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   Chapter 39 Thirty Ninth

Forgotten Obsession By magbmara Characters: 5553

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THE CARLISLE couple was very accommodating in normal circumstances and that was proven when they learned through Natalia's story that she was their long lost daughter's best friend. They hugged her like their own. They were very understanding and did not blame her for what happened. She could not tell them all the details but what they knew were enough to close the painful chapter of their life, they finally knew what happened to their beloved Micaela.

"Talia, you are welcome to stay here as long as you like. You and Rie... I mean, Sebastian are like our own flesh and blood. I also want to spend time with Sabrina. I remember holding Micaela when she was this age." Natalia nodded her head at Martha as she was playing with Sabrina who was on her lap.

"Granny Mawtha will be my playmate for today, mommy?" Natalia smiled and nodded her head at her daughter while Sebastian watched them with a smile on his face.

"Now, we'll go to the mall to buy some toys, would you want that?"

"I do! Are we going now?" The child was very excited that her eyes were so big and she was jumping on Martha's lap. Natalia had to walk towards them and carry Sabrina.

"Princess, please don't jump while sitting at your grandmother's lap."

"Ooops, I'm sowry Granny."

"It's okay sweetie."

THE TRIP to a luxury mall El Palacio de Hierro was fun with the way the elders played with Sabrina. They were playing I spy with my little eye. Natalia and Sebastian just held hands as they watched their daughter play with Martha and Paul.

The place was almost deserted when they arrived and they were all excited to show Sabrina the array of toys on one of the shop

o and we'll talk about this later." The store attendant chose that time to reappear and with three big bags of toys.

"Here is your card, Sir." Paul took his gold credit card and inserted it in his coat pocket. Then he reached for the two bags with his one hand while the other remained entwined with his wife. Natalia took the last bag and lead the way out of the store.

They walked in silence until they reached the front of the mall where their chauffered limo was waiting. She peeked inside and there she saw Sabrina sleeping on her car seat. Her finger that was cut from the plastic box was now bandaged and she was sure that it was Sebastian who fixed their daughter. He was sitting beside her and stroking her hair. She got inside even before the driver opened the door for them. She took his free hand and weaved it on hers. The Carlisle got in and the car drove off. Everyone remained silent all throughout the drive back to the house. How could anyone speak? They have discovered another reason to grieve. Their little angel is just like them and Natalia could not even think how it happened.

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