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   Chapter 38 Thirty Eight

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SEBASTIAN PATIENTLY waited for his wife to get settled back in the seat. His arms resting on her shoulders and their bodies pressed together gives them a sense of calmness that they both needed.

"Before I graduated from Uni and before my adoptive parents died, I went back to the Romanian castle and met with one of the superiors. I asked for you but they told me you were killed because of what we did...I would have bargained with them just to see you but..." She looked at his eyes. The eyes that haunted her on her younger years. The same deep blue eyes she chose to shut from her mind together with Ela's green orbs.

"Talia, I asked to be turned after serving them for ten years. It's the minimum requirement to be granted release and be given a chance for normal life. I took it. Like you, I searched for you and Red but I don't have anything to start with. I don't even know your names and the Order would not freely give me that information."

"I came back to ask for pardon. I wanted the same solution that they are giving to those who have served them loyally for years. I thought it would free me and my parents the burden of producing their medicine. It was too costly and the ingredients needed became so rare that just shopping for them was too difficult. I thought it was for the best but then...I lost my parents the same night of my ritual."

"What happened?"

"I found out their secret and they punished me for knowing it. My parents' lives for the knowledge I acquired. They let me go after I performed their oath and ritual." Sebastian held her as her body started trembling but not with fear or agony but with rage. Her knuckles turned white from gripping the seat's armrest.

"Baby, you can trust me. What did you find out?"

"I found out how to th

name of the order. It is forbidden to say it out loud but Talia seemed to be fearless when it comes to them.

"Now our lives are in danger because of them." He would do anything to keep his family safe but now it seemed impossible.

"We cannot really escape them but we can stop them. They thought I forgot and I was willing to forget again and let it go the day you walked back into my life. But having read those notes that they sent us, they are waging war at me, at us. I can't let them hurt you or our daughter, Sebastian. I will kill them all before they lay a hand on you or Sabrina." Her voice sounded different. It was full of hatred and anger that made him shiver. He took her hand to try and calm her down. She looked at him and her eyes mellowed. He cupped her face and pressed his lips on hers, willing her to respond to him to ease her worries and anger and his fears.

"I won't let them hurt you or Sabrina. They'll have to take me down first before they get to you. I love you, Talia. I've loved you before as Black and now I'm loving you as my wife." He carried her to their room and made love to her. It's her. She was and will always be his first and last love.

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