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   Chapter 40 Fortieth

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SEBASTIAN PACED in the bedroom as Natalia cleaned and bandaged Sabrina's wound in the bathroom. He was still reeling from the discovery that their child has haematomania just like him and his wife. Was it because of their genes due to their altered genetic make up?

He stopped pacing when his wife walked towards the bed with their daughter on her arms. Sabrina fell asleep and was now lying in bed. Natalia laid down beside her and stroked her hair, still with a crease on her forehead and a sadness in her eyes that added to Sebastian's pain. He removed his shoes and joined his girls on the bed. His arms snaked around his wife's waist as he spooned her. Wanting to feel every inch of her body on him to comfort them both.

"How could this happen? I was sure that I did not drink anything out of the ordinary when I was pregnant. I always make sure I am the one preparing my drinks. I was very careful." The trembling on her voice alerted Sebastian that she was crying. He pulled her closer.

"It could be the genes. We are not a hundred percent sure that drinking the cure corrected the altered genetic make up of our bodies. Even if we were not craving for blood when we conceived our baby, she may have gotten it from our genes."

"I'm scared. What if we cannot treat her like we were treated? She will be suffering from this all her life."

"We will not let that happen. We'll find a way. Talia, we have to fight them now more than ever for our daughter's sake. We have to expose the Order of the Rubrum Sanguinem and their insane vision."

"First we have to treat Sabrina. Do you still know how to find the ingredients for the--?" He stopped midsentence when she took his hand on her waist and squeezed it tight.

"If we tried to mix up the potion, the Order will know since they seemed to be in control of it's components. We can't let them know that we needed another cure." Sebastian sighed. He knew she was right.

"We can't let them know about our daughter but how can we help her if we don't ask for the Order's help?"

"I don't know but we have to find a way. For now, let's suppress her urges. She's still young. Maybe we could train her mind not to succumb to the pull of blood. She has to be stronger. She will have both of us to help her."

saw when Martha took her husband's hand at her last words.

"Yes, Martha. Sebastian and I, we are just like Ela. We grew up together with that one thing in common."

"But how? Why? Was that the reason why she was taken from us?" The pain in her voice pierced her heart. She remembered how Ela wondered if her parents hated her for being different.

"I don't know how she was taken from you but it may be the reason. The how and why, I can't tell you. The lesser you know the safer you will be."

"Please, I need to know how my baby turned to be a..."

There was silence in the room. She waited for the word that Martha will throw at her. But she bowed her head and whispered an apology.

"No need to be sorry. We understand how you're feeling. We ourselves hated that we had to be like that. We're cured now but we still have to find a way to heal Sabrina. If you don't feel comfortable for us to be here, we will leave first thing in the morning." She tried to keep her voice as calm as possible but she could not contain the trembling in her voice.

"No. You'll stay here as long as you like. You and Sebastian and Sabrina are our family now. What we found out today does not change anything." It was Paul who intervened and Martha just nodded her head.

"Thank you."

Sebastian remained silent. He was just observing the three of them with a pensive look on his face. She knew he's thinking about something and with the stony determination on his face, she might just have an idea what it is.

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