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   Chapter 41 Forty-one

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THE FOLLOWING evening, they were playing dominoes inside Sabrina's room when Natalia received a call. She excused herself from her husband and child and went out of the room to answer on the fifth ring.

"Tal...please help me." Natalia recognized the voice even if the caller id indicated unknown number. She went down the staircase and sat on the empty sofa.

"Sally? Why are you crying? What's wrong? What happened?" She couldn't control the panic in her voice. Her friend does not know the word defeat and does not even shed a tear on problems. If she's crying now, then it may be about something so grave.

"Wally was taken back. I couldn't find him nor trace him. He said he was just reporting the progress of our project but he hasn't returned since last week."

"What? I don't understand any of the things you just said."

"I shouldn't be telling you this but I don't have any time left. I owe this to you for our years of friendship."

"Sally?" There was a long pause and Natalia heard something crashed at the other end of the line. She felt her heart thumping hard on her chest with fear for her friend's life.

"I'm hiding right now, Tal. They found me. This call is encrypted but I'm not sure if they would know that I called you." The frown on her face deepened and she was gripping the edge of her seat with her free hand.

"Sal, please you have to be safe. If you can't tell me, then don't. I'll find out on my own." There was another clatter and Talia heard her friend curse which she rarely did.

"No! If my brother is missing then I'm sure I'm next and you need to be warned. Listen to me, Talia. The Order of the Rubrum Sanguinem assigned us to watch over you throughout all these years. You are important to them. They said something about you being of the highest stature."

"What?!" She felt dread seeping on her bones. Her friends knew about the order and she was not even aware of it for years.

"Listen and don't ask questions. I don't know how long I'll be able to hide from these son of a bitches." There was a short pause before Sally resumed her story. "Talia, you were our lifelong mission as member of the Order. We need to report everything that has been happening in your life to the Order. When you fell in love and got married, we tried as long as we could to hide it from them but when they knew, we couldn't do anything about what they would do next. You're not supposed to have a child especially with someone

iple times while his hand dipped inside her soaking pearl. After making her insane with pleasure with the undivided attention he gave her breasts, his mouth and tongue teased her skin until they joined his right hand. The combination of his cunnilingus and his fingers brought her to her peak with her moaning his name and wanting to feel him inside her.

"I need you inside" Her voice was hoarse and she was still high from her orgasm but she needed more. Sebastian did not waste any second to remove his clothes. She moaned upon seeing his chiseled chest and biceps as he took of his shirt. She got wetter than she already was when he removed his pants, freeing his perfectly erect manhood. She reached for it, pumped him a few times before pulling him by his shoulder and making him lie on his back. He groaned when she rode him gently. Lifting herself from the hilt to the tip in long fluid but slow motion. She wanted to feel all of him. When he could not take her teasing, he flipped her over and took her with him to heaven with just a few mighty thrusts.

They were settled on the bed and hugging each other under the covers when she spoke.

"There is something about this place. We could not be traced now that we are here. Even when you were missing, you ended up here and that's why we couldn't find you."

"We'll ask Martha and Paul tomorrow. Maybe they could help us. For now, let's sleep. I love you, baby."

"I love you too. Good night." She replied like how normal couples does each time at night.

Natalia knew that no matter how normal their life seemed, it will never be the way they wanted it to be.

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