the cabinet then walked towards the door. He looked back at Talia and once he was assured that she's still asleep, he stealthily went out of the room and into the driveway. Sebastian knew every part of that estate including the CCTV camera angles. He chose a spot where he would be hidden from the view of the estate's roving cameras. Once he was settled, leaning on a wall near the pathway to the garden, he turned on the phone and keyed in the encryption code. It lit up and soon, he was pressing the digits to place a very important but dangerous call.

"She knows...I can't keep on distracting her...We need to act now...No! I don't want to lose her trust. We need her."

He gripped the phone tightly as he heard a longer response from the other line and his other hand balled into fist because of frustration. "I've been following everything they asked me to!" He remained still, jaws clenched as he waited for the other person to finish. "Of course!!! I married her and we have a daughter... isn't that enough? What more could they possibly want that I haven't given?" Sebastian tried to control his ragged breathing to calm himself before his final response. "I disagree, but if you think this is the right thing to do, then so be it. I'll try to give an update whenever I can. For now, we have to be extra careful. She shouldn't know about us." He ended the call and turned the phone off and inserted it in his pant's side pocket. He sat on the ground, still leaning on the rough stone wall and covered his face with his hands as he recalled how he regained all his lost memory.

It was the same afternoon that he found out that Natalia was his childhood friend Black. That knowledge triggered something that bothered him. He had some flashes of memories that may have been hidden deep in his subconscious. He and David drove to a secluded park a few kilometers away from the Carlisle's residence. They picked one of the wooden benches there overlooking a man-made pond with giant floating lily pads. Like a good security personnel, David made sure that the perimeter is clear before he asked what the meeting was all about.

"David, you were with me the day I went missing. I'm sure of it now because of something that I suddenly remembe

lt like a solid punch to his gut.

"Natalia is a strong woman. I'm sure she could cope for a year without me. They will be well taken cared of. Someone will be doing that for me. I just need you to get me from where you will send me after a year. I will not have my memory so you have to be creative, Uncle."

"I will be as creative as I could. I entered the coordinates here on this chip. Use this to drive to the location of the other car you will be using. I arranged for the coordinates on that car myself. You just need to drive. Give me your wrist." Sebastian saw his uncle holding something that resembles a stapler and he pressed it on the base of palm. It stung and looked like he was pricked by two big needles but without any blood. "That will be your tracer. It would melt in a week. That will give me ample time to ensure that you have reached the location I planned for you."

"Thank you, Uncle for doing this."

"With the knowledge we both have in technology and computers, you should have pursued that instead of the textile company, but I'm sure you have your reasons. Now, I must leave. Good luck and see you in a year." The old man tapped his back and he forced a smile.

What Sebastian did not anticipate was that his Uncle Benjamin Charleston would die from a heart attack six months after their meeting that night, the same reason he was not able to come home when he was supposed to.

He heard his name being called. He was sure it's Natalia. She might have woken up and was looking for him. He stood up and walked back towards the house. He just need more time to pretend until the perfect time where every truth will unravel on it's own.

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